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A few days late….

Hello folks!

OK…I’m a few days late with the announcement, but at least its not a month or so late. 🙂

Dragon Leatherworks has had its second magazine review!

The first was here, in USCCA Magazine, and featured our Talon holster, with a full window Python treatment.

The second just came out a few days ago, and is in Shooting Illustrated! To say I’m thrilled beyond belief is an understatement. The author of the review, ,Bob Owens, contacted me back in June of 2011, and did a brief phone interview for his blog about my start up, and how I was going about building market and name recognition, seeing that I was doing it rather quickly and with good results.

Another phone call or two followed, and he asked if I could send one of my newly-released Quantum holsters to him for a product review. I said sure, thinking that it was for his blog. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an e-mail explaining that he wanted to do the review for Shooting Illustrated. Naturally, I was thrilled, and sent him a Quantum.

Well, he received the Quantum in early August, and tested in the North Carolina heat and humidity, followed by the more pleasant fall, and into the winter of 2011 / 2012.

His review of the Quantum is up! You can read it at Shooting Illustrated!


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