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The Euro is going belly up…

So the grand experiment of consolidating all of Europes monetary variations into one super-continent currency (in effect creating a super-country called the Euro-zone, and subjugating individual sovereignty to a central bank) has failed miserably.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when this whole euro-zone thing was proposed, and the ivory-tower thinkers (who never had a real job or needed to compete in the actual workplace) said that the euro-zone was a great idea and that on paper (ie: theoretically) it would be so huge a economic force, that it would level the playing field and spread the worlds wealth around fairly. Specifically, it would force the wealth out of the USA, and spread it around the much more deserving Europe.

Yup…they thought that the logical expansion of the european socialist mindset into a larger socialist super-bank/government would up-end the USA and bury the capitalist model/system with the great idea of a great socialist experiment that would finally prove the greatness that is Socialism.

And its now broke.

And its broke because you have lazy countries with lazy people like Greece, Italy, France, etc., all sucking on the teats of the producing countries, one of which is Germany.

Heh…Germany is learning a valuable lesson, one that we Conservatives here have known for years…you reward laziness, and all you get at the end of the day is more laziness. 

What do you want for Christmas?

Heh…this is a great idea!

I can hear it now…

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Arizona RugRat: I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!
Santa: A BB gun? Hell….BB guns are for wussies. How about a nice full-auto Scorpion!?

That just warms the cockles of my heart. 🙂

If this moron doesn’t get jail time…

…then we’re truly screwed as a democratic society bound by law.

The perp (yes, he’s a perp because he was caught on video making the threats) is one Nkrumah Tinsley. He’s being held in the pokey unless he can come up with $25,000 bail.

Now, this putz threatened to burn NY to the ground, and that he would Molotov Cocktail the Macy’s building.

If a Tea Party attendee had made such a threat, there would have been a congressional investigation, SWAT teams would have been called up from the city and surrounding States, a manhunt initiated, and he would have been found guilty of numrous crimes via the Court of Public Opinion, and probably drawn and quartered.

But since this stupid loudmouthed f*ck is one of OBambi’s supporters and key voting bloc, he lawyers up and is now claiming that it was just hyperbole, and he was just blowing off steam.

You know…a Supreme Court decision a long time ago determined that there was a limit to what constituted *free speech*. The best example is that if you yell *fire* in a crowded moviehouse where there is no fire, you have no free speech protection. By the same token, threatening to burn a building, and a whole city, to the ground is making a threat against the local government, and threatening the public at large.

If he doesn’t do serious jail time, then I admit we’re screwed as a society.

So now its the Jews fault?

Damn…if a Tea Partier had been yelling about how we need to run the Jews out of the country, it would have made the news and been on top of the news cycle for months….

When a smelly, dirty, drug addled hippie at the Occupy-Something-and-Whine thing in NY says it?


Someone wanna tell me *now* how the mainstream media is unbiased, and not choking on the deep-throat that they are giving the Libs?

Rule #1…never shit where you sleep…

The Occupy-Something-and-Whine-Loudly movement just lost the popular opinion polls of Regular Americans who were content to just let these nitwits have their hissy fit and get it out of their system.

Public Policy Polling (which is a Liberal / Democratic / Progressive firm) released a survey that shows Regular Americans are fed up with the OSWL crowds and the hippy attitude, drug use, public sex, crime, filth, and general anarchy.

So much so that the poll respondents, when asked which they have a higher opinion of…Tea Partiers or Occupiers, the preference is Tea Party, 43% to 37%.

Not much, but when you compare the results to the same questions asked last month to the same sampling, it was 40% to 37% in favor of the Occupy-Somethings.

That, my friends, is a huge shift in 30 days….

Losing the unconditional friend…

For folks who used to read my old blog, and came over to this one after I decided to clean up the vernacular a bit, know that just over a year ago, I lost a pet parrot. She was a sweetheart, and that was a rough loss.

But today was probably the hardest one yet…the family lost another pet. This time, our cat. Shadow was almost 17 years old (a long run, I’m told, for a feline). Rebecca and I got him almost two years before we were married. Both our boys were born with Shadow as the mascot. He somehow knew that the crib was off limits, but as soon as the boys were sleeping in *big boy beds*, Shadow was their constant companion, going from one bed to the other when they were toddlers, then slowly developing a preference for David, our younger boy, who is on the Autism spectrum (Aspergers). I’m convinced that Shadow knew there was something different about David, and he preferred to be on Davids bed most of the day.

Sean on the other hand, was more attached to the cat than was David. While Shadow enjoyed being around David, his playmate was Sean. Sean was just like any kid was while growing up…when he was big enough to pick the cat up, he would drag Shadow around the house. The cat would just be a trooper, and really put up with alot. Never bit the kids, never scratched, and was always as mellow as can be. Sean is taking this REAL hard, as his emotional attachment was far stronger than was Davids.

If we do have souls and there is an afterlife, I’m quite certain that Shadow will be there waiting for all of us, but particularly for David and Sean.

Rest now, old friend…it was a tough crossing, but the hardest part is over. You’re free.

Sad news…

This past spring, there was a get together of gun bloggers at the NRA Meeting. One person at that meeting was William, a fellow who wrote a blog called William the Coroner. A forensic pathologist, in conversation he was truly someone with scholarly and gentlemanly ways…very reminiscent of a true Colonial Gentleman.

I remember speaking to him briefly during the whirlwind weekend that was the NRA convention…we traded business cards (he gave me a card for his blog, and I gave him one for the holster business) spoke for a while (interrupted a few times by folks wanting to speak to either him or me) then I was accosted by someone who wanted to talk holsters. He could see that I was going to politely defer due to being in a conversation, and he simply smiled and said “No, no….thats *business*. We’ll catch up….its a long weekend.”

And thats what he was like. We did catch up again twice, for brief 5 minute intervals, always being interrupted or pulled this way or that.

William passed on Sunday, at much too young an age. I’m supremely grateful that our paths crossed, however briefly, and that I did actually meet the man, and get to speak to him for a few moments.

The gunnie world lost a very good man.

New addition to the Blogroll

Heya folks…there’s a new addition to the blogroll…

A Girl and Her Gun

Good writing, but more than that, its a fascinating read on one womans transformation from extreme anti-gun, to a passionate 2A advocate and a voice for self-defense.

What are ya still doing here?!?!!?

Go. Read. 🙂

But they’re good kids….

To the families of the two juveniles who pushed a shopping cart off of a 4-story parking garage, hitting a wealthy Manhattanite who was buying Halloween candy for poor and underpriveledged kids…

Screw you and your *little angels*.

The boys were laughing and telling jokes during their perp walk. One of the boys actually broke down and cried when he realized that he was being put into custody, but not because he was remorseful about putting a fellow human being into a coma.

Oh no….

He was upset because a friend of his ratted him out, and he was then caught.

Too bad that NY will blame society, capitalism, mean corporations, etc., instead of the parents and the kids themselves.

Little angels my ass…


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