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Paul Helmke bloviating about *more gun laws*…

Like the ones on the books that we have already aren’t enough…this freedom-hating and liberty-squashing dictator-in-training now wants *more* gun laws because only *more* gun laws will make the Sheeple in this country safe…

From his article after the SotU speech (linked here) we have this snippet…

It wasn’t the lack of innovation, education, or investment, too many regulations or too much debt that ended Christina’s life and her dreams — it was a clearly dangerous man who had way too easy access to a gun with a high-capacity ammunition magazine — good only for killing many people quickly. We need the president to push for laws to reduce the gun violence that shattered Tucson, and Christina’s family, and that shatters the lives of more than 100,000 Americans every year.

Paul…listen up, yutz…we have over 20 THOUSAND *gun laws* on the books.

Got that? TWENTY THOUSAND! One more isn’t going to do jack-diddly-squat to reduce anything.

And for the record, the Tuscon criminal passed the *mandatory* NICS *background check*, the VERY SAME BACKGROUND CHECK THAT YOU AND YOUR USELESS ORGANIZATION PUSHED FOR PASSAGE, AND WON ON, MAKING IT THE LAW OF THE LAND!

When you sold that useless boatload of rotting tripe to the American People, YOU PROMISED that it would prevent JUST THIS KIND OF TRAGEDY FROM HAPPENING!!!

You know how he passed the NICS? He LIED about never having used drugs. He lied. Imagine that…someone with criminal intent actually LIED! Oh My Gawd! A *criminal* actually *lied*! Can you believe that, Paul? That must really confuse the hell outta you, that a person, harboring ill intent, actually LIED on the NICS questionnaire in order to pass the background test that YOU PROMISED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WOULD STOP JUST THIS TYPE OF KILLING SPREE!!

And now that YOUR GREAT IDEA has failed miserably, you want to push yet *another* ban on magazines, because we all know that a criminal will settle for just ONE gun with ONE magazine with only 10 rounds in it….instead of just getting FOUR guns, loading them all up with TEN ROUNDS EACH, then go on his killing spree by simply running the gun dry, dropping it and pulling the second out of a pocket and keep shooting…then dropping that one and retrieving a third…lather-rinse-repeat…

What are you going to want then, numbnuts? A ban on ten round mags, and make t hem all five rounders? Then a ban on any gun that can hold more than one round? Maybe we should go back to muzzleloading pistols?

You don’t understand the concept of *freedom*. To ensure freedom for ALL citizens, there will be a VERY SMALL MINORITY of those citizens that abuse their freedoms. We have laws to prosecute them. Our problem, as a country and a society, is that we’ve gotten too soft, and we don’t have immediate and swift justice. Jared Loughner is getting a *trial*. Why? He was nabbed at the scene, its not like we don’t *know* beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did the deed. Eyewitnesses can finger him in a lineup.

He’s getting a trial, as useless as it will be, because we are a nation of Free Men, living under a system of Ordered Liberty bound by laws. If you and your ilk take even MORE liberties away, you further weaken the underpinnings of our system of Ordered Liberty. And that will only serve to weaken the laws that you hide behind when they favor your cause.

Just the links, Ma’am…

I’m not really up on all of what happened with TJIC, but from what I can gather, this is a most atrocious display of *Teh Authoritahs* running roughshod over a citizens Enumerated and Protected Rights. Specifically his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, and his Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear arms.

So,,,here are links to folks who have been watching this MUCH closer than I have been…

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And these are just a smattering of the folks I read…Borepatch has a complete list here (and it seems to be growing every day) on folks who are picking up on this. Saddly, the LSM (LameStream Media) is either ignoring this story, or they are busy getting their money’s worth out of those knee pads as they busily deep-throat the gun-grabbers who are using the this in conjunction with the Tuscon shootings to push their agenda of a Utopian Paradise where there are no guns (except for in the hands of the Goobermint and Police) everyone is rolling naked in fields of periwinkle practicing Free Love and MAO’s (Mutually Assured Orgasms) and because of there being no guns, criminals suddenly stop committing crimes, and the world is a much better place.

(Some financial advice here…buy stock in Alcoa. There are lots of Leftist Loons out there running around with tinfoil hats…)

True Grace, Poise, and All-Americanism.

Now…I’m really not one for pageants like Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss America.

But that changes when its one of your own. The daughter of my cousin just won the title of Miss America last night. My cousin and her family now live in Nebraska, but we all grew up together in the NY area…I lived in Astoria, Queens, and my cousins family was out in Port Washington, then later in Manhasset, before moving out to Witchita, Kansas around 1973 or so.

My cousins and I were rather close…Just last year I rode my cycle down to Tennessee to meet up with my oldest cousin to spend a long weekend running the Dragons Tail. I last saw my cousin Janie (the mom of the new Miss America) around 8 years ago when she came out east for a wedding of one of our youngest cousins. I had never met the new Miss America (Theresa Scanlan, for those who don’t follow such things) but I must say, my cousin Janie raised a well-grounded, poised, intelligent young woman who is in no way ashamed of her faith in the Almighty, and she exudes this faith with a warmth and glow that embodies what America is.

Thats right…she is what America *is*. Further, I see daily that she embodies what America is returning to…its roots, its belief in a Supreme Being.

Seeing a young lady like Theresa winning Miss America gives me *hope* for America…not the *hopey-changey* feel-good rhetoric of a slick politician running for office to stroke his own ego, but the words of a young lady who is grounded by her Faith, and lives her life according to her convictions *in* her Faith.

Congratulations Theresa…you’ve done made the family proud. ANd to Janie and Mark, you’ve raised one amazing young lady, who I truly hope attains the goals she’s set for herself. And I hope that I fell into the right gene pool of longevity, where I’ll be around for the next 30 years or so to be able to witness this amazing lady ascend to the highest Court in the land.

Here’s a link to a vid of the post-pageant presser…judge for yourself. The girl is simply amazing.

The Shoulder Thing that goes up…

Here we go again…the rather moonbatty Congresswoman from Long Island, NY, Carolyn McCarthy, is at it again, trying to push legislation for more *Gun Control*.

This is the same person who, when asked what a barrel shroud on a firearm is, said its the *shoulder thing that goes up*.

Now…this lady is a Congressperson. She’s also older than me, which would indicate that she went through school before I did, and since we all know that the education system was better then as opposed to when I went to school, she should be able to listen to the two descriptive words, and figure out what a barrel shroud is…I mean really…

They were talking about a firearm. Firearms are very simple tools. You have a cartridge with a bullet and a powder charge. Said cartridge seats into the breech. Pull trigger, bullet travels down the BARREL, exits barrel at supersonic velocities, strikes target.

OK…from this we know that a barrel is the long tube through which a bullet is propelled.

What about a shroud? Well, lets see…we have the Shroud of Turin, which was the linen covering in which Jesus was wrapped when he was entombed.

We have the phrase *Shrouded in mystery*…which, effectively, means covered.

OK…so we have two examples of how the word is used, and in context, we now know that it indicates a cover of some sort.

OK…now put these two words together. *Barrel Shroud*. We can infer, from what we know of the two words meanings separately, that it must indicate a covering of some sort for the barrel of a firearm.

But, not to Congressperson McCarthy…

Now…this same Congressperson, who calls a barrel shroud *the shoulder thing that goes up*, and thinks that pistols use large capacity *clips*, wants to write more gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings.

Lets examine the shootings, and the shooter…

1) Shooter had a Glock model 19 handgun. This is a 9mm handgun which can accept an extended *magazine* (not a clip) that can hold up to 33 rounds. Both gun and magazine were fully legal under the now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban…which means, had the ban been in place today, it would still be completely legal.

2) Extended Magazines had been manufactured prior to the original AWB, and therefore were allowed to be sold *after* the AWB went into effect, as they were manufactured prior to the law taking effect.

3) Shooter passed the Brady Campaign *MANDATORY* background check. This is the background check that the Brady Campaign had fought for, and sold to the American Public, claiming that this form which collects personally identifying information and checks said info against Federal databases would STOP MASS MURDERERS FROM GETTING FIREARMS. (Side note: Hows that working out?)

4) Shooter LIED on the Federal Form 4473 (required for every firearms purchase), section 11(e), when he said he was not, and currently IS NOT, an illegal user of controlled substances. He is known all around his hometown as a pot-head. Common knowledge.

5) Shooter was kicked out of the Community College, because administrators deemed him disruptive. They told him that he could come back to school once he had a psych eval and a mental health professional cleared him to come back to school, and certified that he was not a danger to himself or others. Shooter never got the psych eval. College *ALSO* dropped the ball on this one, as they should have submitted this to the Sheriff’s office, filed a restraining order, and had the kid stand in front of a judge and explain why he *wasn’t* a nutjob.

So tell me, Ms. McCarthy, how are more gun laws going to stop a nutjob from getting guns? Melting down every gun in the world won’t do a damned thing because, as we see in Sarah Brady Paradise (the formerly *great* Britain) when you take all the guns away from everyone, then everyone will use *different* objects with which to commit crimes.

In Britain, the violent crime rate is 2,764 VIOLENT crimes per 100,000 people. In the USA its 466 per 100,000.

They have NO GUNS, yet have a higher rate of violent crime? How can that be?

It can be, because a criminal mind doesn’t care about the law. Thats why we call them *criminals*.

Now…I personally think that her bill will go nowhere, and maybe not even make it out of committee. ANd why do I think that?

Because…in the immortal words of Obama to Sen John McCain…

“John…the election is over. We won. Deal with it.”

So, to Ms. McCarthy, and all the others out there that would try to use this shooting as a vehicle to oppress law-abiding citizens, but are upset because they haven’t got the votes in the House to do so…

“The election is over. You lost. Deal with it.”


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