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Thoughts on a Dead Gorilla named Harambe

I’ve heard folks go on and on about how intelligent the great apes are. For the most part, all the experts (Jane Goodall et al) all confirm that a Great Ape (such as the lowland silverback gorilla) have the equivalent intelligence of around a four year old.

Not having personally observed a four year old gorilla, I have to take the word of an expert. I will now go officially on record to say that I agree and accept the premise of experts that a silverback gorilla’s intelligence and mental development is that of a four year old human child.

Got that? I agree with the experts on the intelligence and mental development of gorilla’s.

I have, on the other hand, witnessed firsthand, on four distinct occasions in my lifetime, the intelligence and mental development of a four-year-old human child. One girl and three boys worth (current ages being 35, 28, 18, 17, girl being oldest).

Let me tell ya, four-year-olds all behave the same, because INSTINCT has yet to be bred out of them and replaced with GOOD MANNERS and or socially-acceptable behaviors.

I can also say with utter surety, that if it weren’t for ADULTS trying to “train out” the instinctual behaviors of said offspring when they hit the four-year-old mark and simply let the four year olds BE four-year-olds, these same-said adults who are now all butt-hurt over the dead gorilla would be nodding sagely and saying “Yep….that kid was in danger, no doubt about it.”

You see…here’s the thing about four-year-olds…they are selfish, possessive, and obstinate as hell, and if you’ve ever observed four-year-olds in a sandbox, you can immediately see the actions of the gorilla for what they were….this was something new, he’s the Alpha, and the new-and-shiny thing that just dropped in from the sky immediately became “Its Mine! Its Mine!”

Sorry folks….that animal was not “protecting the boy”. That animal was, in fact, “protecting” what it deemed was his property, by right of his social stature as Alpha male. The kid fell in, the ape went to investigate. Immediately upon getting close to the kid, the crowd of hairless apes standing on the other side of the moat began INSTINCTUALLY yelling, screaming, waving their arms, and baring their teeth as their pie-holes widened in the attempt to turn up the volume of their instinctual screeching.

Do yourselves a favor and go watch YouTube videos of how apes behave with each other….when a group of them wants something that one of them has claimed, they all start screeching, waving their arms, and baring their teeth. The so-called human “adults” were behaving like apes with a four-year-old mentality when said apes want something that another ape has claimed.

Harambe, as Alpha, was protecting what he deemed was his in accordance with HIS social pecking-order status of HIS group that lives in HIS enclosure. And as the Alpha, he was free to do with said property as he felt. If he decided that he wanted a snack, that four-year-old boy was nothing more than a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho, or a can of Pringles.

The zoo acted properly, they acted as quickly as they could, and a HUMAN life was saved.

Thats right…I place the value of a human life higher on the pecking order than other life. Sue me…I’m a carnivore, and I’ve killed my food before. Just because we, as humans are evolved from the same tree as the great apes, doesn’t mean that I’m all squishy-feely about Harambe as some sort of a far-distant relative.

Quite to the contrary, I understand the danger of a four-year-old mind stuffed into a 400 pound package that could probably bench-press easily twice its weight. If that thought doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, nothing will.

So yeah….while its unfortunate that a member of an endangered species had to be put down, it was the proper action. And for the Love of Christ, stop blaming the parents. Four-year-olds are sneaky and slippery things. This was not the fault of the parents.

Just knock it off already.

This is why we’re in the shitter…

So, this happened on the last day of the NRA Annual Convention.

I was up in Louisville KY, at the NRAAM. A friend (who happens to write for the NRA magazine, Shooting Illustrated) simply loved the holster I was wearing, so he decided to snap a picture of it and post it on FB.

Here’s the rig:


Here is a link to the FB for Shooting Illustrated

If you go to the link, you’ll need to scroll down a few posts to see the entry for my rig.

Here are just a few samples of the hate and vitriol in the comments:

And this guy:


Then we have this person who hates Jews:


And this fellow who is probably angry about something looking damned good and way out of his price range:


These are good…a Trifecta! One is hating that I used Elephant Hide, another thinks that carrying a 1911 cocked-and-locked is crazy, and a third that has his tinfoil hat just a wee bit too tight on his head, and is all about the Illuminati = FreeMason thing:


And just for good measure, a fellow named Brian Anderson, suggesting that there is enough ammo in private hands to murder and eradicate Masons. Gotta love some idiot calling for the murder of Freemasons simply because he doesn’t like them.


And THAT, my friends, is why this country is in the fucking toilet. Generations of morons and low-intelligence Liberal mouth-breathers who don’t understand the concept of Freedom, Liberty, and leaving your neighbor alone when he hasn’t done anything to you directly to affect or deny YOUR freedom/liberty.

Those aren’t Americans…they are Facist bastards. The country I was born is is fucking doomed.

Oh…and if anyone would feel the urge to go and verbally abuse those idiots on that thread, be my guest. And drop me an email so I can go and read your comments.

Thoughts on the California Killing Rampage by a Liberal Son of a Liberal Moviemaker…

Three people killed by a nutjob via stabbing, followed afterwards by three people killed by same nutjob via shooting.

The remaining are injuries caused by a nutjob in a car.

And somehow….the NRA is to blame for all these deaths and injuries? Has the Left/Prog/Lib portion of the citizenry really detached itself from reality to such point that they place the blame for all these deaths on those people who support what is Constitutionally protected?

I find it telling that an avid anti-gun family (the Rodgers’) did nothing more than call the police when they discovered a video on You Tube a scant 13 hours before the rampage. Its as if they thought the Police could do anything BEFORE a crime took place.

Is this what we’ve become? Where the majority of people don’t even know what the purpose of Police is?

Police are the folk who uphold the Law, and who bring those people who break the law before a Court, so as to be tried by a jury of their peers. The Police could NOT HAVE DONE A DAMN THING to stop this kid. The police acted appropriately…they were made aware of the kids mental problem, they were made aware of a disturbing You Tube vid, they went to his place WITHOUT a warrant (there wasn’t, at that moment, enough probable cause for even a Liberal California Judge to bend the rules enough to issue a warrant), the kid let  them in and sweet-talked his way through  the intervention, and the cops left. And they left, citing the fact that the boy was extremely polite, seemed very shy, and was fully co-operative.

In other words, the police felt that there was no threat.

Also, the Rodgers family are so anti-gun that it never occurred to them that their little darling would EVER get a gun for himself? I mean, they set the perfect example, didn’t they? They are loudly-and-proudly anti-gun, they NEVER EVER had a gun in their house, NEVER EVER let their kids handle guns, etc.

I guess the NRA is to blame for their failed parenting too?

This rampage by a mentally disturbed individual took place in the State that is given an “A” rating for *gunsense* by Moms Demand Action, Michael Bloombergs Mayors Against Guns, and the Brady Campaign. Aside from NY and NJ, California has the most restrictive gun laws in place of any other state.

So how did a mentally disturbed kid get a car with which he injured eight pedestrians….how did he get a knife and use the knife to kill three people in cold blood…and how did he get a gun?

And let this sink in…the Police responded. Since there was NO CRIME at that point in time, the Police could do NOTHING but ask the kid a few questions. The cops did everything right.

Now, I understand the grief of the father of one of the shooting victims. He lost a young man to the actions of a mentally disturbed individual.

But I find it abhorrent and offensive that this parent is blaming the NRA, Congress, and citizens who believe in guarantees of the Constitution, blaming law abiding people and the NRA for the stabbings that left three dead, and for the hit-and-runs that left eight injured. Why isn’t he blaming a fellow Liberal filmmaker who obviously didn’t take more stringent steps to make sure his mentally deranged son was placed under observation? Why isn’t he blaming the company that made the knife that killed three people in cold blood? Why isn’t he blaming BMW for manufacturing the car that left eight people hospitalized, and to the lobbyists in Washington that get tax breaks and subsidies for the companies that make these 4,000 pound death machines that mow down people in large groups?

Stop and think about that…three people killed by stabbing, three killed by shooting, and eight injured via hit-and-run in one 10 minute rampage by one disturbed individual.

Yet the NRA and guns is to blame, and the NRA and guns are the problem?

Meet the Dumbest Man in the Senate

Senator Reid of Nevada has just taken the title of Dumbest Man in the Senate (used to belong to Joe Biden) with his claim that Romney has now somehow *faked* his tax return document before it was made public.

The comment as it appeared on the CNN newsfeed… :

(CNN) – Sen. Harry Reid said nothing of his earlier claims that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes over a ten-year span in a Friday statement joining Democrats in responding to Romney’s release of tax-related documents on Friday.

The Nevada Democrat and Senate majority leader called Romney’s accounting “galling” and said the documentation “reveals that Mitt Romney manipulated one of the only two years of tax returns he’s seen fit to show the American people – and then only to ‘conform’ with his public statements.”

Romney’s accounting is *galling*? No, whats galling is this morons lack of leadership in the Senate, and refusal to pass/approve a fiscal budget in over 3 years.

This is tin-foil-hat idiocy at its finest. The people of Nevada should be ashamed of themselves, sending that idiot to the US Senate.

Lets get something straight…

“Just one armed person could have taken this guy down and saved all those people”.


I’ll say it again…BULLSHIT.

And its time we, as promoters of the Second Amendment, stop treating every situation withthe knee-jerk *one guy could have saved them! ZOMG!!!!* attitude that makes us look like complete fucking idiots.


1) Dark theater showing a film that was made in subdued and low-key lighting. ie: the screen isn’t tossing much light back onto those seated, let alone casting off enough light to see dark recesses of the theater.

2) Perp comes in and tosses one, maybe two (jury is still out on that factoid) canisters into the crowd in order to induce confusion, then panic.

3) Perp, dressed in dark colors, then starts walking up a SIDE AISLE and starts shooting down the ROWS lengthwise. His odds of hitting someone are greatly enhanced.

4) As people move to the exits they are illuminated by the lighting typically found above the doorways there, and as such are PERFECT SILHOUETTES for the shooter, and he picks them off easily.

5) Shooter is wearing chest armor, leg armor, headgear, dark clothing and dark gloves. Standing against dark-colored walls. In dim lighting.

Now, is anyone going to tell me, with a straight face, that THEY could have taken this guy out with a HEAD SHOT (he’s wearing body armor, so a center-mass hit would be useless) in:

1) A dark movie theater…

2) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants…

3) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants and people running across YOUR LINE OF SIGHT in a panic…

Yeah, right. In that situation, you wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. A lawfully armed citizen wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. The conditions were so damned poor, you would be lucky to get off a shot in his general direction.

Being a Second Amendment supporter is fine. Being a Second Amendment Supporter making wild-assed claims that *even one person armed in that theater could have stopped the massacre* is plain ludicrous, and so full of BS that even a Hollywood scriptwriter would toss that idea in the trash.

If this moron doesn’t get jail time…

…then we’re truly screwed as a democratic society bound by law.

The perp (yes, he’s a perp because he was caught on video making the threats) is one Nkrumah Tinsley. He’s being held in the pokey unless he can come up with $25,000 bail.

Now, this putz threatened to burn NY to the ground, and that he would Molotov Cocktail the Macy’s building.

If a Tea Party attendee had made such a threat, there would have been a congressional investigation, SWAT teams would have been called up from the city and surrounding States, a manhunt initiated, and he would have been found guilty of numrous crimes via the Court of Public Opinion, and probably drawn and quartered.

But since this stupid loudmouthed f*ck is one of OBambi’s supporters and key voting bloc, he lawyers up and is now claiming that it was just hyperbole, and he was just blowing off steam.

You know…a Supreme Court decision a long time ago determined that there was a limit to what constituted *free speech*. The best example is that if you yell *fire* in a crowded moviehouse where there is no fire, you have no free speech protection. By the same token, threatening to burn a building, and a whole city, to the ground is making a threat against the local government, and threatening the public at large.

If he doesn’t do serious jail time, then I admit we’re screwed as a society.

Because everyone seems to be doing it….

Heh…no, if they all were to jump of a bridge, I wouldn’t do it too, but since this has nowhere near the same end effect, I gave it a whirl…

First up, this is for my sales site, Dragon Leatherworks…

This site is certified 73% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Imagine that! A site that sells accessories for ZOMG! GUNZZZZ! is certified 73% GOOD! Thats like…being Lawful Good!

And what about this blog? Well…pretty much the same, really, all things considered…

This site is certified 61% GOOD by the Gematriculator

61% good? GOOD? Are you freaking kidding me? Dang…I was hoping for an evil rating of at least 75%!!

Damn…I gotta try harder….

Tinfoil Hat…

I feel like the character Jerry Fletcher, in the Mel Gibson movie ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

I get up this morning, and read the headlines on FoxNews, then check to see what the Liberal sides are saying (CNN and MSLSD) and it seems to be true…

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF head may very well be a free man inside of a week or two. Seems that the maid has a rather dark, twisted, sordid, money-laundering and drug-connected past, a past in which she made movements within 24 hours after making accusations.

The DSK defense team has indicated that their strategy would be to poke holes in her credibility as a person. The Prosecution (who were backing this womans statements) were actually the ones to dig up all her past shady associations. They are required by full disclosure to expose their whole case to the defense team. Defense is allowed to surprise the shit out of the prosecution in the effort to defend their client. Prosecutors are not allowed surprises, per se.

So…why am I wearing the Tinfoil Hat?

This is why…read about this today…

You see…it seems that the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, who on Tuesday became the first female managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), received wide praise in Chicago on the very same day she ascended to that lofty place. Why did she receive this praise from ChicagoLand? Well, it seems that she once served as chairman of one of the world’s largest law firms, and she worked in Chicago.

OK…now call me crazy, but lets play Connect The Dots, the same way that say, oh, Liberals like to play Connect The Dots with supposed *gun facts* when they try to argue for more gun control laws…

Dot #1) The USA is in deep financial doo-doo, about to go belly up on its debts, and loose its Aaa rating…

Dot #2) Dominique is a rather haughty Better-Than_thou, Self-Absorbed French twit…

Dot #3) French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has DEEP CONNECTIONS to the underbelly of Chicago Politics via her working at one of the worlds largest law firms in the world, in their CHICAGO OFFICE.

Dot #4) DSK gets accused by an immigrant of violent sexual assault, in Mayor Mike Bloombergs Fiefdom of NYC.

Dot #5) Mayor Mike wants ‘Under-The-Radar’ gun control by Obambi.

Dot #6) OBambi wants the pesky IMF head to go away, because DSK is making his job of being POTUS much too hard, especially when he has to worry about a pesky detail like the full faith and credit of the USA.

Now…here is where playing Connect-The-Dots gets fun!

Mike does Obambi a favor, though no words are exchanged nor favors asked (these pols all know the secret handshake, the winkwinknudgenudge of a favor being done…its in their slimy blood…) and unleashes the city’s prosecutorial team on Mr. Kahn, when the idiot Khan had the unfortunate event of needing to get laid, and wanting some strange poontang. Its a windfall for Mike, who promptly pounces.

OBambi sees that the IMF is going to be in his back pocket, because with charges like this, DSK can’t stay in power, and his connection in ChicagoLand is the strongest candidate to replace him.

OBambi stays mum and says NOTHING about DSK’s indiscretions. He doesn’t want to seem too anxious…

DSK is jailed, an unbelievably Draconian bail and house arrest imposed, and he is disgraced.

France is livid, the French turn on OBambi, and his poll rating there drops. OBambi doesn’t give a crap, because he’s a slimebucket politician.

Christine Lagarde is named on TUESDAY, June 28th 2011, as the new head of the IMF.

On Thursday afternoon, Mayor Mike’s prosecutorial attack team does an *Ooopsie!* and reveals that their witness is as credible as Bill Clinton trying to define what *is* is…

And what picture do we see when we connect the dots? Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been effectively removed, a ChicagoLand insider is the new IMF Director, Mike Bloomberg has earned himself brownie points with OBambi, and now OBambi has a connection in the IMF to try to head off the inevitable credit downgrade that America is facing in the wake of his failed Presidency.

I feel like Jerry Fletcher, and this whole thing stinks to high heaven.


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