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This looks like FUN!!!!

OMG….this is just over-the-top radical FUN!

Thank you, Veterans…

A special “Thank You” goes out to those bloggers who I am aware of that are Vets…


This next video is for all of the Vets out there. It really epitomises what the word “Service” is all about. Yeah, we all are especially proud of our chosen Branches, we make rude, crude jokes about the *other* Branches (because thats part of the fun of beng a Serviceman, ya know…) but in the end, regardless of anything else, we are Brothers in Arms who will have each others back, even when we’re all backed up against a wall and the only two choices are to go down, or go down with a fight.

Because we know and understand what it means to serve, and we have a bond that no other citizen can share.

Thats not to say that we’re in any way better than others…we’re not. All we have is a common bond, and we have been enriched by that bond in a way that, saddly, only Vets can appreciate. My only regret in life, really, is that I didn’t try harder to convince more people to serve as I did, because I so would like to have more folk in that circle of Brothers and Sisters that are Vets.


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