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Seven more days….

Seven more days….thata how long until I climb on the scoot, fire up that V-twin, point it south, and get the hell out of the worst state in the Union, bar none!

As if NY isn’t already a laughing stock, with the highest taxes in the Nation, the most Draconian gun laws in the Nation, the most corrupt Legislature in the Nation, etc., etc., etc…

Now Andrew Cuomo wants the taxpayers of NY to foot the bill for any NY resident who wants a sex-change operation.

I shit you not. He wants the Legislature to approve the adding of the procedure to the State’s Medicaid bill.

Medicaid. The program that Progressives everywhere defend because it is *SUPPOSED* to be for the poor in the state. Cuomo wants to bastardize it and expand it to cover sex-changes, because some Ivory-towered Progressive convinced him that if folks don’t get their sex-change, that they will suffer *mental anguish*, and therefore the State ought to cover it.

Fuck the state of New York. I’m outta here. They taxed me right out of their state…a growing business, struggling to make ends meet, and they want to hike my tax bill to pay some doctor to slice off Joe’s dick so he can become Josephine?

No thank you.

And no, I’m not a heartless bastard who hates transgenders. You’re a gal who wants to be a guy? Fine…save the money, and get yourself a sex change on your own fucking dime. Or better yet, go bother your mom and dad, seeing that it was *their* fault that you’re mentally a guy trapped in a body with tits and no dick. Obviously the problem was in the cellular splitting right after conception, which would point to a defect in the gene pool. Make your mom and dad pay for it.

Not me.

He’s a one-termer!

OK….a few weeks ago (about 5…maybe 6?) on an installment of Vicious Circle, I had said that Obambi was a one-term POTUS. Folks on the podcast basically ran me through the wringer, telling me that there wasn’t a strong enough candidate out there on the Republican side to win the White House, that I had better get used to another 4 years of Obama, blahblahblah….


He’s a one-termer.

You can’t run a Presidential campaign without money. He’s having one hell of a time trying to get his 2008 donors to pony up. They have all bailed on him. Even the wealthy Wall Street Liberals are telling him to take a hike.

You can’t be a President when you have no political capital to spend. Obama has none. He got himself a stiffy when he got elected, started stroking like a madman, blew his wad pushing for OBambicare and stimulus spending, and got nothing in return…well, thats not quite right. What he got was 9.5% unemployment, for well over 24 months now, Wall Street looking like a roller-coaster, the country on the brink of financial collapse, more folks with their hands out than ever, 50% of the population on the goobermint dole in one form or another (face it….if the goobermint doesn’t tax you, yer on the dole….)

Hell…the Republicans can nominate your Aunt Edna, and she would be a shoo-in. Its telling you something when Ron Paul is polling where if the election was held today, he would beat Obambi.

Ron. Fucking. Paul. Could. Beat. OBambi.

His largest voting block (those of the black skin persuasion) are even raking him over the coals because they say he isn’t doing *enough* for *his own people*.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, they voted for him because they thought that with a *Black President*, that all of a sudden the tables would be turned on white folk, and majority/minority status would suddenly flip, all those great *white* jobs would be handed to blacks, their mortgages would suddenly be paid by the President, they would be lifted up as the goobermint gave them everything just like the *white* goobermints have been handing out stuff to white folk, etc., etc., etc….

Don’t believe me? Let me remind you of the general mentality in black society…

Heh….hey Seetcheeks…how’s that HopeyChangey thing workin’ out for ya?

Second trip to the new digs…

So we rented a 16 foot truck, thinking that with our small house it would be enough.

Funny how you accumulate more crap than you realize.

So with the truck stuffed to bursting and still not all of our stuff loaded onto it (we determined that the essentials got loaded first, then the secondary stuff…we never got to the secondary stuff..) we made the trip to TN.

13 hours later I pull into the driveway at the house in Oak Ridge with Son #1 and our three parrots. The last thing loaded onto the truck were their cages, so the first things to get set up were their living spaces.

Started unloading the truck at 8AM, got done at 4:30 PM. All appliances hooked up, all furniture reassembled, dinner eaten, and now just relaxing on the front porch. Wife will be unpacking boxes over the next few weeks, I’ve got to head back to NY to empty the old place of the stuff we decided to leave behind, then in three weeks I’m down here permanently.

And did I mention that in NY the high today was 62 degrees? With the high in Oak Ridge at 83 today?

Did I also mention that no-one here owns a snow shovel? 🙂

The Nanny-State can kiss my lily-white ass.

So now we have Mrs. OBambi strong-arming restaurant chains to decide what to serve to *MY* kids, even though as a parent I have the right to make that decision, not a restaurant chain.

So what is Mrs. OBaMessiah going to do next? Install camera’s in my house to watch what I serve to my kids, so as to make sure it meets her definition of *healthy*?

When the fuck did we descend into Orwells 1984?

Both she and her husband can kiss my ass. I’ll just skip the restaurants that are cow-towing to them, and slurping the genitalia of the OBambi’s. Like going to Sonic instead of McDonalds. Shoneys instead of Olive Garden. Bubba’s BBQ instead of Burger King.

What she and her moron husband don’t get is that we have freedom of choice in this country. What those restaurant chains don’t understand is that when they suck the schlong of a Socialist President in order to score political points and curry favor, the populace that actually *has* half a brain and actually *has* some modicum of self-respect is just going to take their business elsewhere. Those restaurant chains that cow-tow to the OBambi’s will suffer lower patronage, resulting in lower earnings, which will result in laying off workers because of lower foot traffic, and so on.

Me? I’m going to be out hunting deer, or feral pigs, and serving up some mighty tasty meat with a side order of home-made french fries.

Great weekend

So the trip to Olegs is now history, but it was a wonderful visit.

First thing I need to say is that Oleg is a truly generous human being. Even though we’ve only communicated vi phone and mail, he was gracious and trusting enough to open his home to my wife, our two boys, and myself.

I really cannot thank him enough for his hospitality. 🙂

Second, he’s an amazingly patient instructor, immediately taking my oldest boy under his wing, and guiding him in shooting a .22 revolver, then a bolt action, working up to an AR. He came over to me while Sean was plinking, and said *you know…he’s a natural. He’s placing shots as if he’s been shooting for a few years.*

Which seemed to be a theme for the afternoons shooting at a farm a short while away from his place…there were guests at his house, and he rounded us all up to go shooting. We met up with some friends of his at said farm, one of who was a fantastic instructor in handguns, specifically revolvers. There were three new shooters who were female, one of which was my wife. He started them with .22, working up to .44 magnum. About halfway through his teaching, he walked to me and says *your wife is sandbagging…who taught her how to shoot?*

I assured him that she had never shot a handgun before, and he was in disbelief. After the shooting was done he came over, looked me in the eyes and said *a word of advice…don’t ever piss her off, ’cause she won’t miss your ass as its ducking for cover…*

I guess she’s a natural. He suggested that with her aim and natural ability, she could compete IDPA.

Christ…*I* can’t compete IDPA…

After the shooting was done we said our goodbyes to the new friends, and with Oleg navigating, we hit a phenomenal Indian restaurant. By that time I was comfortable with OCing, and we got nary a look.

We went back to Olegs after dinner, I talked business with another new friend, then finally crawled to bed way to late. Sunday morning found us hitting up the Waffle House, then going back to Olegs for a photo session.

The time went by too fast, and I’m pleased to have made new friends, and especially so with getting to know Oleg better.

The ride home saw us stopping at a very cool ice cream parlor, and meeting up briefly with Linoge to hand off my handguns for safe keeping. More on why in a later post. 😉

I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to Tennessee. 🙂

Blogging from Olegs…

Just a quick post, from the living room of Oleg Volk. The family and I spent a wondeful day yesterday in his company, hitting a Bosnian cafe, doing shooting, and generally having a good time in great company.

More later!

New home…new phone…

So my contract with Sprint came up for renewal, and seeing that I’m pleased with their service, and have been with them for 8 years so far, I decided to give them two more years.

Got a Samsung Galaxy Epic, with the Android OS…while I despise Google (they are, in my opinion, the New Microsoft) I will admit that the OS is good, but their in-house developed apps suck.

That said, inside of three hours of owning the phone, I had swapped out their mail client for K-9 mail, installed a WordPress app so as to blog-by-phone, and need to get around to installing Skype…

So far, so good….

Tennesse is Home, part Duex…

So I went to find the equivalent of the DMV here in TN…

Happy to say that they don’t have anything as screwed up as the NY DMV here. Its actually a pleasure to register a vehicle, and get the TN driver license.

I’m really liking it here…

Tennessee is officially home……

…and it officially COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY takes NY and flushes it down the shitter.

Seriously, folks. If Tennessee can manage to survive as a state, and not get all Nannay-State and tax-crazy as it beats its citizens into submission, then EVERY OTHER STATE CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!

We’ve only been here three days, but so far I have Learned that:

1) TN trusts that before you drive a vehicle, you’ll have insurance. NY? Heh…good luck. You need to show proof of insurance BEFORE you register it. Also, you cannot CANCEL your insurance until you turn in the tags. NY sucks.

2) I open-carried on my PA non-resident carry permit. NOBODY SO MUCH AS BLINKED!

3) TN has no mandatory auto inspections. NY? If you don’t inspect it, you get fined. Inspections are mandatory. The machanic gets a cut of this taxation scheme, the State gets a cut, the county where you got caught driving with expired inspection gets a cut, the township gets a cut, etc.

4) Auto insurance is also about 40% lower than NY. Home rentals are roughly 50% less. Gasoline is about 15% less. Food prices are comparable.

5) The cable company (Comcast) sucks just like Time-Warner does. Maybe a bit worse than Time-Warner, if that is at all possible.

6) Did I mention that you can open carry without some panicked sheeple calling the cops about a man with a GUN!!!!!!!!

I think I’m going to like it here……

Wounded Warrior Project

Carteach0 has a very cool fundraiser going.

Yours Truly has donated a sweet-looking Talon, and its already posted on the page.

For a measly $5 donation (half a pack of cigs, folks!) you can enter to win this rather good-looking holster.

So…click right here, go over to the post, read it, and make a donation. It’ll help a Wounded Warrior. We owe these men our lives and safety…the least you can do is make a donation.


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