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Live from the NRAAM

Wow…excellent event! Very well organized, great floor layout, and very polite crowds. Loads of people walking the floor, a bit of bumping, but still manageable.

More later, but for now there’s more walking to do.

The Eagle has landed…

At the NRAAM in Indianapolis. Already, this looks to be a very good event, very large convention floor, lots of vendors.

I’ll be meeting up with Gay Cinic, JayG, Ambulance Driver, and a host of other bloggers for a bite to eat tonight. Already had someone on the convention floor notice the Dragon Leatherworks t-shirt, and ask Linoge if I was the actual guy that built the NCIS holster.

Heh…talk about a great feeling when someone ¬†recognizes you for work you’ve done. I’m still grinning.

Coming soon…review of Gunnies Rules!

Hey Folks,

It was requested by the publisher, after having reviewed Emily get her Gun, to read and review Gunnies Rules. The book arrived during my convalescence in heaing from open heart surgery, and I’m finally getting around to finishing the book, and will be posting a review in the next week or so.

So far, the book is an easy read, and is entertaining form an anecdotal point of view, and an enlightening behind the curtain of the man who is Gunnie,

So keep an eye out and stay tuned for the next review!


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