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Flying with Firearms

Well…now that I’m fully self-employed, I’m travelling more. And since I don’t want the TSA goons going through my luggage, I’m using Federal Law to my benefit, and flying with a firearm.

“But wait” you’re thinking…”you can’t take guns onto an airplane!”  No, you can’t physically carry one onto the seating cabin. Yes, you can take a firearm on your flight. (Whether or not your final destination allows you to have possession of a firearm in their state is a separate issue, not one that I’m going to address here….that’s a topic for another post.)

So, now that we have that out of the way, here’s the short of it. Travelling with a firearm is covered by Federal Law. Not airline policy or rules, not TSA interpretations by some goober with a GED…Federal Law. Its very specific, and quite clear, but most of all IS NOT subject to *interpretation*.

The process is quite simple, really…you go with your luggage to the bag check, politely let the clerk know that you are transporting a firearm, fill out the firearm form. Said form gets dropped into your luggage, you close up your luggage, lock it, and at that point the luggage gets a hand-inspection by TSA who will ask you to unlock your luggage again, they will inspect the luggage and firearm, tell you to lock it up again, and they will at that point send your luggage on its way.

Well…that’s the way its *supposed to* work. Seems that different airports do things differently, and TSA doesn’t have a procedure that is applied with consistency. That’s where you need to know the law fully, be polite but firm, and not do anything stupid.

In the next post, we’ll deal with the minutae of how to fly with firearms.


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