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My thoughts on the Empire State Building shooting…

OK…my thoughts on the shooting in Manhattan, in the area round the Empire State Building.

1) Mayor Bloomie HATESHATESHATES guns, and blames the other 49 other states (and the knuckledragging Upstate New Yorkers) for the *illegal guns* that are a problem in his salt-free / fat-free / sugar-free Utopian Paradise.

2) Mayor Bloomie insists that ONLY THE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS THAT MAKE UP THE NY POLICE FORCE should be the ones with da’ gunz.

3) Disgruntled employee accosts former employer, pops the guy with a .45 cal slug in the head. One shot / one kill.

4) NY City PoPo track the perp across five or so city blocks.

5) TWO of the PoPo pull their duty weapons (NYC PoPo are allowed to carry more than the civilian limit of 10 rounds…they were each carrying 15 in the magazine) and between the two of them have 30 rounds in their guns. They PoPo COMPLETELY UNLOAD THEIR WEAPONS by pulling the trigger until the gun stops going BANG!

6) PoPo hit the perp ONLY TWICE, sending the remaining hail of 28 rounds down the street, KILLING ONE INNOCENT BYSTANDER and sending another NINE INNOCENT BYSTANDERS to the hospital.

So where is the media? Where is the outrages? Where is that retard Bloomberg? Why isn’t he out there telling us that ONLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS can have da’ gunz?

And now there’s some NY Times idiot claiming that the reason the NY PoPo killed an innocent and sent nine other innocents to the hospital IS BECAUSE NOBODY IS LISTENING TO MAYOR BLOOMIE, and there are too many guns on the streets. See, in this numbnuts world, if guns were completely and utterly banned, the cops wouldn’t have had to use *their* guns, and the one dead innocent would still be alive, and the other nine wouldn’t be in the hospital with bullet wounds.

What a moron.


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