This is probably not going to sit well with some folks…

I’ve fucking had it with the armchair gun-nutz.

We all know the type…the person who goes into a gun store, proceeds to blather and bluster about “knockdown power”, and knows what gun/caliber everyone should carry based on their  sex (male or female).

If its a guy, it has to be a .45

If its a gal, a nice petite revolver chambered in .357

These fucking morons also know exactly what the best holster is to carry the sidearm in. It must be Level 3 retention (believe me, if there was such a thing as a level 300, they would insist THAT is what is needed) because ZOMG! if you get into a scuffle a perp mightmaybecouldalmostsortakinda grab your gun and turn it against you.

Oh, and the holster had better be soft and pliable because IWB and concealment.

It also has to be stiff and rigid, because one-handed holstering.

Additionally, it needs to be a magical fucking holster that will swallow up an extended-slide 6″ 1911 in an appendix IWB configuration, and magically shrink the gun down to the size of a Beretta Jetfire 25 Auto when holstered.

Then to make it the PERFECT HOLSTER, it has to be a leather / Kydex hybrid.

And once you’ve engineered this magical fucking Unicorn-skin one-size-fits-everything holster, you gotta bring it in at a price point that these fucking keyboard commando’s have determined is the acceptable price point…$29.95, the same as an Uncle Mikes nylon piece of shit.

I swear, I’m fucking done with trying to bring an American-Made product, hand-crafted, to these stupid fuckers. I’ve had it. I’m seriously considering packing it in. Those fuckers don’t deserve a quality product made IN THE FUCKING USA. These same idiots complain about “American jobs going to China” yet they refuse to PAY AN AMERICAN FOR TRUE AMERICAN-MADE QUALITY.

Allright….rant done. For now.

Carry your gun

OK….Kilted to Kick Cancer is over this year. Its October 1st, we’re facing a General Election where the two choices are Marxism or Totalitarianism at the hands of a bat-shit crazy Clinton, or a blustering opportunist sporting a Tribble on his noggin.

I’m not happy with either choice, and this truly is an election where you have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Here’s the rub…in either case, the fallout from this election will stress the already fraying fabric of society as we know it, and it will become commonplace to get up in the morning, get ready for your day, grab your wallet and keys, your knife, and your gun.

Then proceed to ignore every rule of your workplace, and willingly violate every town / city ordinance, and be armed all day everywhere you go, simply because we are going to see more and more violence by people/groups who will not be happy with the election results.

If Clinton wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on Marxism in this country. There will be skirmishes with pro-gov’t forces from the Federal level. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants.

If Trump wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on totalitarianism in this country. There will be skirmishes with National Guard forces that will be controlled by City-States whose govt’s are Liberal/Progressive bastions. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of these Lib/Prog tyrants.

The fighting won’t be clear and defined…it will be guerilla warfare and skirmishes in broad daylight. It will be the Welfare State getting bolder, and coming for what they feel they have the right to take. As FedGov runs out of money (and that train, trust me, is barrelling down the tracks…) the folks who *want their fair share* are simply going to use violence to get it.

We’re seeing it already. The whole BLM bullshit is just the nascent stirrings of society ripping into shreds. We haven’t even begun to see the full-blown scorched earth result of that segment of the population realizing that they have nothing to loose. It will be “Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead”.

Folks….carry your guns. Don’t be victim. Its going to get messy, violent, and bloody.

Day One of Kilted to Kick Cancer!

So yeah, we are in the first day. Only one donation so far.

Hit up our website for all the information on how to donate by clicking this link:



One week away from Kilted to Kick Cancer!

One week. Kilted to Kick Cancer starts September 1st.

I’m looking to not only repeat my performance of last year ($5,188 raised in donation, number one spot!) I want to DOUBLE that number.

So yeah, I’m going to be doing the whole “$5 donation for a raffle ticket to win a holster” thing again.

I’ll also be doing a $10 donation for a holster….a $15 donation….and a $20 donation per holster.

Those three are rather special. You’ll have to stay tuned to this blog, FaceBook, and Twitter to find out why.

But trust me…they’ll be worth the donations.


…of what will happen come November.

Clinton will get elected. There aren’t enough Republican / Libertarian votes to combat the fraud that will be rampant in electronic voting booths. The fix is in, and the results will be a win for Clinton.

She will expend considerable political capital in her effort to dis-arm the country. She will nominate corrupt Liberal hacks to SCOTUS, the Repube-ican Senate will confirm because they don’t want to be seen as “obstructionist” and “refusing to work with the first female President”.

She will then call on “voluntary surrender” of firearms. There will be roughly 3% to 5% compliance, the rest of the gun owners will simply tell her to fuck herself with a banana.

She will then try to enlist the National Guard units from the States to do her bidding.

And that, friends, is when the shooting will start.

It will be bloody, it will be horrific. About half of the National Guard are Progressive Democrat hacks. They will go forth with zeal to confiscate.

The other half will spread out and wage guerilla warfare. They will seek out veterans, they will re-train those vets and bring them up to speed.

Sniper attacks won’t be counted by how many occurred in a month….they will be counted by the day.

There will be executions in the street, in broad daylight, by both sides. Especially by civilian mobs overwhelming the Guard troops, and summarily killing the cancer that is the Federal Government.

Comey pushed us over the brink into Banana Republic territory. His refusal to recommend charges is a blatant slap-in-the-face to this country…a country of laws. A country that the rest of the worlds poor and downtrodden risk their own lives to gain entry to, because it was the last beacon of Freedom, Liberty, and Rule of Law.

And that was flushed down the shitter on July 5th.

240 years after the Founders declared a new Nation, free from tyranny, we let the Founders down.

Let the Liberal cities burn. Damned Liberals have been chomping at the bit for a war.

Well….they’re getting their wish.

The Rule of Law no longer applies…

…or, the USA is in the shitter.

Either is appropo, in light of the news that the FBI is recommending that no prosecution of the Arkansas Witch be pursued.

The Founders left us a Nation built on the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Men.

Today is proof that the Nation envisioned by the Founders no longer exists.

History has proven, over and over, that the lifecycle of a country is roughly 125 – 150 years, give or take.

The United States should have ceased to exist during Lincolns term, but the wrong side won that conflagration.

Rule of Law is officially dead. Its been so for quite a long time, it was just never so blatantly shoved in the faces of We the People.

The USA cannot continue as one large super-state. It was never intended to be such. The Founders were smart enough to see that the ONLY purpose for a Federal gov’t was to come to the mutual aid of neighbor states, where an attack on one was the same as an attack on all, and as a means for STATES to settle their differences in a forum of debate and openess.

Thats it. But the 14th Amendment changed that. In 1868 the idiots who passed the 14th Amendment changed the country from a Republic to a Democracy. The original Untied States lasted just a bit over 100 years before it was reformed. Now, closing in on 148 years after a *new* United States emerged from the First Civil War, that second lifecycle is coming to a close. I shudder to think of what will emerge after the next Civil War ends. And yes, there will be another civil war, because we allowed politicians free rein to corrupt and subvert the legacy that our Founders left to us.

THAT is what our Constitution is for. It is the bullwark that was supposed to keep tyrants and corrupt individuals from gaining too much power.

If we don’t split the States up into reasonably easy-to-self-govern smaller entities, the tempers will boil over, and Civil War part Duex may well be the bloodiest and most horrific conflict that this planet has yet to see.

Thoughts on a Dead Gorilla named Harambe

I’ve heard folks go on and on about how intelligent the great apes are. For the most part, all the experts (Jane Goodall et al) all confirm that a Great Ape (such as the lowland silverback gorilla) have the equivalent intelligence of around a four year old.

Not having personally observed a four year old gorilla, I have to take the word of an expert. I will now go officially on record to say that I agree and accept the premise of experts that a silverback gorilla’s intelligence and mental development is that of a four year old human child.

Got that? I agree with the experts on the intelligence and mental development of gorilla’s.

I have, on the other hand, witnessed firsthand, on four distinct occasions in my lifetime, the intelligence and mental development of a four-year-old human child. One girl and three boys worth (current ages being 35, 28, 18, 17, girl being oldest).

Let me tell ya, four-year-olds all behave the same, because INSTINCT has yet to be bred out of them and replaced with GOOD MANNERS and or socially-acceptable behaviors.

I can also say with utter surety, that if it weren’t for ADULTS trying to “train out” the instinctual behaviors of said offspring when they hit the four-year-old mark and simply let the four year olds BE four-year-olds, these same-said adults who are now all butt-hurt over the dead gorilla would be nodding sagely and saying “Yep….that kid was in danger, no doubt about it.”

You see…here’s the thing about four-year-olds…they are selfish, possessive, and obstinate as hell, and if you’ve ever observed four-year-olds in a sandbox, you can immediately see the actions of the gorilla for what they were….this was something new, he’s the Alpha, and the new-and-shiny thing that just dropped in from the sky immediately became “Its Mine! Its Mine!”

Sorry folks….that animal was not “protecting the boy”. That animal was, in fact, “protecting” what it deemed was his property, by right of his social stature as Alpha male. The kid fell in, the ape went to investigate. Immediately upon getting close to the kid, the crowd of hairless apes standing on the other side of the moat began INSTINCTUALLY yelling, screaming, waving their arms, and baring their teeth as their pie-holes widened in the attempt to turn up the volume of their instinctual screeching.

Do yourselves a favor and go watch YouTube videos of how apes behave with each other….when a group of them wants something that one of them has claimed, they all start screeching, waving their arms, and baring their teeth. The so-called human “adults” were behaving like apes with a four-year-old mentality when said apes want something that another ape has claimed.

Harambe, as Alpha, was protecting what he deemed was his in accordance with HIS social pecking-order status of HIS group that lives in HIS enclosure. And as the Alpha, he was free to do with said property as he felt. If he decided that he wanted a snack, that four-year-old boy was nothing more than a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho, or a can of Pringles.

The zoo acted properly, they acted as quickly as they could, and a HUMAN life was saved.

Thats right…I place the value of a human life higher on the pecking order than other life. Sue me…I’m a carnivore, and I’ve killed my food before. Just because we, as humans are evolved from the same tree as the great apes, doesn’t mean that I’m all squishy-feely about Harambe as some sort of a far-distant relative.

Quite to the contrary, I understand the danger of a four-year-old mind stuffed into a 400 pound package that could probably bench-press easily twice its weight. If that thought doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, nothing will.

So yeah….while its unfortunate that a member of an endangered species had to be put down, it was the proper action. And for the Love of Christ, stop blaming the parents. Four-year-olds are sneaky and slippery things. This was not the fault of the parents.

Just knock it off already.

This is why we’re in the shitter…

So, this happened on the last day of the NRA Annual Convention.

I was up in Louisville KY, at the NRAAM. A friend (who happens to write for the NRA magazine, Shooting Illustrated) simply loved the holster I was wearing, so he decided to snap a picture of it and post it on FB.

Here’s the rig:


Here is a link to the FB for Shooting Illustrated

If you go to the link, you’ll need to scroll down a few posts to see the entry for my rig.

Here are just a few samples of the hate and vitriol in the comments:

And this guy:


Then we have this person who hates Jews:


And this fellow who is probably angry about something looking damned good and way out of his price range:


These are good…a Trifecta! One is hating that I used Elephant Hide, another thinks that carrying a 1911 cocked-and-locked is crazy, and a third that has his tinfoil hat just a wee bit too tight on his head, and is all about the Illuminati = FreeMason thing:


And just for good measure, a fellow named Brian Anderson, suggesting that there is enough ammo in private hands to murder and eradicate Masons. Gotta love some idiot calling for the murder of Freemasons simply because he doesn’t like them.


And THAT, my friends, is why this country is in the fucking toilet. Generations of morons and low-intelligence Liberal mouth-breathers who don’t understand the concept of Freedom, Liberty, and leaving your neighbor alone when he hasn’t done anything to you directly to affect or deny YOUR freedom/liberty.

Those aren’t Americans…they are Facist bastards. The country I was born is is fucking doomed.

Oh…and if anyone would feel the urge to go and verbally abuse those idiots on that thread, be my guest. And drop me an email so I can go and read your comments.

Day 3 at NRAAM (day 2 to me)

Traffic sucked.

Parking sucked more.

But there are guns and fun stuff, which makes it worthwhile.

Today’s goals:

Photos with Oleg.

Meeting with a gunmaker.

Hawking the wares to safari hunting clubs.

Day Two of NRAAM (day one for me…)

Arrived later than I wanted to, so the time on the floor was limited.

Got the scoop on why the Walther PPK and PPK/S are so scarce…

Walther and their US production partner (Smith & Wesson) parted ways almost two years ago. Walther now has a production facility in the USA, and those iconic pistols will be hitting the shelves again very soon!


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