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…of what will happen come November.

Clinton will get elected. There aren’t enough Republican / Libertarian votes to combat the fraud that will be rampant in electronic voting booths. The fix is in, and the results will be a win for Clinton.

She will expend considerable political capital in her effort to dis-arm the country. She will nominate corrupt Liberal hacks to SCOTUS, the Repube-ican Senate will confirm because they don’t want to be seen as “obstructionist” and “refusing to work with the first female President”.

She will then call on “voluntary surrender” of firearms. There will be roughly 3% to 5% compliance, the rest of the gun owners will simply tell her to fuck herself with a banana.

She will then try to enlist the National Guard units from the States to do her bidding.

And that, friends, is when the shooting will start.

It will be bloody, it will be horrific. About half of the National Guard are Progressive Democrat hacks. They will go forth with zeal to confiscate.

The other half will spread out and wage guerilla warfare. They will seek out veterans, they will re-train those vets and bring them up to speed.

Sniper attacks won’t be counted by how many occurred in a month….they will be counted by the day.

There will be executions in the street, in broad daylight, by both sides. Especially by civilian mobs overwhelming the Guard troops, and summarily killing the cancer that is the Federal Government.

Comey pushed us over the brink into Banana Republic territory. His refusal to recommend charges is a blatant slap-in-the-face to this country…a country of laws. A country that the rest of the worlds poor and downtrodden risk their own lives to gain entry to, because it was the last beacon of Freedom, Liberty, and Rule of Law.

And that was flushed down the shitter on July 5th.

240 years after the Founders declared a new Nation, free from tyranny, we let the Founders down.

Let the Liberal cities burn. Damned Liberals have been chomping at the bit for a war.

Well….they’re getting their wish.

Good on Britain!

So the British PM, Mr. Cameron, used the power of his veto to stop a reorganization of the EU because it wasn’t in the best interest of Britain. The EU is all bunched-up in the panties (knickers to you Brits..) because they need the British money to help out the lazy bastards in Greece and Italy who want to start working at 30 and retire at 50, retiring on the public dole.

The Brits are telling the EU to shove their *union* up their collective asses. My take on it is that the British Parliament knows that they barely have enough money to take care of their own subjects (and I’m being rather generous with that statement…) and they aren’t keen on having their subjects getting all uppity when the news hits that Britain bailed out Greece. Last years London rioting would pale in comparison to a citizen uprising over needing more British austerity because Britsh monies went to Greece or Italy.

So the EU is getting all butt-hurt, and is hurling dire warnings about being ostracized by the rest of Europe. Meanwhile, the Brits are looking out for their own skins, and are betting that the EU wll collapse, taking all of its members with it, financially-speaking.

Screw the EU. Good on Britain for showing some backbone.

The Euro is going belly up…

So the grand experiment of consolidating all of Europes monetary variations into one super-continent currency (in effect creating a super-country called the Euro-zone, and subjugating individual sovereignty to a central bank) has failed miserably.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when this whole euro-zone thing was proposed, and the ivory-tower thinkers (who never had a real job or needed to compete in the actual workplace) said that the euro-zone was a great idea and that on paper (ie: theoretically) it would be so huge a economic force, that it would level the playing field and spread the worlds wealth around fairly. Specifically, it would force the wealth out of the USA, and spread it around the much more deserving Europe.

Yup…they thought that the logical expansion of the european socialist mindset into a larger socialist super-bank/government would up-end the USA and bury the capitalist model/system with the great idea of a great socialist experiment that would finally prove the greatness that is Socialism.

And its now broke.

And its broke because you have lazy countries with lazy people like Greece, Italy, France, etc., all sucking on the teats of the producing countries, one of which is Germany.

Heh…Germany is learning a valuable lesson, one that we Conservatives here have known for years…you reward laziness, and all you get at the end of the day is more laziness.¬†

Best example of irony….

Seen on a FB post, which I immediately filched.

Apparently, those people advocating for seizure of private wealth in the name of economic justice are having their thousand-dollar-doodads stolen by some opportunistic “have-nots”. Strangely, they have a problem with this concept. I’m pretty sure this is one of the funniest examples of irony I’ve ever seen.

Says it all right there….

Mexico wants its murderer back…

Wow…Mexico sure is feeling uppity lately. They are taking advantage of the weak-willed yellow-bellied Marxist in the White House, and making all sorts of demands.

First, they demand (rightfully so) the extradition of all who were complicit in the GunWalker scandal. I say hand them OBambi and Holder, and let Mexico put them on trial for murder.

But now, Mexico wants us to return their murderer, one Humberto Garcia, who was convicted of a 1998 murder of a 16 year old girl in Texas. Garcia is an illegal, and Mexico is claiming that because he is a Mexican National, his rights were violated according to the Vienna Conventions when he wasn’t informed of his right to seek help from the Mexican Consulate here in the USA.

Now…the Supreme Court has held (in a 2008 decision) that the Vienna Conventions DO NOT supersede the Constitution. In other words, the Vienna Conventions apply to *Federal* cases, and to diplomats who have specific immunities. The States, in accordance with our Constitution, have the right to convict and carry out sentences within their states, according to their state Constitutions, as long as the US Constitution doesn’t specifically reserve to the Federal Government something that is the purview of the States.

So..Texas held a trial. There were witnesses. Garcia was found guilty. He *admitted* guilt. So, he’s set to be executed in Texas.

Period. Game over.

But wait! Mexico is saying that Texas putting him to death is a violation of a Federally binding treaty. You see, Mexico is another Statist toilet, which thinks that the citizens of a country are there to be *told* what to do, that the goobermint is *the* supreme power, that the goobermint officials say jump and the populace is supposed to cower in fear while they ask how high.

So, message to Mexico.


You ain’t getting Garcia. But if you want to whisk in and snatch up OBambi and Holder, and hold them accountable for the deaths that resulted from GunWalker, I’m OK with that.

I mean, what the hell…we whisked in and snatched up Bin Laden, violating the sovereign soil of Pakistan. Its not like we can throw stones at this point.

Mexico wants GunWalker admins extradited for trial…

Heh…gotta love this one…click here for the story.

Seems that the Mexican Government wants the perpetrators of GunWalker extradited to face trial in Mexico (rightly so), they feel that their sovereignty has been violated (rightly so), they feel that the US did not come clean when asked about this when the scandal broke (rightly so), and now they want to put on trial those higher-up muckety-mucks that knew about this.

I say that if this goes all the way up to the top (and by top, I mean OBambi) that the Mexican Government should try him in abstencia, declare him a convicted man, and if he ever steps foot on Mexican soil, they can then arrest him. Same goes for Holder.

I have no problem in serving OBambi and anyone else up to the Mexican Authorities to stand trial for murder.

The Mexicans would be doing us a favor by taking him off our hands…

Tinfoil Hat…

I feel like the character Jerry Fletcher, in the Mel Gibson movie ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

I get up this morning, and read the headlines on FoxNews, then check to see what the Liberal sides are saying (CNN and MSLSD) and it seems to be true…

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF head may very well be a free man inside of a week or two. Seems that the maid has a rather dark, twisted, sordid, money-laundering and drug-connected past, a past in which she made movements within 24 hours after making accusations.

The DSK defense team has indicated that their strategy would be to poke holes in her credibility as a person. The Prosecution (who were backing this womans statements) were actually the ones to dig up all her past shady associations. They are required by full disclosure to expose their whole case to the defense team. Defense is allowed to surprise the shit out of the prosecution in the effort to defend their client. Prosecutors are not allowed surprises, per se.

So…why am I wearing the Tinfoil Hat?

This is why…read about this today…

You see…it seems that the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, who on Tuesday became the first female managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), received wide praise in Chicago on the very same day she ascended to that lofty place. Why did she receive this praise from ChicagoLand? Well, it seems that she once served as chairman of one of the world’s largest law firms, and she worked in Chicago.

OK…now call me crazy, but lets play Connect The Dots, the same way that say, oh, Liberals like to play Connect The Dots with supposed *gun facts* when they try to argue for more gun control laws…

Dot #1) The USA is in deep financial doo-doo, about to go belly up on its debts, and loose its Aaa rating…

Dot #2) Dominique is a rather haughty Better-Than_thou, Self-Absorbed French twit…

Dot #3) French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has DEEP CONNECTIONS to the underbelly of Chicago Politics via her working at one of the worlds largest law firms in the world, in their CHICAGO OFFICE.

Dot #4) DSK gets accused by an immigrant of violent sexual assault, in Mayor Mike Bloombergs Fiefdom of NYC.

Dot #5) Mayor Mike wants ‘Under-The-Radar’ gun control by Obambi.

Dot #6) OBambi wants the pesky IMF head to go away, because DSK is making his job of being POTUS much too hard, especially when he has to worry about a pesky detail like the full faith and credit of the USA.

Now…here is where playing Connect-The-Dots gets fun!

Mike does Obambi a favor, though no words are exchanged nor favors asked (these pols all know the secret handshake, the winkwinknudgenudge of a favor being done…its in their slimy blood…) and unleashes the city’s prosecutorial team on Mr. Kahn, when the idiot Khan had the unfortunate event of needing to get laid, and wanting some strange poontang. Its a windfall for Mike, who promptly pounces.

OBambi sees that the IMF is going to be in his back pocket, because with charges like this, DSK can’t stay in power, and his connection in ChicagoLand is the strongest candidate to replace him.

OBambi stays mum and says NOTHING about DSK’s indiscretions. He doesn’t want to seem too anxious…

DSK is jailed, an unbelievably Draconian bail and house arrest imposed, and he is disgraced.

France is livid, the French turn on OBambi, and his poll rating there drops. OBambi doesn’t give a crap, because he’s a slimebucket politician.

Christine Lagarde is named on TUESDAY, June 28th 2011, as the new head of the IMF.

On Thursday afternoon, Mayor Mike’s prosecutorial attack team does an *Ooopsie!* and reveals that their witness is as credible as Bill Clinton trying to define what *is* is…

And what picture do we see when we connect the dots? Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been effectively removed, a ChicagoLand insider is the new IMF Director, Mike Bloomberg has earned himself brownie points with OBambi, and now OBambi has a connection in the IMF to try to head off the inevitable credit downgrade that America is facing in the wake of his failed Presidency.

I feel like Jerry Fletcher, and this whole thing stinks to high heaven.


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