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Guns are just like cars….

I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, I would like us to start treating guns like cars…

You can buy a car and have it delivered TO YOUR HOME, and placed on your property, with NO PAPERWORK NEEDED. (Thats right, my more Liberal/Progressive friends…you DO NOT need to register nor insure a car unless you wish to drive it on a public roadway.)

We should treat guns the same way…you can buy a gun anywhere at any time with no background check needed, and have the guy at the gun store simply drive it to your house, knock on your door, and hand it to you. No paperwork, no questions. A mentally incompetent person can buy a car and have it delivered to his property, same should go for guns.

You can legally own as many cars as you wish, and store an *arsenal* of cars on your property, WITH NO PAPERWORK.

Same should go for guns. No paperwork, and no talk about *arsenals*. Thats a bullshit term made up by the media.

You can drive your unregistered, no paperwork car on your own property all day long, and use it as you wish ON YOUR PROPERTY 24/7. You just can’t cross your property line into *public spaces* without a license to drive , license plates, and insurance. Doesn’t matter is you live on a thousand-acre farm, or a 1/4 acre lot in a subdivision…you can drive that car as long as its in your own yard.

We should allow the same with guns…you can use them in your own yard, day or night, no problems, no paperwork, no registration, no licensing, etc. Doesn’t matter if your yard is a thousand acre farm, or a rancher in a subdivision.

You can modify your no-paperwork, on-your-own-property car as much as you wish, with no nanny-state restrictions. Want to make it an 8′ tall monster truck?  Have at it…no-one currently has the right to tell you that you can’t, as long as its on your own property and DOES NOT cross the line into a *public space*.

Same for guns…you can modify them and stick a thousand-round magazine on it if you think you can, and if you wish. As long as it stays on your own property, you’re golden.

You’re free to sell your car to the nutjob down the street. Simply sell it, call the tow service, they tow it to HIS yard, no paperwork except for a bill of sale, and no-one is any the wiser. As long as that car stays on the property and IS NOT driven on public roadways, its no-ones business. You can tow it around all day long…just can’t drive it on the street.

Same for guns. Sell to whomever you wish, whenever you wish.

Yup…lets go ahead and treat guns JUST LIKE CARS…


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