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The Pistol Pouch hits the Ren Faire!

Well…sort of, at least. You can see a picture of it here being worn by the lovely Mrs. Heath who writes the Chasing Freedom blog (link on the right sidebar).

For those of you too lazy to click over, here’s a picture of her in full Rennie garb, with the Dragon Leatherworks Pistol Pouch on her left hip. I must say, it blends quite nicely with Rennie garb…

Go to her site, where she’s got it set up so you can click the pic and embiggin’ it, and get a much better rendition of how the Pouch looks in Rennie Garb.

Because everyone seems to be doing it….

Heh…no, if they all were to jump of a bridge, I wouldn’t do it too, but since this has nowhere near the same end effect, I gave it a whirl…

First up, this is for my sales site, Dragon Leatherworks…

This site is certified 73% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Imagine that! A site that sells accessories for ZOMG! GUNZZZZ! is certified 73% GOOD! Thats like…being Lawful Good!

And what about this blog? Well…pretty much the same, really, all things considered…

This site is certified 61% GOOD by the Gematriculator

61% good? GOOD? Are you freaking kidding me? Dang…I was hoping for an evil rating of at least 75%!!

Damn…I gotta try harder….

Excellent comparison of two failed Presidencies…

Yesterday, July 15th, was the 32nd anniversary of Jimmy Peanuts’ infamous speech to the American public, properly dubbed the *Malaise Speech*, because Mr. Peanuts’ feelings were that the country was in a state of malaise because of the assassinations of JFK and RFK, the Vietnam War, and the Energy Crisis. This speech was where he treated Americans like little kids, scolding them for daring to keep their homes at a reasonable temperature, for sucking up gasoline instead of carpooling or using public transportation, for spending money on themselves instead of being good little slaves subjects peasants peons children and giving the money to him so he could fix what was wrong with America.

Laura Ingram has juxtaposed Jimmy Numbnuts’ Peanuts’ speech with OBambi’s statements about the spending problem along the Beltway, and what is needed to fix it.

Yeah…Jimmy Peanuts is smiling like a Cheshire cat, because he knows that he’ll no longer hold the title of the Worst President Ever…OBambi has already displaced him. And if Jimmy Peanuts’ comments are any indicator of what happens in a general election when you treat Americans like little kids that need to be lectured, then we’re gonna see a landslide of epic proportions in 2012, when the Jug-Eared Jackass gets kicked out of the White House.

So the Jug-Eared Messiah thinks that we WANT higher taxes?

According to The Hill in this article, OBambi says we are *on-board* with higher taxes…

President Obama on Friday kept up the pressure on Republicans to agree to revenue increases in a deal to raise the debt ceiling, claiming 80 percent of the public supports Democrats’ demand for tax increases.

“The American people are sold,” he said. “The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.”

Obama said 80 percent of Americans are on his side in the debate over what to include in the debt package. Voters are paying attention to “who seems to be trying to get something done,” the president said. “It’s going to be in the interests of everybody who wants to serve in this town to make sure they are on the right side of that impression.”

OK…I don’t know what kind of Ganja the POTUS has been toking on, but I know of more than a few hippie communes that would love to have him share his stash…

Personally, I think that he should lay off the stuff, because according to Rasmussen, he’s got his head up his ass…to wit:

Of those polled:

55% think a tax hike SHOULD NOT be included in any legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

Only 34% disagree and say it should..

When it comes to political affiliations:
82% of Republicans do not want a tax hike in the deal.
58% of Democrats do.
35% of Independents favor a tax hike.

Of the gainfully employed:
Those earning an average of $75,000 a year are split 50-50

As the earnings drop, the opposition to tax hikes rises.

Debt Cieling as an issue:
69% think that a default due to debt restrictions is a bad thing.
6% believe it would be good for the economy.
14% believe it would have no impact.
11% don’t care / don’t know.

52% hold that it would be more dangerous to raise the debt ceiling without cutting spending.
37% say a government default would be more dangerous.

OK, you dumbass POTUS…just where in Gods name did you get the “80% of Americans want a tax increase”? Because according to the numbers that *I* can find, the only thing that we have an 80% agreement on is that you’re a Socialst nutjob, who wants nothing more that to destroy the USA and re-make it into a Third World Banana Republic like Cuba or Venezuela….

Throws a hissy-fit, and walks out…

‘Nuff said?

He’s getting desperate…he wants more money, and simply does NOT want to face the fact that there *is no more money left*. We cannot borrow anymore, because we’re at the limit of a serviceable debt. The Federal Reserve, being a PRIVATE BANK, is more than happy to print more money (driving up inflation pressures) and load the President said money, because AS A PRIVATE BANK they are in the business of lending money. And if the USA (via the President) wants to keep borrowing, they’ll keep lending, because they know that in the end THEY will control the country…not the President, not Congress, and definitely not the American People.

A PRIVATE BANK will be the new ruling class. We’re screwed folks. The best thing that the Re-pubic-hairs can do at this point is to simply dig their heels in, and not give OBambi the money he’s throwing a hissy-fit about. All this BS about missing loan payments is just that…BS. The administration has enough money to shut down non-essential services, stop giving out welfare checks, stop handing out food stamps, stop giving tree-huggers cash, etc., and be able to pay the debt service. Sacrifices need to be made. The working class has sacrificed enough. The lazy inner-city, give-me-a-handout-class needs to step up and understand that the gravy train has stopped pumping gravy. There ain’t none left. The sow that is the American Goobermint has nothing but shriveled-up, sagging, and empty teats.

We’re done. We’ve hit the limit of *social engineering*. Woodrow Wilson set it in motion with his Socialist agenda, FDR expanded it, the Democraps all jumped on the Handout Train because it gave them votes, LBJ expanded it more, Carter pissed away even more, and now OBambi has taken the final piss, and flushed the hopper, giggling as the USA is swirling around the proverbial toilet bowl, and now he wants a bit more so that he can piss into the flushed toilet just to watch some more yellow liquid swirl around and get sucked down into oblivion.

He said he would fundamentally change the country. He sure did that. Its now a shell of its former self, on the verge of becoming a dictatorial tyranny with the OBaMessiah as the de-facto commie leader, and the Congress is sitting there with its thumb up its ass, all lining up to be the next one to get on their knees to suck Dear Leaders schlong in the hopes of getting a spot in the new government.

I never thought I would see the day, nor suggest that its here…but the Tree of Liberty needs some serious watering about now.

Dear Mr. President…Americans are NOT stupid…

Well…the ones who voted FOR you most definitely ARE stupid, but that goes without saying.

So, Mr. President, let me point something out…you are getting the best offer that you are going to get from Boehner and Co., that offer being “We’ll let you spend more if you promise to spend less”.

We Americans know that such a *deal* isn’t really a *deal* at all, its simply smoke, mirrors, and Kabuki Theatre, designed to make it look like they are *doing something* and saving their asses come the 2012 General election.

And to Boehner and Co….who do you think *you* are fooling? Offering OBambi the ability to spend more now, for a promise to spend less later? Thats like offering a heroin addict a needle now in return for a promise to not mainline as much next week.

No….we need to stop spending so much. We need to spend what we have on servicing the debt first. After thats done, we need to provide for defense, Pentagon, DoD. After that, we pay the salaries of the goobermint workers, and whatever is left, gets divied out to social services and other stupid programs that do nothing.

That means no more special pork-barrel crap, like studying the mating habits of the tse-tse fly, or testing the viscosity of ketchup, or other such useless stuff.

TSA will be complaining about a lack of money…

Because they obviously need more of it so that they can hire more personnel, and train them to grope you more thoroughly, get their hands into those hard-to-reach places like up your arse, and to not be afraid to really give your crotch a good rub down. I guess one of the things they’ll train you on is that if the victim passenger guilty-until-proven-innocent-American-Citizen isn’t moaning with pleasure, getting weak in the knees, and hasn’t experienced an orgasm, you’re just not doing the search the right way.

And why, pray tell, do I think this will come to pass? Read it here.

The *authorities* (lets call them what they really are…the new USA-KGB, or the USA-Nazi’s) are investigating the discovery of a stun gun ON BOARD A PLANE where the flight originated in Boston’s Logan Airport, and landed in Newark.

A stun gun…it got past the TSA Goons in Boston, some passenger then Removed said stun gun from his person and placed it in the seat pocket in front of him (all without the passenger in the seat beside his saying a damned thing about it) then forgot to take it with him when he disembarked the plane. The crew of the plane actually found it as they were going through and getting the plane ready for the next flight.

Defund the TSA RIGHT NOW! Useless waste of taxpayer dollars. We could be doing so much more with that cash, but instead we’re wasting it on perverts that want a goobermint-sponsored job where they can grab your groin and rub your breatss. And they also want to form a Union? You gotta be kidding me!

No…NO…HELL NO!!!!!!

Oh for the love of Christ, what the hell is happening to us in the USA?

A few nattering-nay-bobs in various states who feel its their *responsibility* to push for a law to make it a FELONY for a parent to not report the death of a child TO THE AUTHORITIES have gone too far.

These idiots are unhappy with the result of the Casey Anthony trial, and have started petitions in multiple states to draft a *Caylee’s Law* that requires parents to notify the authorities within 24 hours of a child’s death.

Why? So that the authorities can grab the body and do forensics on it to determine causes of death? As if it isn’t already heart-wrenching enough that a CHILD has died, these people who want to put their nose into other folks business want to make it that much more terrible?

What about the Jewish and Muslim beliefs, where, in accordance with religion, the bodies of the dead MUST be buried before the first sundown following the death? Jesus H Christ, its hard enough for parents to have to bury their kids, but to know have to tell the authorities of every death? We already HAVE the mechanisms in place…its called a Death Certificate, and every mortuary or funeral home is required, by law, to file said paperwork, when the death occurs in the home.

In a hospital? Hospitals are required by law to record the DC paperwork.

Kid is playing with friends in a housing development, and a car comes screaming down the street, goes out of control, and kills a kid? The responding EMT/Hospital does the death certificate paperwork, according to current laws.

What is another law going to do to PREVENT another CayLee?


This is nothing but a bunch of nosy people being unhappy with a JURY VERDICT (blame the prosecution…their case was circumstantial at best, and they NEVER should have sought the most-hardest-to-prove charges) and wanting put their two cents where it doesn’t belong.

A law that REQUIRES the reporting to AUTHORITIES of a death is asinine. Also, some of the proposals have additional requirements of reporting a missing child within 24 hours.

Oh Really? So, when you call the police to report a missing child, and they say *how long has the child been missing?* and you say *Ummm…two hours*, they will tell you what they ALWAYS tell you….

*Call us back after 24 hours. Until then, its not a missing person.*

That is, my friends, the way Police Departments handle these things. Because, your kid really isn’t *missing* yet…he/she could have simply wandered out of the backyard to a neighbors backyard to play with *their* kids. Or their dog. Or any other such thing that kids are wont to do.

The cops have better things to do then to find your kid for you. its *your* kid. They are *your* responsibility. These proposed laws are STUPID, and will solve NOTHING, except to make some smug *I know better than you* nosy bitch/bastard feel good about *doing something*…

Dayum! I love Texas….

Humberto Leal was executed for the brutal murder of a 16 year old girl over 15 years ago.

The UN told Texas that it had better stop the execution because it would violate some BS international law.

Gov. Perry told them, basically, to mind their own business.

OBambi told Texas that it had better stop the execution.

Perry Ignored the ObaMessiah.

Leals lawyer said that Texas Citizens now have blood on their hands for denying the murderous Mexican Illegal his *international rights*.

Texas, basically, yawned and ignored her too.

To which I say…


Damned right! Kill ’em before *they* can kill again. Get rid of them. That is the ONLY way to guarantee a safe and peaceful society.

Ron White (the fantastic Texas comedian) said it best…its toward the end of this clip, but it says it ALL about Texas.

How to stop a bear attack…

Bear Pepper Spray.

I kid you not. Bear Pepper Spray.

A hiker was killed by a grizzly in Yellowstone just recently. The park bureaucrats, in an attempt to show that they care about the victim, the victims family, and all their visitors to Yellowstone, suggest bear Pepper Spray.

Park visitors are advised to hike in groups of three or more people and to be alert for bears and make noise in blind spots. It is not known if the victim or his wife was carrying bear pepper spray at the time of the incident. Bear pepper spray has been effective in stopping aggressive bears.

You know what else is effective in stopping bear attacks? A Gorramed HANDGUN! Preferably in a caliber large enough to put massive holes in said bear, thus inducing a quick bleed out, and ending the threat before YOU get killed. Mauled, yes…you will be mauled, but the bear will bleed out in short order, which gives you a better chance to survive.

Something in .44 Magnum, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum…I’m talking the good stuff.

Carried in one of my OWB holsters, natch. 😉


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