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Oh for Christs Sake…

So now the Keystone Cops (aka: TSA) using the GRABS initiative (GRoin And Boob Squeeze) pulls aside a 95 year old lady in a wheelchair.

Read it here.

The lady can’t walk. She’s in late-stage Luekemia. 95 year old. Flying from Florida to her Michigan birthplace (presumably to be with relatives there) because, as she put it, she wanted *to be close to her gravesite* when she passes. Doctors have said that she really hasn’t much time left.

So what does the Goon Squad do? They pull her aside because wheelchairs can’t pass through either the metal detection NOR the Nudie X-Ray Vision Machine. Then they pat her down.

All over.

One of the goons feels up her crotch, and declares that he has found *something hard that could be a weapon*.

After getting his jollies by rubbing a 95 year old womans private parts. He must have had a Woody that he could have hammered nails with.

So, he calls two female goons who separate this 95 year old senior citizen from her daughter, who was literally in tears, begging them not to humiliate her mom like that, but they ignore her. Take the 95 year old woman into a private screening area, proceed to do an even more invasive search, and discover that she is wearing adult incontinence products, which is the *something hard* that the prior goons with stiffies declared was a weapon.

But hold on there! We’re not done! The female TSA Goonsquad give the 95 year old lady a choice…don’t fly, or loose the Depends and be allowed to board the plane.


And what did a TSA Spokesperson in Miami say about this travesty? Here you go…

“The TSA works with passengers to resolve any security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner,” she said, according to the website. “TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit that vulnerability.”

Got that? Terrorists would exploit that vulnerability. A 95 year old, rather pale and obviously CAUCASIAN wheelchair-bound late-stage Leukemia patient with weeks left on her timeclock IS NOW AN EXPLOITABLE VULNERABILITY!

Defund the TSA. Do it NOW! Break the Union they just formed. Pass State Laws that prohibit them from touching passengers, and pass a State Law that protects citizens from the Nudie X-Ray Machine. Make it so that these overpaid high-school dropouts that couldn’t get a burger-flipping job at McDonalds can only stand and look at people as they walked past.

I weep for my country. The Sheeple have flushed us down the crapper….

The NY Pharmacy Shooter

Details are starting to emerge on David Laffer and his wife Melinda.

He’s charged with murder. Even tho his wife was driving the getaway vehicle and was an accomplice, she’s NOT charged with murder. That’s a bit odd

Laffer used a .45 cal. His FB listed him as a fan of the Springfield XD. My guess is it was the XD-45 and was probably the weapon used.

Laffers weapons were also ALL REGISTERED. Which means he had at LEAST a Premises Permit. Here in NY we can’t even TOUCH a gun, let alone buy one, unless we have been granted a permit to carry a pistol. The weapon in question was legally owned.

Given that the XD is a post AWB gun, the NY restriction on mag capacity applies, and the XD 45 may be a double stack (not too sure on this) so the MOST that would have been in a full mag was 10 rounds. Suffolk County is not Ms. *the shoulder thing that goes up* McCarthey’s district, but I’m wondering what she’s going to trot out next in her efforts to render all of the US Citizens defenseless on her road to a dictatorial Utopia.

Regardless, this latest killing does NOT help the cause of supporters of the 2A. Laffer was legally allowed to own handguns, in complete accordance and adherence to NY laws. He had no prior criminal history. He was, in all respects, a legal gun owner.

The question now becomes, what made him go off the deep end?

Week-end Range Reports

Well….seeing that I have a small stable starting to build up, I’m going to be doing week-end shooting with a handgun picked from my *arsenal* (five handguns ain’t no arsenal, but it’ll make the panty-wetters get all nuts..) and put up a resulting post, one each week, of my thoughts on the gun, how it shoots, how it feels, accuracy, etc.

First up will be the smallest handgun in the collection, the Bersa Thunder, which is Breda’s daily carry piece. I don’t have a holster for it (I usually pocket-carry the Bersa in an inside jacket pocket, or inside leather vest pocket), so I’ll simply leave you all with this picture of a custom-built Talon, which was made for the Worlds Most Dangerous Librarian.

So that more psychologists can prescribe Prozac….

James Cameron, who created the tree-huggy Avatar film, which led to millions of Liberal Tree-Huggers, Enviro-whackos, *Can’t we all just get along* types, and scores of other typical feel-good, Hate America / Hate Humanity drones to weep for the poor denizens of a MAKE BELIEVE PLANET that was attacked by MAKE BELIEVE SOLDIERS of a MAKE BELIEVE SPACE MARINE FORCE, is getting ready to film two sequels to Avatar.

He claims that in doing so, he’s going to help *hundreds* of out-of-work Americans in the Digital Filmaking career path.

Of course, the corollary is that he’ll be helping MILLIONS of psychologists and psychoanalysts make more money when more unstable nut-jobs view even more pie-in-the-sky drivel like Avatar and they all go running to their respective shrinks while weeping for an imaginary race on an imaginary world, and falling into a deep depression because the human race is mean and nasty, and doesn’t know how to leave other worlds alone to live in peace, harmony, and free sex in fields of periwinkle.

I weep for my country….

Vicious Circle #97…Doonie!

The Vicious Circle podcast last night was lively, and discussions ranged from my crappy (but getting better!) Kimber, Threepers, the trashing of the Constitution by Obama, the coming (in my opinion) of the uprising of the citizenry to the oversteps of a tyrannical government, the TSA, world Socialism, and offering a special edition Talon holster embossed with the Vicious Circle logo.

JayG wants two…something about holstering dragoons or some such on both hips, while Alan is still rather perplexed as to why I would make a VC Edition holster in the first place.

Personally, I think that there would be alot of folk who would buy a VC Edition holster…not the least of which are some Chinese fans of VC. 🙂

Download the podcast here!

Fast and Furious

Listening via live streaming to day 2 of the hearings…

UPDATE: As expected, Democrats are trying to rally to protect the Obambi Administration, and are practically giving the DoJ witness oral favors of a sexual nature in their attempt to keep the dogs off the red meat.

Rep Issa tore Weich a new backside, and Rep Cummings (D) proceeded to toss softballs in an attempt to try to stem the bleeding. Mr. Chafettz (R) completely raked the DoJ man over the fire, then Rep Troy (R South Carolina) kept it going.

Weich is insisting that DoJ and AG Holder have laid down the law and said no-one is allowed to let firearms walk, thus setting the stage for POTUS and his AG to throw someone under the bus to take the fall in this debacle.

Our exectuve branch is pissing in our eyes and trying to tell us its raining.

Go and visit…

Chasing Freedom.

A blog by a very nice lady, who happens to be the other half of fellow gunnie and blogger Heath.

Go and pay a visit, leave a comment, read her musings. She’s good people.


First Lady Laments that the Presidents *work ethic* is so noble, he takes no time off.

I’m not kidding…FLOTUS actually wants us to believe this tripe.

The President that has now taken more golf outings than any other Prez in recent memory, never takes time off for himself?

Are you kidding?

Do these people really believe that we are that stupid as to believe this?

This sucks….

So, there’s a study by George Mason University, which ranks the 50 states in order from the most free, to the least free.

My youngest brother lives in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is ranked #1, the most free state in the Union, living up to its “Live Free or Die” motto.

Me? I live in New York. Ranked #50. The least free state in the Union, living up to *its* motto of the Empire State.

As in Evil Empire. Star Wars-eque. Mayor Bloomberg playing the part of Emperor Palpatine, pulling the strings of the powermongers of a failing Republuic, destroying the state from within.

I guess art really *does* imitate life…..

h/t Robb Allen

Musings on the Middle East…

I remember growing up and doing the *duck and cover* drills in the 60’s…those exercises in futility where we, as kids who placed all our trust in the adults of our world, would listen to what we were told, and had our fears assuaged by said adults who told us that the way to survive a nuke attack was to duck under your school desk, and cover your head with your hands.

Looking back, even in the late 1960’s, teachers and the teachers unions were hell-bent on indoctrinating kids into being good little sheeple…but I digress….

So now, 40 some odd years later, I can see how stupid of a suggestion it was, but at the time, its what we believed as kids. Hell…what we were learning in 7th and 8th grade, kids are now learning in 4th and 5th. Kids today aren’t as naive as kids in the 60’s, and as a result they know now, at a much younger age, that in the face of a nuke, hiding under a desk and covering your head does as much good as grabbing your ankles and kissing your butt goodbye.

As a kid, I was a voracious reader. I remember reading Chariot of the Gods when it came out…having to hide it from my parents because it was as close to blasphemy as you could get, and coming from a Catholic family and being sent to a Catholic school, that book was taboo.

I also read the various books in the early 70’s that dealt with Nostradamus, and the predictions in his quatrains. Fascinating stuff, that is. I’m not one to poo-poo that kind of stuff…there is, as far as I’m concerned, a Higher Power (whatever it is, its probably beyond our comprehension…) and I do believe that there are those among us, either in the past or present, that can tap into something that, again, is beyond our comprehension.

In reading the past few months news that Iran has flipped the switch, and seeing who it is that helped them flip it, I’m reminded of the prediction by Nostradamus that World War III will be a war so devastating, so complete, where fire rains from the sky, where the Eagle and the Bear go at it, and the Eagle (so it seems from his predictions) will survive, just barely, and a thousand year peace will come upon the land.

Most people thought that was a reference to the Cold War, where we out-spent and out-militarized the Soviets. But I think that the people trying to decipher the Quatrains were wrong. Our wars, either hot or cold with the Soviets, have always been wars by proxy. The Soviets invade Afghanistan, we supply the rebel forces with weapons and tech. Iraq goes toe-to-toe with Iran, and we aid Saddam Hussien and prop him up while the Soviets throw their support behind Iran.

Prior to that, we were propping up Iran (when the Shah was in power) while the Soviets were aiding Lebanon and Syria. Just recently, we (the USA) are putting our nose into a stinky kettle of fish in the Middle East, where we’re trying to be *influential* where these so-called *Springtime Democracy Movements* are happening. We shouldn’t be sticking our nose into something that is not our business, and I really don’t want to hear that *Mideast Stability* is our interest. Its a desert, it hasn’t been stable for over 4,000 years, and our involvement isn’t going to change that one iota.

Kind of make it extremely prescient when George Washington warned us to beware of foreign entanglements, eh?

But I digress yet again…

The point of my rambling here (yes, there is a point) is that Nostradamus’ prediction was NOT the Cold War…its the coming war in the Middle East. Russia (the Bear) has aided Iran in firing up the nuke reactor back in 2010. America (The Eagle) has, without a doubt, armed Israel to the teeth with enough nukes to level the Middle East 10 times over.

I’m afraid that with Iran now being able to produce their own enriched uranium (thanks to the Russians) the fuse has been lit on the Middle East powderkeg. The religious hatred that has plagued the Mid-East for thousands of years, that has led to more genocides of more cultures than all other civilizations combined, will in a few more short years culminate with a nuclear war. The nut-case in Iran is hell-bet on going down in history as the one to exterminate the Jews. I’m convinced that he thinks the Koran will have a few more chapters added to it which enshrine his conquest for the coming millennia. Unfortunately there are other nutjobs in the Mideast that also want to have their name enshrined in the Koran, and what we’re going to have is an arms race between Islamic Nutjobs of petro-producing desert states of seeing who can produce more of them faster than the other guy and be the first to nuke Israel.

I personally think that they all have no idea AT ALL of what they’re up against. One nuke fired by any Islamic state would get a response of 10 fired back from Israel.

But maybe thats what we need…the complete and total destruction of the Middle East and the surrounding satellite states that are infested and infected with a religion that only knows how to hate. Once any Islamic state pulls the trigger, all bets are off. Mecca and Medina will be obliterated in the aftermath. Jerusalem and Nazareth as well. Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Damascus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan…the whole hive of hatred and intolerance will be exterminated.

And the Thousand Years Peace that Nostradamus predicted will begin.

Problem is, a thousand years is what will lull humanity into complacency, and the resurgence of Islam as an even deadlier and more inhumane religious belief will take place. Its been around a thousand years since the Crusades (the start of the Crusades is generally held to be the year 1096). Islam was quelled then, and the Muslim culture was driven into the sands of the deserts.

Took a thousand years to rear its ugly head again.

It’ll be decimated now that the Russians have lit the fuse…

Just think of what kind of hatred Islam will foster after licking its wounds for another thousand years…


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