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We’ve gone quietly into that Good Night

I’m saddened by the thought that my dad and his parents sacrificed for naught. They left behind all their possessions save for a single suitcase (no, its not dramatics…my dad and his parents literally had the clothes they would need in one suitcase) and escaped Communist Yugoslavia in 1956 by boat. They left the islands in the archipelago in the northern Adriatic, and crossed to Italy seeking asylum.

Then they waited in a refugee camp for two years until the paperwork was processed, their sponsors here in the States were vetted, and they were allowed to come to America.

I was the first born in the USA on my dads side. My grandfather told me about what life was like in Yugoslavia under Tito. No freedom, little money, hardscrabble life.

My grandfather left behind land because it was essentially useless when you weren’t allowed to farm it, cut the wood off it, hunt it, etc…

He waited, a man with no country, for two years to come here. He became American. He embraced it. Never missed an election, because, as he put it, it was a responsibility and duty to know what was going on, and to vote to ensure that we protected the fragile freedoms we had.

Its gone. We’re an empty shell of a once-great nation, consumed with self-centeredness and a sense of entitlement. Generation after generation wanted to make sure that their progeny would have a better life, and while that was a noble sentiment, all it did was deny those progeny the necessary lessons that there is no substitute for hard work, that a mans word is his bond, that a handshake and the honor placed upon it is stronger than a signature on a contract.

The citizens have lost their self-respect. And they now simply whore themselves out to the politician who promises them an easier life than the other politician. They grew up thinking that the world was their oyster, and all that they had to do was simply demand it, and it would be handed to them.

The chickens, as they say, have come home to roost.

The carcass of this country will be picked at, the last vestiges of any usable meat removed, and the bones left to bleach in the harsh sun. I for one hope that the country does get to the business of splintering and descending into anarchy done and over with sooner rather than later, as I am actually looking forward to walking off and honoring my obligation to my children of doing the dirty work of war and strife so that they might not have to.

I never thought that I would say it, but I *want* the country to go to war with itself, get the anger to the surface, purge itself of the pent up tensions, then get to the task of healing, with a renewed respect for what the Founders left to us, with it being our guiding beacon out of the darkness.

Cheapening the Office of the President

Shilling for your kids birthday money.

Also for your wedding gift money…anniversary money…

I kid you not. Read it here.

The money quote from this piss-poor excuse for a website: *Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.*

You see…Dear Leader needs YOUR help if he’s going to be re-elected, so instead of you going to a gift registry and letting folks know what you you need/desire, wouldn’t it be patriotic if you go to the Obama Event Registry and register your event with Dear Leader, so that you get nothing, he gets your money for his re-election campaign, and if he gets re-elected he’ll raise your taxes and take EVEN MORE of your money, and screw you up the ass EVEN DEEPER, as his way of thanking you for sending him your kids birthday money.

You have GOT to be kidding me. THIS is what the Presidency has devolved to? Shilling for your kids birthday money? This is no different than the stupid North Koreans wailing away for *dear leader* when Kim Jung mentally-ill died. Its bad enough these kids won’t have a real America when they grow up, will have all their money stolen to feed the bloated State Leviathan, but Obambi now want these kids’ BIRTHDAY MONEY? I am completely and thoroughly disgusted by him. Deplorable, despicable excuse for a man. He’s cheapened the country, and the office of President.

Illegal Alien shoots self in head…..

Illegal Alien shoots self in the head:

Now, of course, even the normally conservative Fox News is playing this as a tragic case of a teen with a gun. But the facts of the incident are:

1) He and his father are both illegals
2) He and his father are both drunk
3) As ILLEGALS, they are prohibited BY LAW from purchasing, owning, or simply being IN POSSESSION of a ANY FIREARM. Rifle, Shotgun, or handgun…doesn’t matter, they are ALL OFF LIMITS TO THESE TWO.
4) 17 year old idiot takes a .380 caliber handgun and shoots a STEEL PROPANE TANK.
5) This low-powered round ricochets off the tank, comes back, and hits kid in head.

Lesson learned… .380 is too weak a load and too light a projectile to penetrate a steel tank. If you’re going to be shooting a handgun at a steel propane tank, 7.62 x 25 Tokarev fired from a VZ 52 handgun is the proper way to ensure safety. The Tokarev round will pierce TWO Kevlar vests, and go through an additional two cinderblocks at 10 – 15 yards (30 to 45 feet)…a propane tank doesn’t pose much of a problem.


Just sayin’…

Is it just me…?

Associated Press headline:

1) PETA Seeks Memorials to Cows Killed on Illinois Roads

I like that…a Memorial to cows killed on the nations highways. We can have cookouts with big, juicy, beefy hamburgers, Oscar-Mayer All Beef Hotdogs, and tons of fixin’s!!

From International News

2) France makes it harder to become French

New immigration requirements as of Jan 1, 2012, require tough language tests and allegiance to *French Values*

Oh really…like what? Proper etiquette when White-Flag waving?

And from our French-Speaking neighbors to the North:

3) Vancouver health authority begins its free crack pipe program for addicts

I kid you not. Free Crack pipes. Their reasoning is that if they give out heat-resistant oven-quality glass pipes, there will be less accidental glass-pipe shattering which will result in less facial lacerations, so that when the stoners get all cranked up and start engaging in adult recreational activities, there are less open cuts with which to transmit HIV and Hepatitis.

Speaking French must really have a dampening effect on IQ scores….

Concerning Scott Olsen

In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the professed Marine who was attending one of the Lets-Occupy-Something events that refused to obey a lawful command from riot-control police to disperse. Said riot-control police then took action to force crowd dispersion, and lobbed a tear gas canister into the crowd.

Said canister hit Olsen in the head, fracturing his skull.

Now there’s all sorts of butt-hurt Marines fanning flames and ratcheting up the tensions by making veiled threats of a shooting war breaking out.

If someone ignites this particular fuse, it does have the potential of getting real ugly real quick.

But as far as the Marines go….I would like to know how many of these Marines are Honorably Discharged (or Honorably released from active duty) Marines, and how many of the Marines showing up at these *protests* have been court-marshalled (at worst) or Captains Masted (at the least) and have a less than stellar record in the military, something that would give them a General Discharge, or a Dishonorable.

My guess is that these fellows claiming to be Marines at these events are the 25 – 30 % of service members that receive a discharge or separation from active duty that is less than Honorable.

And if these Marines decide to go all bat-shit crazy, and lend their support to the Occupy-Somethings, and a shooting civil war (or civil unrest) breaks out, they are facing well over 250 MILLION firearms in the hands of former military & civilians who feel that once the police said to disperse in accordance with whichever law they could find to legally tell them to do so, and that was ignored, then all bets are off…you made your bed, now lie in it.

I have no pity for these *Marines* who disobey lawful orders and get conked in the head with a tear gas canister. And I’m a Veteran. I *still* have no pity for them.

Like I said…I believe that the former servicemen (regardless of branch) who are attending these obvious attempts at subversion are nothing but that swath of the military that couldn’t cut it *in* the military and manage an honorable discharge.

And to those former servicemen who want to start a shooting war?

Careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

Class Warfare activists exhibiting…class warfare!

Bound to happen….

Funny how these *protesters* are extolling the virtues of Socialism, Marxism, and a *classless* society, all while succumbing to human nature and instinct, and falling victim to the way that we humans, just as all the other animals on earth, are wired…Alpha’s, Beta’s, leaders, followers, and the divisions of class and social structure that nature itself has programmed into us for our own survival.

Beyond comprehension…

Muslim students enrolled in Catholic University.

Muslim students are offended by the religious symbols of Catholicism that are all over Catholic University…

Muslim Students file a lawsuit against Catholic University alleging violation of Civil Rights?


What the f**k?

Best example of irony….

Seen on a FB post, which I immediately filched.

Apparently, those people advocating for seizure of private wealth in the name of economic justice are having their thousand-dollar-doodads stolen by some opportunistic “have-nots”. Strangely, they have a problem with this concept. I’m pretty sure this is one of the funniest examples of irony I’ve ever seen.

Says it all right there….


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