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So….here’s the deal….

OK…according to Liberal Logic, the following is our course of action…

After Newtown, the push was on to ban guns, because if guns were outlawed, Newtown wouldn’t have happened.

So, after the Boston Bombing, we need to ban kitchen appliances. Because, if pressure cookers were banned, then the bombing wouldn’t have happened.

At the very least, we need to have background checks on pressure cookers, and maybe a Federal Registry on all the persons who buy a pressure cooker.

We also need to close the Yardsale Loophole, because anyone can simply go to a yard sale, and pick up one of these very dangerous pressure cookers for around two dollars, and in doing so bypass the pressure cooker background check.

Seriously…we all know that pressure cookers are old and antiquated, and NOBODY uses them anymore except for hillbillies, preppers, and people bitterly clinging to their old notions of self-reliance and cooking in their own kitchen.

Hell…no-one needs kitchens anymore either. We should ban kitchens. There are plenty of restaurants out there, with decent folk trying to make a living, who will cook for you.


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