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California Dreaming….

As in, California’s Hollyweird Elite are DREAMING.

OK…so who remembers the Lee Majors movie, circa 1981, called *The Last Chase*? Here’s the IMDB synopsis…

“It is the future. Evil fascists have forced everyone to recycle and drive electric cars, and have oppressed all those poor people who want to drive Ferraris and smoke cigarettes. Hero Lee Majors, an ex-racing car driver, decides to make a statement by pulling out his old race car and driving cross-country at 150 mph (he siphons gas from old gas station pumps). Taking along a young computer hacker, he drives for the Holy Land the Free State of California! Of course, the Powers That Be try to eliminate him by hiring Burgess Meredith to shoot him down with a fighter jet, which, too, are virtually extinct.”

Riiiiigth….let me see if I have this bit of Hollywood fantasy correct. Back in 1981, Hollywood screenwriters thought that the REST of the country would become a dictatorial, fascist state requiring everyone to recycle, drive electric cars, take public transportation, etc., with the only bastion of freedom being California, which has broken away (I *wish* the San Andreas would split wide open, but I digress) and is the only place left where there is NO fascist goobermint, where people DON’T have to recycle, where people CAN still drive gasoline-burning cars, and public transportation is prohibited because it is seen as the first step towards a Big Brother tyrannical State.

What we have, 32 years after the movie, is the exact opposite…California is THE MOST FASCIST state in the Union (NY, NJ, MA, and CT all vying for second place), fruit-n-nutters run the place into deeper and deeper deficits, freedoms are being trampled (re: Californias recent gun control proposals) and now that the largest shale oil deposit has been discovered under California, projected to hold nearly 60% of ALL the shale oil in the Continental USA, the tree-huggers (read: environmentalists) are all lining up to oppose tapping into it.

Never mind that this could literally, inside of 5 years, wipe out California’s debt, produce hundreds of thousands of jobs, and become California’s modern Gold Rush…nah, they’d rather wallow in their debt and crime, and force their totalitarian vision onto the peons, because the goobermint there knows whats *best*.


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