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Dragon Leatherworks is in its first Retail Store!

Dragon Leatherworks is in its first retail store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee!

Yep….we’re in our first retail establishment. I had a carousel designed by a very good friend (who is also a former boss when I was working in a cabinet shop in Philadelphia). Its a three-sided display on a Lazy Susan mechanism. Takes up very little space, so it can sit nicely on a countertop in a store…now to get a few more carousels made, as I’ve got five more stores pending…one in Ohio, one in Kentucky, one in Texas, and two more local stores (one in Maryville, and one in Knoxville)


Now…THIS is how its done!

Seems that NY State, NY City, and the Pied Piper (Bloomberg) who has lead them in his ignoble crusade to rid the world of evil guns (only the Pop should have them, so that the PoPo can control the population like the Stasi did…history repeats…) has drawn the ire of the state of Tennessee, who’s Legislature has redefined the term *reciprocity*…

Read it here. 🙂

We’re descending into Totalitarianism…

Try it…they show you 21 images of militarized men…you have to determine if they are soldiers, or cops.

I really do think its time that we scrap the Union, break off into smaller like-minded groups of states…some who want to be all Socialist and Progressive can band together, those who want to be Commie / Marxist, those who wish Facism, and the rest who want to hit the reset button and go back to a true Constitutional Republic.

I’ll bet my money on the Constitutional Republic being the only one to thrive, prosper, and rise to the greatness that America used to be….

New York tyranny over a kids toy cowboy gun

The New York Post has this story, but in a nutshell it comes down to Nanny-State mentality and stupid laws that don’t stop or deter crime. A store owner in NY was fined $50,000 for selling a kids toy Cowboy set, which included a plastic six-shooter (with Federally mandated orange tip on the barrel), plastic handcuffs, etc.

Problem is that NY thinks its too *realistic* looking, and therefore illegal in NY. The comment by the Consumer Affairs spokesperson was this:

But a Consumer Affairs spokeswoman countered, “Realistic-looking imitation guns are illegal and dangerous, and just last week, a 15-year-old in Texas was killed while holding one of these guns.”

Toy guns are dangerous? This one doesn’t *shoot* anything out of the barrel.

And no, you twit, a 15 year old in Texas wasn’t killed while *holding* a toy gun…he was holding a pellet gun, he had removed the Federally mandated orange tip, and he was pointing the thing at police officers! The officers told him to drop what was in his hands, and the kid LIFTED THE PELLET GUN AND POINTED IT AT THEM!

This isn’t a problem with the toy gun causing police shootings! Its idiot kids getting shot because they are STUPID!

This is why we win….

Just go and read….

I am NOT Harry Houdini….

OK people…lets get it right out on the table….

Pocket Holsters are NOT Fast-Draw holsters…they take finesse and practice to use correctly, and they require situational awareness so that you don’t get caught in a situation where drawing your weapon is an afterthought. Anyone tries to tell you different is full of BS. I don’t care how many episodes of Top Shot they’ve tried out for, or been an alternate for in each season. Reality TV is not based on…reality.

Pocket Holsters are also NOT able to hide the gun and make it magically disappear in your pocket. It WILL print…especially if you insist on wearing pants as tight as David Bowie’s during his younger days, or like David Lee Roth, or any other tight-pants hair-metal frontman.

No, I can’t make a pocket holster that will be so thin as to disappear in your pocket…that would require making the holster thinner than your pocket gun, utilizing quantum physics where you would stick your 3/4″ wide pocket heater in a 1/8″ wide holster, and the gun would enter a parallel dimension where it would be flat until you pulled it out of the holster. Can’t be done. I don’t care that George Jetson was able to fold up HIS car into a briefcase when HE got to work.

Carrying a pocket self-defense pistol requires thought and planning. Your clothing choices must adapt to the the carry lifestyle…in other words, Spandex is OUT, very loose cargo pants are IN.

Thank you, rant over.

Light a candle to stop violence

Today is the Brady Campaigns *Light a Candle to stop Gun Violence* day…you see, they seem to think that lighting a candle in memory of people who have been victims of Gun Violence will somehow raise awareness to the numbers of people killed by guns. Problem is, they lump everyone who has ever been on the recieving end of a gunshot as a *victim of gun violence*.

Thug breaks into your house and threatens you with a knife, you shoot him in self-defense? Thats one more *victim of gun violence*.

You’re being forcibly raped, so you reach into your handbag, point your snub-nose at his torso and squeeze off a few rounds that surprise the shit out of him (and kill him, but thats just a side benefit)…chalk up another victim in the *gun violence* column.

Someone steps out from the shadows of a dark street corner at night while you’re obeying the traffic signal, he opens the door and gets in wielding a knife, but you pull your pistol and defend yourself…yep, another *victim of gun violence* right there.

So, the gunblogger community figured today would be a great day to light a candle to stop violence…all violence, not just a nebulous and ill-defined metric like *gun violence*. It spread like wildfire, and gunbloggers/blog readers are posting the pictures of their self-defense rigs with a lit candle, to signify that they will stop *any* violence dead in its tracks by defending themselves against any and all violence, by meeting the threat of deadly force with the *promise* of deadly force.

Because, in the end, thugs and criminals are nothing but cowards who, when faced with a choice of getting shot, or running away and finding a different victim, will run away 9 times out of 10. There are those thugs who are dumber than rocks, who will try to push their luck….

Its not an *accidental* shooting…

Lets get something straight…there is no such thing as *accidentally* killing yourself…

The idiot Navy SEAL who wanted to impress his latest barroom conquest by putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger (in his attempt to show his newly acquired female friend that his guns are totally and completely safe) has died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head.

For the Love of Christ, he’s a FRIGGING NAVY SEAL!!! He, of all people, should understand the four rules…

1) All guns are always loaded.
2) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4) Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

He broke Rule #1…he put the gun to his head an assumed it was unloaded. Didn’t drop the mag and rack the slide (in the case of a revolver, he didn’t open the cylinder and eject cartridges…) to clear the weapon.

Broke Rule #2…unless he had a death wish and was intending to commit suicide, in which case he was willing to destroy himself, and as such covered his head with the muzzle.

Given that he couldn’t sight down the barrel from behind the gun (because it was inverted and pointing at his head) it was physically impossible to break Rules 3 & 4.

So, to the MSM…please stop saying it was an *accidental* shooting. It was anything *BUT* an accidental shooting. He purposely placed the gun to his head, and then he purposely pulled the trigger. He didn’t accidentally put the gun to his head and accidentally pulled the trigger.

He was a complete and utter idiot. Furthermore, I’m amazed that he was a veteran Navy SEAL. SEALS aren’t that stupid.

But he’s such a good boy!

Ummmm….no. He wasn’t. What he was, was a teenager with an attitude problem.

Jaime Gonzales, from Brownsville TX, went to school carrying a pellet handgun. Could have been an Airsoft, maybe a Crossman air pistol, whatever.

Bottom line is he clocked a classmate in the nose during his first period class, then, it seems, he went traipsing through the school hallway with a very real-looking pellet gun. Officers were called about a gunman on school grounds, they responded, found this *good boy* walking the halls with what, at a distance, looked like a real handgun. They told him to drop the weapon, and it seems he responded by raising it and pointing at the officers.

At that point, he ceased being a *good boy*, and he became a threat, brandishing a deadly weapon. Even if it would have been a civilian who shot the kid, it would have been justifiable self-defense, because of being placed in fear of bodily harm or death.

Stupid actions by stupid kid. He wasn’t a *good boy*…he was a troublemaker, and he took it too far.

Darwinism wins again.

Oklahoma woman defends herself with gun

Actually, guns. Plural. As in two guns…one shottie, and one pistol.

Her husband died on Christmas Day. Some scumbucket saw the obit, and came to her house saying that he was a neighbor wanting to say hello.

Not even a full week later, the same scumbag comes with a partner, armed with a 12″ hunting knife.

Got that? A TWELVE INCH knife. Two or three pokes with that, and you’re as good as dead.

She has a 3 month old baby in the home too.

So she grabs a 12 gauge, sticks a bottle in the kids mouth to keep him quiet, then grabs a pistol as backup and calls 911. She BEGS the dispatcher to send someone out right away. Meanwhile, the dirtball breaks in and comes at her with the knife.

She asks the dispatcher if its OK to shoot an intruder. He says you gotta do what you gotta do.

Intruder is now pushing up daisies. His accomplice high-tailed it, but later turned himself in.

Sad part, is that she was on the 911 call for a total of 21 minutes beforethe PoPo arrived.

Twenty-one minutes.

If she didn’t have the guns, she and her kid would be dead. Best part was this statement by her to the news media… “It’s not an easy decision to make, but it was either going to be him or my son. And it wasn’t going to be my son.  There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman with a child.”

Damn right.


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