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On the whole Secession thing….

I’ve seen the recent spate of *Secession Petitions* being submitted to….will reserve comment, except to say you don’t *ask* for secession…you simply do it after stocking up on food, water, and ammunition.

What has been more interesting is reading the reactions from the more liberal/progressive folks I know, which is just as knee-jerk a reaction as is the whole secession
petition thing…to wit, that without the Blue States footing the bill with tax dollars, the Red States would wither way because the Red states get *more* in Fed money pumped back compared to how much those states pay out (regarding Federal taxes). And the overarching theme of these rants is basically *You wanna leave? FINE! See how you like it when we keep all our money!!!*

Uh-huh. Let’s look at why the Red States are getting those subsidies, shall we?

1) Red is the Heartland. eg: its America’s Bread Basket. Those subsidies keep the cost of food artificially LOW for you Blue Staters, because you’ve done gone and paved over your useable land, so instead of having the ability to feed yourselves, the Red States have to grow the food for you. Do you really want to pay the true and actual cost at retail of bringing that food to market? No, of course you don’t.

2) Red is the Black Gold: oil is plentiful in the Red States, as is shale oil and natural gas. Keeping that price artificially low so you can *afford* the things made from petrochem is part of the whole subsidy scheme.

3) Red is Beef: admit it…your noses wouldn’t be able to stand the smell of the cattle farm or pig farm in close proximity to your cities.

4) Red is Wood: without trees for lumber and pulp, you have no houses and paper. Cost of brining *that* to market? Subsidized, baby!

The list goes on, but that’s just the tip. Taking a *let them eat cake* attitude about the Heartland is cutting your nose off to spite your face. Sure, the Blue States would have all the money, but you can’t eat the money, you can’t heat the home with the money (well, you could burn it, but that’s very inefficient) you can’t stuff it under the hood of your car and expect it to fuel the engine, etc.

So for all the blog postings where people think they are being clever by pointing out that the Red States receive subsidies, stop and think of exactly how artificially low your prices are for the goods that those subsidies pay for.

Then ask yourself if you *really want* to pay the true and actual cost of what those goods could command in a truly free and unregulated open market.

Veterans Day

Presented without comment:

Win a Dragon Leatherworks Viper

All it takes is a donation of $5.56 (5.56 being the NATO round for the M16) towards a bloggers impending medical bills.

Whats a Viper? This is a Viper:


This is FOR THE HOLSTER ONLY! I ain’t parting with the gun, folks. 🙂

I’m not going to assume that I have the readership that even comes close to JayG, Weer’d, Brigid, Linoge, Uncle, Bayou Renaissance Man and all the rest.

So I’ve enlisted their help to get the word out of my giveaway.

A blogger by the name of Tam, who writes the uber-popular and *Man do I wish I had her kind of website traffic* blog called View From the Porch is facing some impending medical bills.

In this season where the weather turns cold, bills get a bit higher, and money gets a bit tighter, it would be nice to help out a fellow human being that could use a little bit of a leg up.

So click here and go on over to her site, hit up her tipjar for $5.56. When you make the donation, you’ll get an e-mail confirmation. Forward that e-mail confirmation of payment over to with “DONATION TO TAM” in the subject line, and I’ll I’ll put your name in a hat and draw it on Sunday, Dec. 02, 2012.

If you are the lucky name picked, I’ll make you the holster to be delivered by X-Mas. A list of guns that I can fit the Viper for is on the right sidebar on this webpage.

The donation MUST BE FOR A TOTAL OF $5.56 IN ONE PAYMENT, not two or three that add up to $5.56. I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT UNLESS IT IS DONE AS ONE PAYMENT.

You can donate in multiples of $5.56, and I’ll put you in as many times as the multiple calls for. You want your name twice in the hat? Donate $11.12. Three times? $16.68. And so on.

Lets help out. Tis the Season.

Thank you, and God Bless.


Don’t want a Viper Holster? Click here and donate for a set of custom grips!

Do a good thing for the right reason…

I’m going to ask my fellow Veterans that go to one of the many places offering free lunch ad/or dinner to Vets this Sunday to do the right thing, and PAY for the meal.

We have enough people in society today with their hands out looking for *free* stuff (free healthcare, free abortion, free phones, freefreefree….)

These businesses are just that…BUSINESSES! They aren’t in business to lose money…they are in business to MAKE money, provide jobs, etc.

So when you go to Texas Roadhouse, or Applebys, or any of the other places offering free meals to Vets, show your support for the American Way of Free Enterprise and Unfettered Capitalism by doing the following:

1) ask the manager what the value of the meal would be if it were a listed menu item, with the excuse tht you want to properly compute the required tip for your server.

2) do the math and figure the tip at the standard 20%

3) add the meal and tip together, round up to the nearest dollar, and hand it to the waitress in cash, and tell him/her that you’re paying it forward.

THAT, my brother and sister Veterans, is what an American does. We served and we defended American values. Americans aren’t selfish, regardless of what certain media outlets want you to believe. Americans on the whole are the most generous and kindest people on the planet.

You are an American. Act like an American.

(Feel free to copy/paste/share/repost as you see fit. I’m sure there are alot of single moms out there doing the waitress gig that would be very appreciative of a nice bump for an afternoons work. Who knows, it could be the difference between a so-so X-mas for this mom’s kid, or a really special X-Mas. 🙂 )

Act of War #2

First one was the killing of a US ambassador on Sovereign soil.

Today we learn that Iran fired on a Drone in International Airspace….


Another news story buried by a Complicit media.

We’ve gone quietly into that Good Night

I’m saddened by the thought that my dad and his parents sacrificed for naught. They left behind all their possessions save for a single suitcase (no, its not dramatics…my dad and his parents literally had the clothes they would need in one suitcase) and escaped Communist Yugoslavia in 1956 by boat. They left the islands in the archipelago in the northern Adriatic, and crossed to Italy seeking asylum.

Then they waited in a refugee camp for two years until the paperwork was processed, their sponsors here in the States were vetted, and they were allowed to come to America.

I was the first born in the USA on my dads side. My grandfather told me about what life was like in Yugoslavia under Tito. No freedom, little money, hardscrabble life.

My grandfather left behind land because it was essentially useless when you weren’t allowed to farm it, cut the wood off it, hunt it, etc…

He waited, a man with no country, for two years to come here. He became American. He embraced it. Never missed an election, because, as he put it, it was a responsibility and duty to know what was going on, and to vote to ensure that we protected the fragile freedoms we had.

Its gone. We’re an empty shell of a once-great nation, consumed with self-centeredness and a sense of entitlement. Generation after generation wanted to make sure that their progeny would have a better life, and while that was a noble sentiment, all it did was deny those progeny the necessary lessons that there is no substitute for hard work, that a mans word is his bond, that a handshake and the honor placed upon it is stronger than a signature on a contract.

The citizens have lost their self-respect. And they now simply whore themselves out to the politician who promises them an easier life than the other politician. They grew up thinking that the world was their oyster, and all that they had to do was simply demand it, and it would be handed to them.

The chickens, as they say, have come home to roost.

The carcass of this country will be picked at, the last vestiges of any usable meat removed, and the bones left to bleach in the harsh sun. I for one hope that the country does get to the business of splintering and descending into anarchy done and over with sooner rather than later, as I am actually looking forward to walking off and honoring my obligation to my children of doing the dirty work of war and strife so that they might not have to.

I never thought that I would say it, but I *want* the country to go to war with itself, get the anger to the surface, purge itself of the pent up tensions, then get to the task of healing, with a renewed respect for what the Founders left to us, with it being our guiding beacon out of the darkness.


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