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Carry your gun

OK….Kilted to Kick Cancer is over this year. Its October 1st, we’re facing a General Election where the two choices are Marxism or Totalitarianism at the hands of a bat-shit crazy Clinton, or a blustering opportunist sporting a Tribble on his noggin.

I’m not happy with either choice, and this truly is an election where you have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Here’s the rub…in either case, the fallout from this election will stress the already fraying fabric of society as we know it, and it will become commonplace to get up in the morning, get ready for your day, grab your wallet and keys, your knife, and your gun.

Then proceed to ignore every rule of your workplace, and willingly violate every town / city ordinance, and be armed all day everywhere you go, simply because we are going to see more and more violence by people/groups who will not be happy with the election results.

If Clinton wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on Marxism in this country. There will be skirmishes with pro-gov’t forces from the Federal level. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants.

If Trump wins, you’re going to see the headlong careening into full-on totalitarianism in this country. There will be skirmishes with National Guard forces that will be controlled by City-States whose govt’s are Liberal/Progressive bastions. There are millions of veterans that are chomping at the bit for a civil war, to simply do it sooner than later, let out all the pent-up anger, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of these Lib/Prog tyrants.

The fighting won’t be clear and defined…it will be guerilla warfare and skirmishes in broad daylight. It will be the Welfare State getting bolder, and coming for what they feel they have the right to take. As FedGov runs out of money (and that train, trust me, is barrelling down the tracks…) the folks who *want their fair share* are simply going to use violence to get it.

We’re seeing it already. The whole BLM bullshit is just the nascent stirrings of society ripping into shreds. We haven’t even begun to see the full-blown scorched earth result of that segment of the population realizing that they have nothing to loose. It will be “Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead”.

Folks….carry your guns. Don’t be victim. Its going to get messy, violent, and bloody.

Fuckin’ A …..

Kurt Russell….the fucker nailed it.

Listen here.

On a more serious note….


Stolen shamelessly from a Book of Face post I saw.


If you are able, take four minutes today to meditate on yesterday’s Islamic Terror attack in San Bernadino.

While I was watching this morning’s boob-tube “coverage” of yesterday’s events, one small bit of information stood out to me: it took four minutes for police to arrive at the scene of the shooting.

Four minutes is not bad, not a bad response time at all.

Four minutes is nothing when you are holding your loved ones, watching television, listening to music, surfing the Internet, or doing any number of other pleasant things that we all-too-often take for granted; but when you are defenseless and under attack, four minutes can, in fact, mean eternity.

Four minutes of paralyzing fear. Four minutes to cower impotently in the safest place you can find. Four minutes to hope that help arrives while you may yet be rescued. Four minutes to think of how your loved ones would go on without you, whether they will be safe and unafraid. Four minutes to listen to the roar of gunfire, the screams of the terrified, the weeping of those who have lost hope, the groans of the dying. Four minutes for the shameful relief that comes unbidden when each life snuffed out is not yet your own. Four minutes to come to the final realization, either consciously or subconsciously, of what it really means to live in a “gun-free zone”. Four minutes to learn how to PRAY.

Try to take four minutes today to reflect on this, for the victims past and future, in a nation of sheep awaiting the wolves.


Cary your damned gun, folks. Refuse to be a victim.




Food for Thought for Today…

From the Tampa Tribune, which isn’t known for being Right-Leaning, with one of their authors/journalists who also isn’t known for being Right-Leaning.

Looks like they are finally waking up to the ass-hattery of the schlong-sucking toadies who have multiple orgasms every time there is a mass-shooting because they love to dance in the blood of those that were murdered in order to further their twisted Utopian view of Rainbow-farting Unicorns prancing through fields of periwinkle.

Just go read it. Its fucking fantastic, and it lays bare the Totalitarian world view of the Democrats who want to subjugate the entirety of the American Citizenry to arbitrary and capricious feel-good bullshit.

Help out a Veteran in need….

Help a friend!

Nutshell version: a friend (who is a Veteran) has squatters in a home she is trying to sell. The legal bills are mounting. She has a GoFundMe page where donations can be made directly.

Folks that know me know that I’m the type to poke a hornets nest and giggle like a maniac, and yeah, I’m doing it again, this time using the whole Hugo Awards / Sad Puppy kerfuffle to try to do something nice.

Up on FleaBay there are a pair of hand-crafted holsters, one right-handed and one left-handed, embossed with a Sad Puppy holding a rocket in its mouth. No, its not a Hugo rocket….more like a V-2. 😉

The links are here:

Right-Hand holster

Left Hand Holster

All proceeds (after FleaBay takes its cut, naturally) will be placed into Nicki’s GoFundMe. She has stated that any unused funds from the crowdfunding will be donated to a charity that benefits Homeless Veterans.

So go…do something nice, and bid on a holster.

Thank You!

The Eagle has landed…

At the NRAAM in Indianapolis. Already, this looks to be a very good event, very large convention floor, lots of vendors.

I’ll be meeting up with Gay Cinic, JayG, Ambulance Driver, and a host of other bloggers for a bite to eat tonight. Already had someone on the convention floor notice the Dragon Leatherworks t-shirt, and ask Linoge if I was the actual guy that built the NCIS holster.

Heh…talk about a great feeling when someone  recognizes you for work you’ve done. I’m still grinning.

Coming soon…review of Gunnies Rules!

Hey Folks,

It was requested by the publisher, after having reviewed Emily get her Gun, to read and review Gunnies Rules. The book arrived during my convalescence in heaing from open heart surgery, and I’m finally getting around to finishing the book, and will be posting a review in the next week or so.

So far, the book is an easy read, and is entertaining form an anecdotal point of view, and an enlightening behind the curtain of the man who is Gunnie,

So keep an eye out and stay tuned for the next review!

And I thought New York was bad…

Folks who know me, and who have followed Dragon Leatherworks from its infancy, know that I tend to not mince words, and at times I can be rather…blunt.

I started as a holster maker in upstate NY with a total investment of $500, some leather-working tools, and a converted 10′ x 12′ outdoor shed. Un-insulated outdoor shed. Winters in upstate NY can get mighty cold. But I was on a mission…after getting my carry permit in NY, and finding no comfortable, easy way to carry my handgun, I decided to make holsters not only for myself, but for those folks who wanted an alternative to the mass-produced stuff.

I also thought, when I lived there, that getting a carry permit in NY was a pain in the ass, and bordered on un-Constitutional.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I just finished Emily Millers book, “Emily Gets Her Gun” (Regnery Publishing). To quote a line from a very popular short-lived TV show “There’s all sort of twists and cul-de-sacs. It’s wild.” Emily, much like myself in upstate NY, was on a mission.

That was what I took away from this book. How can ANYONE exercise their Second Amendment RIGHTS when a city like D.C. erects so many barriers in order to thwart gun-ownership? And that was Emily’s same reaction when she started the process to be able to get a handgun as a D.C. resident, to simply have it in her home as a method of self-defense. I applaud her for her tenacity because she was on a mission, and refused to be kow-towed into just giving up and slinking away like a good little peasant when her “betters” that occupied positions of self-inflated authority did everything in their power to make it as difficult, costly, and time-consuming as possible to get a gun in the district. They erected said barriers in the hopes that by making sure that if just one more law-abiding citizen was disarmed, that would be the tipping point where the D.C. Utopia would finally emerge, and “gun violence” would simply go away.

Emily wrote her book after documenting her rather convoluted journey through the muck and mire that is the D.C. regulations and codes, finding herself reading one procedure that references another, then another, then circling back to the first one, where there was no seemingly clear step-by-step procedure laid out for what you need to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how much it would cost. After her wildly popular multi-weekly editorial gained interest from the gun-rights community, she compiled her articles into various chapters, interspersed with other chapters of opinion, commentary, and stories of folks who were caught up in D.C’s Draconian and Byzantine amalgamation of laws that were put into place to “keep the District safe” but did nothing more (and to this day STILL do nothing more) than punish the unwary, and the law abiding.

Being a recent escapee from the “utopia” that is New York State (never regretting it for one moment), and having experienced poorly written laws that do nothing but disarm the law-abiding, I was immediately drawn in by her story and her experiences. And I know that had I been a D.C. resident trying to get a gun and having to deal with the people she had to deal with, I would have been MUCH more snarky, MUCH more of a wiseass, and downright condescending and belittling.

I would have definitely NOT been a good ambassador for pro-gunnies. That is why I’m not a journalist either. I don’t have the temperament for it.

Which is why I cannot stress enough the wonderful job that Emily did in her book, the level-headedness and calm she exhibited whilst navigating the nightmare that is the D.C. Firearm Licensing adventure, and also why I cannot thank her enough, with humbleness and humility, for being exactly the kind of public-facing ambassador we need in our fight to protect our Second Amendment rights, so as to win converts to the cause.

Folks…do yourselves a favor, get the book. You won’t be disappointed. Give it as a Christmas gift. Or Chanukah gift, or Kwanza, or whatever your particular flavor of diety-worship might be.

And to drive home the fact that I’m not blowing smoke out my ass here, I’ve gone and given her book a place of VERY high honor in my store, so that folk who come in to sit, have coffee, and just relax, can peruse the pages of her book while hanging out in my gun store.

You see…in my store, I have what I call the Patriots Corner.

View from the door into the store

View from the door into the store

That corner where the Army flag, POW flag, and Old Glory hang, is a special place. That American Flag was loaned/donated to the store by a friend who is a retired Army Captain. He started his military career as an enlisted man, then went to OCS. Served in Iraq, then retired with 20+ years. When I opened my store this past summer (August 2013) he felt that it needed something…and he had just the thing.

That flag flew for fallen men in Iraq, who were all local to East Tennessee (generally, the greater Knoxville Metro area). Next to the flag, on the wall, is a plaque with the names of the men for whom this very flag flew at half-mast, in Iraq.

Emily’s book has a place of honor in the store, because that is how highly I think of her tenacity, and her patriotism. It rests on a shelf just below the plaque of names of the fallen, next to the flag that flew in Iraq for these men.

She earned that place.

Emily's book, below plaque of names of fallen soldiers.

Emily’s book, below plaque of names of fallen soldiers.

Made it onto TeeVee!!

Video is up!

Yep…thats yours truly, interviewed by the local ABC Affiliate in Knoxville TN.

Lets get something straight…

“Just one armed person could have taken this guy down and saved all those people”.


I’ll say it again…BULLSHIT.

And its time we, as promoters of the Second Amendment, stop treating every situation withthe knee-jerk *one guy could have saved them! ZOMG!!!!* attitude that makes us look like complete fucking idiots.


1) Dark theater showing a film that was made in subdued and low-key lighting. ie: the screen isn’t tossing much light back onto those seated, let alone casting off enough light to see dark recesses of the theater.

2) Perp comes in and tosses one, maybe two (jury is still out on that factoid) canisters into the crowd in order to induce confusion, then panic.

3) Perp, dressed in dark colors, then starts walking up a SIDE AISLE and starts shooting down the ROWS lengthwise. His odds of hitting someone are greatly enhanced.

4) As people move to the exits they are illuminated by the lighting typically found above the doorways there, and as such are PERFECT SILHOUETTES for the shooter, and he picks them off easily.

5) Shooter is wearing chest armor, leg armor, headgear, dark clothing and dark gloves. Standing against dark-colored walls. In dim lighting.

Now, is anyone going to tell me, with a straight face, that THEY could have taken this guy out with a HEAD SHOT (he’s wearing body armor, so a center-mass hit would be useless) in:

1) A dark movie theater…

2) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants…

3) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants and people running across YOUR LINE OF SIGHT in a panic…

Yeah, right. In that situation, you wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. A lawfully armed citizen wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. The conditions were so damned poor, you would be lucky to get off a shot in his general direction.

Being a Second Amendment supporter is fine. Being a Second Amendment Supporter making wild-assed claims that *even one person armed in that theater could have stopped the massacre* is plain ludicrous, and so full of BS that even a Hollywood scriptwriter would toss that idea in the trash.


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