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Carry your gun

OK….Kilted to Kick Cancer is over this year. Its October 1st, we’re facing a General Election where the two choices are Marxism or Totalitarianism at the hands of a bat-shit crazy Clinton, or a blustering opportunist sporting a Tribble on his noggin.

I’m not happy with either choice, and this truly is an election where you have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Here’s the rub…in either case, the fallout from this election will stress the already fraying fabric of society as we know it, and it will become commonplace to get up in the morning, get ready for your day, grab your wallet and keys, your knife, and your gun.

Then proceed to ignore every rule of your workplace, and willingly violate every town / city ordinance, and be armed all day everywhere you go, simply because we are going to see more and more violence by people/groups who will not be happy with the election results.

If Clinton wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on Marxism in this country. There will be skirmishes with pro-gov’t forces from the Federal level. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants.

If Trump wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on totalitarianism in this country. There will be skirmishes with National Guard forces that will be controlled by City-States whose govt’s are Liberal/Progressive bastions. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of these Lib/Prog tyrants.

The fighting won’t be clear and defined…it will be guerilla warfare and skirmishes in broad daylight. It will be the Welfare State getting bolder, and coming for what they feel they have the right to take. As FedGov runs out of money (and that train, trust me, is barrelling down the tracks…) the folks who *want their fair share* are simply going to use violence to get it.

We’re seeing it already. The whole BLM bullshit is just the nascent stirrings of society ripping into shreds. We haven’t even begun to see the full-blown scorched earth result of that segment of the population realizing that they have nothing to loose. It will be “Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead”.

Folks….carry your guns. Don’t be victim. Its going to get messy, violent, and bloody.

Chickens and henhouses and roosting….oh my!

OK…I’ve been beating the “If Goobermint can regulate the 2A, they can regulate all the other A’s” drum for a looooong time now.
I have progressive folk in my life, who are on my FB friends list, either because they are family, they are folks I’ve known for a very long time, etc.
So for them, I want to shine the light on what I call the Chickens Coming Home to Roost.
For a long time now, Obama and his ilk have floated the trial balloons to try to control gun ownership by saying that if someone has a fiduciary agent doing their checkbooks and bill paying, that those same folk should be in the NICS database as not having the Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms.
The biggest push though, to date, in the effort to deny We the People our 2A Right is to have the No-Fly list be blended into the NICS database. An arbitrary list that anyone can be put onto at the whim of faceless/nameless bureaucrat in Washington, a list that once you are on it you haven’t the ability to discover why you are on it, you have very little recourse for getting off it, and the list itself is shrouded in secrecy. There is no transparency, there are no hard-and-fast guideline that We the People can read, debate, nor investigate so that we can bring suit for Constitutional Violations of our Enumerated Rights.
Yeah….I just LOVE hearing the wailing, teeth-gnashing, and the taste of those bitter tears when the tables get turned on the same folk who want to try to deny MY rights…
* * * * * * * * * * * *
“The United States Secret Service—the agency that protects the president, foreign dignitaries, and various government officials, among other critical duties—has assumed an expanded new power that has Washington journalists up in arms.|
The law enforcement agency—whose once-pristine reputation has been tarnished in recent years by scandal, congressional investigations and, more to the point, aggressive investigative reporting—is for the first time ever running background checks on thousands of journalists who want to attend this summer’s Republican and Democratic Party nominating conventions.
Journalists who don’t pass muster—in what several complain is an inscrutable security screening process for which there are no plainly established criteria, and from which there is no appeal—will be denied credentials to cover the GOP’s July 18-21 conclave in Cleveland, at which reality show billionaire Donald Trump is expected to be nominated, and the Democrats’ July 25-28 meeting in Philadelphia, at which former New York senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton will likely be named the standard-bearer.”
* * * * * * * * * * * *
To these Libs and Progs who cheered as Gun Owners were getting pummeled by our “elected representatives” with law after law trying to neuter the Second Amendment, all I can say is “too bad, so sad”…you started this mess, you made this bed, now you get to sleep in it.
And for the rest of the Lib/Prog movement that has recently been banging the *radical muslims are people too* drum and wanting open borders, trying to tell me that sharia law could NEVER come to pass in the USA, blahblahblah….screw you too. Because when it comes to pass, the first of the American Peoples that will be taken out to the coastlines, buried up to their necks in the sand, and stoned to death will be the openly flaunting LGBT peoples. Then after what the new muslim overlords will deem a successful cleansing of the most egregious and fully visible affront to their sensibilities, they will turn to Christians and Jews…lather-rinse-repeat.
And no….I do not think that the Libs/Progs have the intestinal fortitude to fight a physical, bloody, messy, and wholly savage war to protect their own way of life, nor their turf. And I damn sure don’t think that the gun-lovers they’ve screwed over will be inclined to acquiesce to their request.
Which means no.

Why Donald Trump is winning…

I’m not coming out for, nor against, a Donald Trump Presidency….if that is what the future holds, so be it. If not, so be it.

The Republican Establishment (what I like to call RINO) is quaking in their Armani suits. What they failed to realize is that the underpinnings of what makes The People “Americans”, is that Americans were always viewed as backwoods, brash, loud, un-couth, un-civilized. Hell…ask the average European what they think about Americans, and they will tell you exactly that, and more. Americans are loud and proud. Americans are, by far, the most reserved where it comes to military might (Americans tend to not be blood-thirsty and war-mongering, as a general rule) but when you’ve poked that dog enough with the pointy stick in the eye, it WILL get up and unleash a holy hell and brutality that is, frankly, unequaled.

Americans just want to be left alone, and when you don’t leave them alone they will go into a frenzied berserker rage and quite literally do the unimaginable, exacting a horrific display of visceral brutality.

Thats why Donald Trump is winning.

We The People have had enough of a two-party system that is, frankly, Democrats vs. Democrats Lite. The People want  to upset the applecart. They want to punish those who, for the past three decades, have refused to take them seriously. They want the repeal of NAFTA. They want repeal of Obambicare. They want their jobs back. They want to stomp anyone of Middle Eastern lineage into a bloody pulp. They want to tear down mosques. They want to force English as the ONLY language allowed to be taught/spoken. They want to put in front of a firing squad any Progressive who dares throw the Flag on the ground and walk on it. They’ve had enough.

Thats why Donald Trump is winning.

Donald Trump is a master of media. You can’t make and remake yourself over time and again to continue to keep raking in the cash if you aren’t damned good at manipulating the media.

The man is a master at being able to put his finger on the pulse of ANYTHING, and instinctively knowing how to play it to his advantage.

Thats why Donald Trump is winning.

The American Electorate wants to send someone to the White House that will get angry, throw things, kick over the dining room table, tell foreign dignitaries that they can shove their *sensitivities* up their ass, and who will do the equivalent of flipping them The Bird as he gets up and walks away from negotiations on nuclear whatever, or troop draw-downs, etc. You will recall that Ronald Reagan did exactly that in negotiations with the Soviets who were doing alot of sabre-rattling in the 1980’s. The Progressive Mainstream Media went absolutely apoplectic, and yellow-bellied Liberals were fainting all over Washington D.C. Inside of a year after that famous *Fuck you, we’re done here* moment, the Soviet Union fell apart.

The American People want THAT kind of man in the highest public office of the land. Donald Trump is doing all that on the campaign trail, and more. Only problem is that Reagan knew how to do it politely, whereas Trump doesn’t. Reagan was the upper-crust, “another champagne, please” American. Trump is the *fuck you, pass me a Budweiser* American.

Thats why Donald Trump is winning.

What is wrong with people?

What is it with the sudden push for an Article 5 Convention of States? Calls for this are coming not only from the left, but from the Right as well. Are they crazy?

Do the folks calling for such really want to entrust a complete trashing of he existing Constitution in favor of the current crop of politicians sitting down and drafting a completely new governing document?

You want the likes of Schumer, McCain, McConnell, Manchin, Toomey, Fienstien, Boxer….to draft a document that will place you under the thumb of government?

Calling for an Article 5 Convention is calling for open Civil War. No way on Gods Green Earth should we go down a path that will ignite the already unstable powderkeg of sheer political loathing the two sides have of one another.

I agree that we cannot continue as we’re going. There should be an amicable split, where some states go Left, some go Right, and still others go Libertarian, all keeping the original Constitution intact, and once the split is done, they amend for themselves as they see fit.

But a wholesale trashing, which would leave us with NO operable Constitution in the interim? So much the wrong path.

Da Stooopid! It Burnses us!

This takes the cake, folks. I’m sitting here with my jaw dropped, staring at the words in another browser window, concerning the San Bernadino shooting…

“Officials said Farook and Malik were dressed in assault style clothing and had assault rifles.”

That quote can be found here.

What in the world is *assault style clothing*? Cargo pants? Military BDU’s? Because I’ll be honest, I own those. Hell, I used to go to work each day (when I worked for a scared-of-its-own-shadow politically-correct lawsuit-averse defense contractor) wearing either cargo pants or BDU’s.

Every. Day.

So are the *common sense gun law* nuts going to come out of the woodwork now and demand that FFL’s all across the USA start profiling their customers, and if someone walks in wearing BDU’s, they get a Firearm Privilege Point taken away, but if they are muslim they get TWO Firearm Privilege Points in their favor, but if they are WHITE muslim they loose THREE Firearms Privilege Points, and seeing that their total Firearm Privilege Points were less than 1, they are not allowed to get a gun?

Think that this kind of stupidity can’t happen? I got news for you….Diane Frankenfienstien is chomping at the bit right now (literally and figuratively….she’s as ugly as an old wagon hag) trying to figure out how to spin this for even more gun control in a State that already earned the coveted A+ rating by the Brady Campaign whackadoodles.

I can see it now….Cargo pants and BDU’s will require a special Clothing Permit in California, where you go and submit your fingerprints and undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine why you want to own BDU’s.

You’ll need an Assault Clothing ID Card to go to Vern’s Army-Navy Surplus, and need to fill out a form 4474 Assault Clothing Background Check Form with each purchase. Additionally, if the BDU’s have two or more *military-style assault clothing features*, you’ll need to pay a special $200 NCA Tax (National Clothing Act Tax) to be able to possess them, but you’ll be restricted to only wearing them in the State that they are registered in, and if you wish to cross into another State with them you’ll need to transport the BDU’s in a locked container and put them on ONLY when you reach your pre-approved destination, and only on the dates that you submitted to the BCAJOSS (Bureau of Clothing, Apparel, Jewelry, and Other Scary Stuff.)

Times like this I pray for the Big Shake that splits California from the mainland, and sends it out into the Pacific.

There is a storm brewing…

Its a storm of epic Constitutional proportions.

Donald Trump, the firebrand huckster trying to nail the Republican nomination, came out today in favor of weaving the names on the terrorist watchlist into the NICS database.

A list, mind you, which is arbitrary, secret, with no judicial oversight.

A list that would mean people would be denied their Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and be denied without Due Process.

Every question on the 4473 form (The Brady Background Check form) addresses and deals with people who, by virtue of having had their day in court, are a *prohibited person*….either adjudicated mentally incompetent, have a felony conviction, were dishonorably discharged from military service (this requires a courts martial, which is your day in court military-style), etc.

We are treading on VERY thin ice in this country if the terror watchlist gets mixed in with the NICS database. It will open the door to *secret lists* of people who will then be denied their First amendment rights….their Fifth Amendment Rights….on and on.

I don’t give a damn what the idiots in the asylum want. I am NOT about to trade Freedom for a false sense of security. If this is allowed to happen, we are then marching firmly down the same path which Nazi Germany walked over 75 years ago.

We, as a People, cannot allow the goobermint to get away with a blatant Constitutional violation the likes of secret lists being used to deny Rights.

It. Cannot. Stand.

Europe and the Middle East

Both Europe and the Middle East have been at odds with one another, or with their neighbors, for longer than recorded history. I mean, wars had been fought over swaths of desert and sand, or swaths of cold, wet, miserable mountain regions (the majority of the European mainland is mountainous, and the British/Irish/Scottish isles are cold, wet, and foggy…).

The major conflagrations of our recent history as humans have started either in Europe or the Middle East proper, or were started in other countries under the influence of meddling Europeans and Middle- Easterns in wars of proxy (just look at how the Brits fucked up the Isreali – Arab situation, or how the French totally screwed the pooch in IndoChina.).

So are we now witnessing the first moves in the next World War chessgame, with he opening salvo’s being the Paris massacre, the Turks shooting down a Russian plane, etc., with our illustrious douchenozzle in the White House playing the part of Neville Chamberlain?

Help out a Veteran in need….

Help a friend!

Nutshell version: a friend (who is a Veteran) has squatters in a home she is trying to sell. The legal bills are mounting. She has a GoFundMe page where donations can be made directly.

Folks that know me know that I’m the type to poke a hornets nest and giggle like a maniac, and yeah, I’m doing it again, this time using the whole Hugo Awards / Sad Puppy kerfuffle to try to do something nice.

Up on FleaBay there are a pair of hand-crafted holsters, one right-handed and one left-handed, embossed with a Sad Puppy holding a rocket in its mouth. No, its not a Hugo rocket….more like a V-2. 😉

The links are here:

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All proceeds (after FleaBay takes its cut, naturally) will be placed into Nicki’s GoFundMe. She has stated that any unused funds from the crowdfunding will be donated to a charity that benefits Homeless Veterans.

So go…do something nice, and bid on a holster.

Thank You!

Sad Puppies!

Because I can…a pair of Sad Puppies holsters. For one of the more popular guns in American History, the 1911 Government in .45 ACP.

My work here is done. 🙂

sad_puppy_pair_03 sad_puppy_pair_04

Thoughts on the California Killing Rampage by a Liberal Son of a Liberal Moviemaker…

Three people killed by a nutjob via stabbing, followed afterwards by three people killed by same nutjob via shooting.

The remaining are injuries caused by a nutjob in a car.

And somehow….the NRA is to blame for all these deaths and injuries? Has the Left/Prog/Lib portion of the citizenry really detached itself from reality to such point that they place the blame for all these deaths on those people who support what is Constitutionally protected?

I find it telling that an avid anti-gun family (the Rodgers’) did nothing more than call the police when they discovered a video on You Tube a scant 13 hours before the rampage. Its as if they thought the Police could do anything BEFORE a crime took place.

Is this what we’ve become? Where the majority of people don’t even know what the purpose of Police is?

Police are the folk who uphold the Law, and who bring those people who break the law before a Court, so as to be tried by a jury of their peers. The Police could NOT HAVE DONE A DAMN THING to stop this kid. The police acted appropriately…they were made aware of the kids mental problem, they were made aware of a disturbing You Tube vid, they went to his place WITHOUT a warrant (there wasn’t, at that moment, enough probable cause for even a Liberal California Judge to bend the rules enough to issue a warrant), the kid let  them in and sweet-talked his way through  the intervention, and the cops left. And they left, citing the fact that the boy was extremely polite, seemed very shy, and was fully co-operative.

In other words, the police felt that there was no threat.

Also, the Rodgers family are so anti-gun that it never occurred to them that their little darling would EVER get a gun for himself? I mean, they set the perfect example, didn’t they? They are loudly-and-proudly anti-gun, they NEVER EVER had a gun in their house, NEVER EVER let their kids handle guns, etc.

I guess the NRA is to blame for their failed parenting too?

This rampage by a mentally disturbed individual took place in the State that is given an “A” rating for *gunsense* by Moms Demand Action, Michael Bloombergs Mayors Against Guns, and the Brady Campaign. Aside from NY and NJ, California has the most restrictive gun laws in place of any other state.

So how did a mentally disturbed kid get a car with which he injured eight pedestrians….how did he get a knife and use the knife to kill three people in cold blood…and how did he get a gun?

And let this sink in…the Police responded. Since there was NO CRIME at that point in time, the Police could do NOTHING but ask the kid a few questions. The cops did everything right.

Now, I understand the grief of the father of one of the shooting victims. He lost a young man to the actions of a mentally disturbed individual.

But I find it abhorrent and offensive that this parent is blaming the NRA, Congress, and citizens who believe in guarantees of the Constitution, blaming law abiding people and the NRA for the stabbings that left three dead, and for the hit-and-runs that left eight injured. Why isn’t he blaming a fellow Liberal filmmaker who obviously didn’t take more stringent steps to make sure his mentally deranged son was placed under observation? Why isn’t he blaming the company that made the knife that killed three people in cold blood? Why isn’t he blaming BMW for manufacturing the car that left eight people hospitalized, and to the lobbyists in Washington that get tax breaks and subsidies for the companies that make these 4,000 pound death machines that mow down people in large groups?

Stop and think about that…three people killed by stabbing, three killed by shooting, and eight injured via hit-and-run in one 10 minute rampage by one disturbed individual.

Yet the NRA and guns is to blame, and the NRA and guns are the problem?


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