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Words of Wisdom…and a shameless plug…

In my younger days (some would say *youth*, and I dare say that 22 years old may well be considered *youth*…) I listened to talk radio. Still do, as I’ve found that amid all the noise on the airwaves, there are some sensible folk saying very sensible things.

I had just gotten out of the Navy, and landed a job in Philly working for an outfit that sold/rebuilt new and used woodworking machinery. The shop I worked in was a 4 or 5 man (depending on who’s turn it was to be hung-over that day…) operation, and we always had a radio playing in the warehouse. It was always tuned to WWDB, a now-defunct radio station who’s format was talk. One of the personalities (who I just discovered had died last year) was a brilliant man by the name of Irv Homer. He was a rather husky fellow, unabashedly Libertarian, who was doing shock-jock on the talk station before Howard Stern ever dreamt of being a disk jockey.

Anyways, Irv was a rather colorful persona…proudly Jewish, a tail gunner in WW II, Libertarian to a fault, and a Jack of all Trades. Which brings me around to my Words of Wisdom, which I remember to this day.

He was doing a program around the time of the Savings and Loan *crisis* (no different from the recent housing bubble *crisis*) where the S&L’s were making all sorts of creative loans to all sorts of barely-qualifying people so said borrowers could buy over-priced McMansions. What stuck with me was a comment he made when a caller complained that the S&L crisis was affecting the stock market, loans were going bad, credit immediately tightened, and companies were downsizing in response. The caller had just been laid off, and was lamenting about not being able to pay his bills. Mr. Homers response was along the lines of:

So what you’re saying is that you went to college, you’re a smart guy, you have a mortgage to pay, along with student loans, and now are laid off, and you have no savings to fall back on? Well guess what Bunkie, you’re screwed. You know who *isn’t* screwed? Real Americans who learned to do something with their *hands* instead of their *heads*. And don’t give me that BS about how I’m behind this microphone and getting big bucks, so I don’t have any idea what *you’re* going through. Been there, done it, lived it. When I got out of the Air Force, I went to beautician training. In a few years I had three salons going. Women are always going to spend money trying to look nice.

When I got tired of that, I sold the salons and opened up a tavern. You know why? Because those guys that had wives who were spending way too much money trying to look nice at a salon were coming in and drinking like fish because their wives were spending money like drunk sailors.

My point is, if you never learn to work with your hands, and only get a classroom education, you’re at the mercy of some jackass who only looks at the bottom line, and making his Wall Street numbers for the quarter. Sure, I could lose this plum radio job tomorrow, but you know what? I won’t starve, because I have *skills*. Oh sure, I’ll have to tighten my belt, and I’ll have to cut deals with creditors to stay afloat, but the point is, I won’t sink. I’ll be able to provide for my family. I won’t wind up on the street. It would be tough, but thats what the Constitution guarantees you…freedom. Freedom to learn, freedom to work *for* someone, freedom to work for *no-one*, freedom to be a bum riding a cattlecar cross-country and living the life of a hobo, and the freedom to be the richest person that you can be.

Now stop whining…other folks are waiting to get on the radio and complain just like you…

Irv Homer was a very smart man. I didn’t agree with his politics all the time, but most of the time I did. And the reason that this one caller, and Irv’s response, has stuck with me since 1987 when I heard it on the radio, is because this was what I had learned the hard way…you see, I was newly married at the time, I had just bought a house (under a conventional mortgage, not an S&L mortgage, thank God) and while guys that I went to high school with were getting laid off from their Wall Street jobs, I was going to work each day, working with my hands, and not starving.

Now to the shameless plug….while I’m a desk-jockey by day now, at night and on the week-ends I work with my hands to supplement my income. Also, to build a business that, just in case the day job goes belly-up, can provide some sort of cash flow.

I make handcrafted leather holsters.

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This guy deserves a medal…

No, he’s not in the military. He’s a tattoo artist.

He does Meat Tags.

Whats a Meat Tag? Its the vital info that you find on a dog tag, but the soldier/sailor gets it tattooed. That way, in case he or she are killed by an IED, a mine, or some other such explosive that will send the dog tags flying, whatever bits are left have a chance to be identified.

Watch the video here.

This guy has tattooed many…some of who died while doing their job.

This guy gets emotional talking about *his friends*…they aren’t *customers* to him. They are his friends. They get their meat tag, they stop in every so often to talk before shipping out, and this tattoo artist develops friendships.

Some of his friends don’t make it back.

And it hurts him deeply.

That right there is one hell of an American.

NorthEast Bloggershoot!

OK…a couple weeks ago, at a super-secret location, there was a gathering of bloggers, Patriots, Second Amendment proponents, and gun-huggers (hey, the Left can have tree-huggers, we can have gun-huggers) who had assembled peaceably to spend a day shooting the breeze, shooting their guns, and shooting at various and sundry objects hung on the range backstop.

Here’s a video of the event! Yes, I was there. Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was ALL LEGAL! and no, there were no accidents, no raging tempers, no indiscriminate shooting of other human beings.

Just a level of companionship, camaraderie, and Patriotic Love for being Free Men in a Free Country…a level that I’ve rarely experienced in my lifetime.

I need to give a shout-out to folks that attended, who I had the pleasure of meeting…

Here’s the list of attendees:

Lissa & Mike
Weerd Beard
Mr. & Mrs. Doubletrouble
drmac and Mrs. drmac
Andrew & his son
Matt Pallet of SWR Manufacturing
The Borepatches (Mr./Mrs./#2 son)
Dragon (yours truly!!!) of Dragon Leather Works
Old Windways
Mr. & Mrs. Mopar
JD & his daughter
Paul of State Line Guns

All of you were simply a joy to meet, to talk to, and to shoot with. A more patriotic group could be found nowhere else that week-end. I’m proud to call you all friends.


Don’t let this happen here…

I really can’t believe that the formerly great Britain is doing this to its people…

This is the country that gave us the Magna Carta, which we here in the USA used as reference material when drafting our own Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

First, the British Goobermint bans firearm ownership. That resulted in firearms related violent crime to skyrocket, as the law-abiders were now defenseless…you see, the criminals *kept* their guns….

Then the British Goobermint passed laws that said if you defend yourself with a knife, a cricket bat, a golf club…even a simple piece of wood, you would be arrested. Forget that you were being attacked…if you were the last one to cause damage in an altercation, then it would be *you* who are arrested, whilst the criminals are now considered the *victims* of your violent tendencies…

And now the British Goobermint has passed a law to ban pint glasses. Thats right…they are banning the venerable pint glass, and passing, in the same law, that all pint glasses be made of non-breakable *plastic*…because the Brits are now having an uptick in violent crimes where the weapon of choice is a shard of a broken pint glass. Pint glasses are notoriously thick and heavy, and when you throw one on the ground to shatter it, you get some pretty nice sized shards of thick heavy glass. Perfect to use as a cutting device. Like, to cut someone while you are having the typical bar brawl that resulted from too much ale.

Next they are going to ban the plastic glasses, because when you place them on the ground on their side and step on them, they will shatter and break into nice big hefty shards of *plastic* that you can use to cut someone with.

Then they are going to ban belts and shoelaces, so that you can’t choke someone with them.

Then they will ban shirts and pants, because you can tear the fabric into lengths, twist the lengths up to make them sturdier, then use said lengths to choke someone.

Then they’ll ban shoes, because you can use shoes to flog someone to death with.

Then they’ll ban underwear (thats *knickers* for you Brits reading this…)

I guess Britain will become the Liberal Utopia of everyone living in a violence-free country where everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya only once the population is naked, and the Nanny-State has done all this *for their own good* because we all know that the Goobermint knows what is best for their peasant subjects.

Congratulations, you limey dolts…you’ve managed to shove yourselves into the loo, reach up and pull the lever, and flush yourself away.

I always knew the Brits were cowardly, but really…this makes the French look intelligent.

Go…buy a gun. Buy two or three.


Because you can. Because its your RIGHT.

Because we, as supporters and defenders of the 2nd Amendment, and of the Constitution, will not go quietly into that good night…


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