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The slow creep of Totalitarianism…

The slow creep of Totalitarianism in Bloombergs Fiefdom of NYC…

First they came for the guns, and the mommies thought that was OK, because the mommies are afraid of Scary Evil Guns.

Then they came for tobacco, and the mommies thought that was OK, because the mommies are afraid of Scary Evil Tobacco.

Then they came for Big Gulps, and the mommies thought that was OK, because the mommies want to stay skinny like Barbie and they think that sugar alone makes you fat and they want to hang on to their Ken-doll hubbies and the yacht and the club membership and keeping up looks to stay ahead of the Jonses.

Now they’re coming after Baby Formula to try to force mommy to breastfeed…and all the gunnies, smokers, and soda-drinkers could give a shit about MOMMY, because MOMMY didn’t stand up and give a shit about THEM.

Serves the Sheeple of Nuevo York right, they’re getting what they deserve.

So called *assault weapon ban* would have prevented nothing

We’re hearing a lot about how the failed AWB of 1994 would have prevented the Aurora shooting because it would have made unavailable the AR-15 that the shooter used.


The AWB was all about *scary looking* rifles. In other words, it was about *cosmetics*. It did nothing else.

You can use a *hunting rifle* version of a popular *assault weapon*, and what you have is a very normal looking rifle with exactly the same firepower as its military counterpart.

Make no mistake, this is all about the Left trying to control inanimate objects because they are too scared to actually come out and try to control the nutjobs committing the crimes. We need swift jury trials, limited to one appeal, and sentences carried out within 90 days of convicton. Period.

THAT would be a deterrent. As it is now, this orange-haired whackjob knows he’s going to get 3 hots and a cot for at least 15 years, maybe even 20, before he gets whacked.

What kind of justice is that for those wo lost loved ones?

Blood dancing continues

And now, predictably, Sen. Frank Loutenberg is planning on introducing legislation geared toward banning *High Capacity Magazines*. Dancing in the blood of those who died in Aurora, gleeful that there was yet another event with which to push his statist agenda.

Problem with his argument is that the *high capacity magazine* jammed, and the rifle stopped functioning.

So how, you ask, did this guy wound 71, and kill 12, if he didn’t have use of his *high capacity magazine*? Simple…he had the laws of physics on his side…point-blank range, people packed close together. Take one shot, that bullet will travel through at least two people, and lodge itself in a third.

Plus, his first firearm was a Remington shotgun….one pull of the trigger, and about 12 to 14 lead pellets spray out the end. The Remington holds 7 rounds in the tube, and one in the chamber, for a total of 8 shots, each shot containing 12 to 14 lead balls. You do the math, and figure out how many folk were hit if even only half those lead balls found a target?

But the Liberal Blood Dance is to be expected…they can’t make their arguments on anything other than visceral emotional reaction in a knee-jerk fashion.

Lets get something straight…

“Just one armed person could have taken this guy down and saved all those people”.


I’ll say it again…BULLSHIT.

And its time we, as promoters of the Second Amendment, stop treating every situation withthe knee-jerk *one guy could have saved them! ZOMG!!!!* attitude that makes us look like complete fucking idiots.


1) Dark theater showing a film that was made in subdued and low-key lighting. ie: the screen isn’t tossing much light back onto those seated, let alone casting off enough light to see dark recesses of the theater.

2) Perp comes in and tosses one, maybe two (jury is still out on that factoid) canisters into the crowd in order to induce confusion, then panic.

3) Perp, dressed in dark colors, then starts walking up a SIDE AISLE and starts shooting down the ROWS lengthwise. His odds of hitting someone are greatly enhanced.

4) As people move to the exits they are illuminated by the lighting typically found above the doorways there, and as such are PERFECT SILHOUETTES for the shooter, and he picks them off easily.

5) Shooter is wearing chest armor, leg armor, headgear, dark clothing and dark gloves. Standing against dark-colored walls. In dim lighting.

Now, is anyone going to tell me, with a straight face, that THEY could have taken this guy out with a HEAD SHOT (he’s wearing body armor, so a center-mass hit would be useless) in:

1) A dark movie theater…

2) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants…

3) A dark movie theater with rolling clouds of eye and skin irritants and people running across YOUR LINE OF SIGHT in a panic…

Yeah, right. In that situation, you wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. A lawfully armed citizen wouldn’t have been able to do jack diddly squat. The conditions were so damned poor, you would be lucky to get off a shot in his general direction.

Being a Second Amendment supporter is fine. Being a Second Amendment Supporter making wild-assed claims that *even one person armed in that theater could have stopped the massacre* is plain ludicrous, and so full of BS that even a Hollywood scriptwriter would toss that idea in the trash.


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