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Excellent news out of Philadelphia

Mark Fiorino, the man who was open-carrying his sidearm in Philadelphia in Feb 2011, legally under the law (he is a valid permit holder in Pennsylvania, which gives him the right to carry openly in Philadelphia) had his day in court facing criminal charges, and the judge ruled IN HIS FAVOR, finding him not guilty on Oct 28, 2011 of criminal charges lodged against him by the Philly DA.

Read the news story here.

Mr. Fiorino was open-carrying his sidearm, but CONCEAL-CARRYING his audio recording device, and caught the entire audio of the Rambo-esque cops that were all over him like flies on shit, yelling obscenities, issuing conflicting demands (one telling him to keep his hands up, another telling him to retrieve and show ID, another telling him not to move a muscle, etc….) and placing this mans life in jeopardy.

All for exercising his inalienable right as protected in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, specifically under the Second Amendment.

And now he’s filing a civil suit against the cops and the City of Philadelphia.

I hope he takes them to the cleaners, and makes a small mint off of them. Then taking the money and opening up a gun store with it. Right in Center City. Maybe a block or so from Rittenhouse Square, or on Broad Street where he can walk outside his store, look up, and see old Billy Penn atop the City Hall rotunda.

Concerning Scott Olsen

In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the professed Marine who was attending one of the Lets-Occupy-Something events that refused to obey a lawful command from riot-control police to disperse. Said riot-control police then took action to force crowd dispersion, and lobbed a tear gas canister into the crowd.

Said canister hit Olsen in the head, fracturing his skull.

Now there’s all sorts of butt-hurt Marines fanning flames and ratcheting up the tensions by making veiled threats of a shooting war breaking out.

If someone ignites this particular fuse, it does have the potential of getting real ugly real quick.

But as far as the Marines go….I would like to know how many of these Marines are Honorably Discharged (or Honorably released from active duty) Marines, and how many of the Marines showing up at these *protests* have been court-marshalled (at worst) or Captains Masted (at the least) and have a less than stellar record in the military, something that would give them a General Discharge, or a Dishonorable.

My guess is that these fellows claiming to be Marines at these events are the 25 – 30 % of service members that receive a discharge or separation from active duty that is less than Honorable.

And if these Marines decide to go all bat-shit crazy, and lend their support to the Occupy-Somethings, and a shooting civil war (or civil unrest) breaks out, they are facing well over 250 MILLION firearms in the hands of former military & civilians who feel that once the police said to disperse in accordance with whichever law they could find to legally tell them to do so, and that was ignored, then all bets are off…you made your bed, now lie in it.

I have no pity for these *Marines* who disobey lawful orders and get conked in the head with a tear gas canister. And I’m a Veteran. I *still* have no pity for them.

Like I said…I believe that the former servicemen (regardless of branch) who are attending these obvious attempts at subversion are nothing but that swath of the military that couldn’t cut it *in* the military and manage an honorable discharge.

And to those former servicemen who want to start a shooting war?

Careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

Class Warfare activists exhibiting…class warfare!

Bound to happen….

Funny how these *protesters* are extolling the virtues of Socialism, Marxism, and a *classless* society, all while succumbing to human nature and instinct, and falling victim to the way that we humans, just as all the other animals on earth, are wired…Alpha’s, Beta’s, leaders, followers, and the divisions of class and social structure that nature itself has programmed into us for our own survival.

Beyond comprehension…

Muslim students enrolled in Catholic University.

Muslim students are offended by the religious symbols of Catholicism that are all over Catholic University…

Muslim Students file a lawsuit against Catholic University alleging violation of Civil Rights?


What the f**k?

OBambi is a lying douchenozzle….

From the currently worst President ever to hold office, who proclaimed that his administration would be *the most transparent administration ever*, we have this story…

The headline reads:
Justice Department Proposes Letting Government Deny Existence of Sensitive Documents

Got that? The Justice Department is proposing that if the bureaucracy feels that certain information is too sensitive to be revealed in a FOIA request, they can simply tell you that the information you are looking for doesn’t exist.

And lets not kid ourselves…this is in direct response to the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, that has now become obvious that it goes all the way up to the POTUS, and the response by DoJ to cover it up.

Massively cover it up.

This is High Crimes and Misdemeanors territory, folks. Impeachable offenses. And no, I’m not one of the tin-foil wearing nutjobs that stands on the corner screeching about Birth Certificates and how we need to impeach him NOW!!!!!!!

I was content to chalk up the massive mistake my fellow American Citizens made in the last election to their sheer stupidity, lack of understanding what was at stake, and their desire to be able to tell their kids that they were *a part of history when they voted for the first black president*. (I have an uber-liberal cousin who, when she could not defend her choice for Obama based on merit or anything he did in the past that would point to his being a capable president, said EXACTLY THAT…she wanted to be able to tell her grandkids that she was part of history…she’s an idiot.)

But at this juncture, I cannot stand idly by and try to stay above the fray…our country is descending into a socialist/marxist state…the TSA starting to occupy truck weigh stations, proposing the occupation of malls, occupying airports, all in the name of *public security*? And now the DoJ wants to be able to outright lie and hide what someone determines to be a *sensitive document*?

This is a VERY slippery slope, and I fear that we’ve slid too far down that we’re at the point of having too much momentum to stop and crawl back up the hill to safety. Oleg talks about it here.

Time to start stocking up on ammo, my friends…the tipping point, I fear, is getting real close.

The *Let’s occupy something and pout about unfairness* movement….

…is making the news!

For what, you may ask?

Let’s see….at Occupy Dallas, a 14 year old girl was sexually assaulted…did the Tea Partiers sexually assault a minor at one of their rallies?

No, they did not.

At Occupy Wall Street, both homicides and shootings are up 154% over the same one-month time period of last year…did the homicide rate go up by the same rate year over year at Tea Party events?

No, they did not.

The *occupiers* at these events are pissing and shitting in public, having sex in public (sorry, but being in a sleeping bag in public is *not* concealing the fact that yer humping like weasels who got into a stash of Monster Energy drinks…), stealing from each other, not bathing, etc., etc., etc…

The Tea Party gatherings were nothing even remotely akin to what’s happened in these hippie revival events…

I say we just bring out the fire trucks, turn on the hoses, and wait for them to peaceably disperse…

The Pope can also kis my lily-white ass…

The Vatican (essentially the dictates of the pontiff) is caling for a world bank and curency, because it feels that Wall Street is all about individual greed and corporate wealth, doing nothing for the betterment of society and promoting social equality.

Tell you what, you stupid German Pope…you’re all concerned about *social justice* and spreading the wealth? YOU GO FIRST AND SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THE REST OF US!

Open up your secret tunnels, sell off all *your* hoarded gold, all the blood-stained wealth, all of that which give you the financial freedom to be independent and to enjoy being free, then we’ll do the same.

Until then, screw you and the horse you rode in on.

MooMar Ga-Daffy is dead?

Reports say the the Libyan Goat-Humper has died as a result of being shot in both legs and the head.

I’d like to know who the dipshit was who shot him in the *legs*? I mean, I know ammo is relatively cheap, but what a waste…

I am curous, tho, on what kind of firearm was used, and what caliber. 😉

Ya think????

Saw this headline…

Tennessee Electrified Truck Terminal Files for Bankruptcy After $400,000 Stimulus Injection

Seems that the fellow who applied for a *green grant* to do something to *cut our dependence on foreign oil* is a con artist, with a history of legal trouble.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) handed out the $424,000 Environmental Protection Agency stimulus grant for electrical hookups so that truckers wouldn’t have to burn diesel fuel while resting. Both the state and EPA were apparently unaware that owner Rick Lewis had a history of legal and financial problems and had filed for bankruptcy.

And then we have bureaucrats like the following putz, who knows nothing about internal combustion engines, and makes stupid statements like this one…

“I think the industry as a whole will learn from that,” said Mike Fielden, president of IdleAir, one of half a dozen U.S. companies encouraging resting drivers to turn off their engines and plug into electrical power systems at truck stops.

Idling a truck burns approximately one gallon of diesel fuel per hour. Electrified truck facilities allow drivers to sleep in their cabs for a fraction of what it would cost to idle their vehicles or stay in a motel.

For the uninitiated, truckers leave their engines idling because there is virtually no wear on the main bearings and connecting rod bearings when an engine is running. If they turn the engine off, then restart it, the amount of wear while waiting for the oil flow to be at the proper rate, the oil at the proper temp, and the pressure to be at the proper level, would cause the equivalent wear of leaving the engine idling for a full two week.

Got that? One turn of the key to start up the engine is roughly the same stress and wear on that engine as letting it idle for TWO FULL WEEKS.

Truckers aren’t dumb redneck hicks…they are simply making sure that they are taking proper care of their equipment, and squeezing every last bit of run time they can out of the engines before having to get the thing rebuilt.

Its called being cost-effective. As opposed to being a tree hugging idiot who thinks he knows better than people who engineered the damn truckes to begin with.

Best example of irony….

Seen on a FB post, which I immediately filched.

Apparently, those people advocating for seizure of private wealth in the name of economic justice are having their thousand-dollar-doodads stolen by some opportunistic “have-nots”. Strangely, they have a problem with this concept. I’m pretty sure this is one of the funniest examples of irony I’ve ever seen.

Says it all right there….


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