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This is probably not going to sit well with some folks…

I’ve fucking had it with the armchair gun-nutz.

We all know the type…the person who goes into a gun store, proceeds to blather and bluster about “knockdown power”, and knows what gun/caliber everyone should carry based on their  sex (male or female).

If its a guy, it has to be a .45

If its a gal, a nice petite revolver chambered in .357

These fucking morons also know exactly what the best holster is to carry the sidearm in. It must be Level 3 retention (believe me, if there was such a thing as a level 300, they would insist THAT is what is needed) because ZOMG! if you get into a scuffle a perp mightmaybecouldalmostsortakinda grab your gun and turn it against you.

Oh, and the holster had better be soft and pliable because IWB and concealment.

It also has to be stiff and rigid, because one-handed holstering.

Additionally, it needs to be a magical fucking holster that will swallow up an extended-slide 6″ 1911 in an appendix IWB configuration, and magically shrink the gun down to the size of a Beretta Jetfire 25 Auto when holstered.

Then to make it the PERFECT HOLSTER, it has to be a leather / Kydex hybrid.

And once you’ve engineered this magical fucking Unicorn-skin one-size-fits-everything holster, you gotta bring it in at a price point that these fucking keyboard commando’s have determined is the acceptable price point…$29.95, the same as an Uncle Mikes nylon piece of shit.

I swear, I’m fucking done with trying to bring an American-Made product, hand-crafted, to these stupid fuckers. I’ve had it. I’m seriously considering packing it in. Those fuckers don’t deserve a quality product made IN THE FUCKING USA. These same idiots complain about “American jobs going to China” yet they refuse to PAY AN AMERICAN FOR TRUE AMERICAN-MADE QUALITY.

Allright….rant done. For now.

Totally irked…

As most of the readers/visitors to this site are aware, I do custom leatherwork, specifically holsters.

Naturally, I am a member on a few bulletin boards, as its a way to get exposure for my products, and some of the threads with folks complaining about what they don’t like about certain holsters is a way, albeit unscientific, to get a sense of what the consumer wants/likes, or dislikes.

But recently on a forum there was a thread started where someone was asking gripmakers for advice on how to make grips, specifically in how to drill the holes and countersink them in a wooden grip that, on average, is less than a quarter of an inch thick.

Any piece of wood that thin has entered the realm of being a veneer, not a panel. It takes skill, and that skill comes from spending time learning/perfecting the craft, and spending money on all the tools necessary to execute said craft.

That begs the question…why ask a Gripmaker to share his methods of turning out a fine product? I mean, really…the guy (or gal…there’s some EXCELLENT female woodworkers that I know in my area) is trying to generate income by doing something that has taken him a long time to perfect.

Secondly…if he/she describes the method they use, but the novice/neophyte misunderstands it, gets it wrong, and as such the grip falls off while they’re shooting and leads to some sort of accident, a lawyer could point to their *advice* as being faulty. Not because it *was* faulty, but because the novice/neophyte didn’t understand it thoroughly.

Now, I say this because I am a leatherworker, and I make holsters. I’ve got tons of money invested in tools for my craft, and tons of time invested in perfecting it. I sometimes get e-mails from people asking if I could describe the steps to making one of my holsters, where to get the materials, etc., because they have a cousin Edna that *plays around with arts and crafts* and is *pretty good at making Budweiser Beer Can Airplanes that she sells at the Miss Sweet Potato Festival in Snickers Ditch*, and the economy is real bad now so I can’t afford to pay you so I want a $100 holster at cost that looks like yours and is built as well as yours but I want my Budweiser Beer Can cousin to make it for me for free….

Back to the forum poster: If the question that the thread poster asked was more along the lines of how to properly refinish a set of old grips to bring them back from the dead, they probably would get alot of thread responses. But to specifically ask Gripmakers their methods to not screwing up expensive wood is like asking Colonel Sanders for the secret to his Fried Chicken.

Just sayin’…..


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