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Poo Flinging Ebola Monkeys…or Vicious Circle #91

Don’t ask…just listen!

Yours Truly made an appearance on Vicious Circle, and it was interesting. QUite interesting. Especially the Poo Flinging Ebola Moneys.

Its Vicious Circle #91!

OK…its been a while…

…since I last posted. Things were hectic the past couple months, but have settled down.

Wanted to share some interesting stuff…well, interesting to me, at least…

Did Passover last night, in Yonkers, with the wife’s side of the family. (She being Jewish, me being Catholic, naturally it was with her side of the family. 🙂 )

About halfway through the evening my wife, bless her, mentioned my nascent holster business (Dragon Leatherworks….link on the right sidebar…) to someone she was speaking with, and this someone immediately perked up and said *Oh? Holsters?*

This is of special significance, because earlier in the evening she had mentioned to other family that the business, being a startup, was going as well as could be expected when folks had asked, but it was more of a polite-type thing that you ask, more of a *How’s the business going?* that seems to be an obligatory question at Jewish social gatherings. And everyone, once the conversation got specific and they realized that I make *holsters* for *guns*, seemed to go rather quiet, smile politely, and drift off.

Yeah, her side of the family is quite Liberal/Progressive, and guns are dangerous evil things that only trained police and military people should ever touch.

I won’t go into *that* in this post….

But what surprised me was this lady that the wife was speaking to perked right up, and asked questions. She was interested.

*Genuinely* interested.

My wife then called me over, and introduced me, and this very nice lady asked about the holsters I make. When I asked why, she just smiled, lowered her voice, and said “Because I shoot. But don’t tell anyone!”

Needless to say, I spent the second half of the evening having an absolutely wonderful conversation with her. She was asking about the NY permitting scheme (she holds a license restricted to employment and target) NY law in general where guns are concerned, etc. Her ex-husband was a licensed FFL, but after the divorce the business was shut down and the FFL allowed to lapse.

She’s recently gotten back into shooting, and tries to go every Monday night at a local indoor range, and throw at least 50 rounds downrange via a .22 Buckmaster. She’s looking for a smaller gun (expressed an interest in the Bersa Thunder, which I own) that would be fun to shoot, with reasonable ammo pricing.

I don’t know about smaller, but perhaps a 1911 with a .22 conversion kit would be just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

Just goes to show that you never know *where* a gunnie will turn up. 🙂


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