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We’re fucked. Let’s take the Sheeple with us…

OK…SCOTUS ruled that the Individal Mandate is unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause…all the Justices agree that you cannot create commerce in order to regulate it. They also dismissed that the General Welfare clause gives the goobermint authority to compel The People to purchase something that the Goobermint deems to be beneficial to the general welfare (health) of the populace.

What they said is that the Individual Mandate is OK because it is a tax…either you pay the tax to the IRS for not buying insurance (and are then covered under OBambiCare), or you pay the tax to the insurance company directly (you are then covered by insurance under the dictates of OBambiCare).

It walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. We’re being forced to spend money, period.

So I say we take the Libs down the shitter with us…we need to pass a law that taxes everyone who does not own a shotgun for home protection, and a handgun for personal protection outside the home. The impetus for this is the fact that he police can’t be everywhere, and it would cost zillions of dollars to hire enough police to ensure safety.

Every person in the home has to be covered also, so if there are 2 parents and 5 kids, that’s 1 shottie and 7 handguns. If thy cannot prove they have enough guns for everyone, then the need to be taxed appropriately for the burden they place on their fellow taxpayers vis-a-vis the exorbitant taxes needed to provide enough police to protect them.

Yeah…I think that if we screw the libs by taxing them for what THEY don’t want to buy (just like they are now able to tax folks who do not want insurance in order to compel them to buy aginst their will) that will drive home the point of how stupid their law is, and the can of worms that their law just opened with the affirmation of SCOTUS.

Cheapening the Office of the President

Shilling for your kids birthday money.

Also for your wedding gift money…anniversary money…

I kid you not. Read it here.

The money quote from this piss-poor excuse for a website: *Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.*

You see…Dear Leader needs YOUR help if he’s going to be re-elected, so instead of you going to a gift registry and letting folks know what you you need/desire, wouldn’t it be patriotic if you go to the Obama Event Registry and register your event with Dear Leader, so that you get nothing, he gets your money for his re-election campaign, and if he gets re-elected he’ll raise your taxes and take EVEN MORE of your money, and screw you up the ass EVEN DEEPER, as his way of thanking you for sending him your kids birthday money.

You have GOT to be kidding me. THIS is what the Presidency has devolved to? Shilling for your kids birthday money? This is no different than the stupid North Koreans wailing away for *dear leader* when Kim Jung mentally-ill died. Its bad enough these kids won’t have a real America when they grow up, will have all their money stolen to feed the bloated State Leviathan, but Obambi now want these kids’ BIRTHDAY MONEY? I am completely and thoroughly disgusted by him. Deplorable, despicable excuse for a man. He’s cheapened the country, and the office of President.

Vote them all out…

In 2006 Congress passed EPA Fuel Standards to include *cellulosic ethanol* in gasoline blends.

See, some real smart college scientists *predicted* that by 2012, this non-existent bio fuel would somehow exist if they convinced Congress that a THEORETICAL FUEL THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE IN 2006, would somehow magically be made if they forced the evil oil companies to make the stuff.

Fast forward to 2012 (the first year that this magical stuff was to be included in gasoline to the tune of 500 million raw cellulosic ethanol gallons to be blended with gas) and the stuff is still THEORETICAL.

But the EPA is levying fines anyway, because big oil has failed to meet the mandate. Quote of the day from a rep for oil companies:

“…”forcing us to use a product that doesn’t exist, they might as well tell us to use unicorns.”

Heh…unicorns. I wonder if he was thinking to use the whole unicorn, or just unicorn farts.

Illegal Alien shoots self in head…..

Illegal Alien shoots self in the head:

Now, of course, even the normally conservative Fox News is playing this as a tragic case of a teen with a gun. But the facts of the incident are:

1) He and his father are both illegals
2) He and his father are both drunk
3) As ILLEGALS, they are prohibited BY LAW from purchasing, owning, or simply being IN POSSESSION of a ANY FIREARM. Rifle, Shotgun, or handgun…doesn’t matter, they are ALL OFF LIMITS TO THESE TWO.
4) 17 year old idiot takes a .380 caliber handgun and shoots a STEEL PROPANE TANK.
5) This low-powered round ricochets off the tank, comes back, and hits kid in head.

Lesson learned… .380 is too weak a load and too light a projectile to penetrate a steel tank. If you’re going to be shooting a handgun at a steel propane tank, 7.62 x 25 Tokarev fired from a VZ 52 handgun is the proper way to ensure safety. The Tokarev round will pierce TWO Kevlar vests, and go through an additional two cinderblocks at 10 – 15 yards (30 to 45 feet)…a propane tank doesn’t pose much of a problem.


Just sayin’…



When a STATE decides that its going to pass gun-friendly laws, pass laws that protect gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits where a family of someone who is shot goes to court and sues the gun MAKER because they see that as a huge payday, then yes, the pro-gun movement is WINNING.

When a STATE follows up on its gun-friendly laws with economic incentives (such as tax breaks for manufacturers) to get more GUN MAKERS to locate in the state, THAT IS WINNING!

What is NY going to do when it looses the premier names in firearms, along with the tax revenues and employment opportunities at Remington, Kimber, Kahr, Turnbull and Dan Wesson? Remington is synonymous with rifles and shotguns, Kimber is a VERY high-end handgun/longgun maker, Kahr is another sought-after gun that is known for high quality, and Dan Wesson is one of the most sought-after names in Cowboy Action revolvers.

Massachusetts stands to loose too….along with Connecticut.

How ironic is it, that three of the States that were originally COLONIES, who are located in the proverbial Firearms Valley which dates back to colonial times and provided the tools to free an oppressed citizenry, that were instrumental in winning freedom from a tyrannical King through sheer determination and FIREARMS, are all treating gun makers like red-headed stepchildren, coming out almost DAILY spewing hatred and vitriol towards gun makers.

Well, Mayor Mike may well get his wish and all the EVIL GUN MAKERS will leave NY for a friendlier state like Idaho. One could only hope….


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