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Why oh why…

I have to wonder why folks are buying all the tacticool rail doodads for their guns? I mean, really…to me, it seems that these folk need to draw attention to themselves when they have a little ole’ Taurus PT 145 with a rail mounted light that’s easily an inch wider than the slide, 4 inches long (so it protrudes out from under the slide) and does white light, strobe, green, yellow, and red.

Then they get exasperated when they can’t find a holster for this abomination, and wonder why, when they ask you to modify one of your regular holster *just a bit*, the cost goes from $115 to $200…

Its because the whole tacticool ninja light-under-the-rail thing is just stupid when you get a light unit that’s the size of a Jewish Deli barrel pickle and you try to stuff it under a 3″ Springfield XD.

Here’s a suggestion…you want a light unit? Get a Crimson Trace Lightguard. Its nice and slim, and its much easier to make a holster for that than it is for the Super-Whiz-Bang-as-seen-on-the-interwebz combination ninja light/laser/bayonette/letter opener.

Just sayin’….


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