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Sad Puppies!

Because I can…a pair of Sad Puppies holsters. For one of the more popular guns in American History, the 1911 Government in .45 ACP.

My work here is done. 🙂

sad_puppy_pair_03 sad_puppy_pair_04

And we have liftoff…

Tennessee has just moved forward with gun rights! Carry in Parks!

Gov. Haslam signed the bill into law just moments ago. Not having read the minutiae of the language, I’m not sure if it is effective immediately upon signing, or if it has a future effective date.

But its definitely good news for law-abiding gun owners.

Link to the Guns in Parks bill

Good on Downey Jr. for walking out…

Robert Downey Jr., he of Iron Man fame, was doing his contractual obligation and sitting for QA sessions with reporters to promote the upcoming Avengers movie.

Hack “journalist” goes off-script, and starts asking personal questions which have nothing to do with the movie. Actually, the questions were posed as *gotcha!* questions to try to paint a very successful actor (who revived his career and cleaned up his act) as some sort of right-wing bigot.

And Downey simply gave him one warning and one chance to do the interview right. When the journalist refused, he just stood up, said its over, and walked out.

Good on him.


And a Good Guy with a Gun….

A good Guy with a Gun caps a Bad Guy with a Gun.

In Chicago, of all places…

Abide their wishes…

Well, just found out about a Knoxville burger joint that doesn’t want legal gun owners to frequent their establishment.

So I’m boosting the signal, so that legal gun owners shun their place of business, as they requested.

The location is Bad Burgers (their FB page is )

They don’t want the money of legal gun owners. So lets make sure to avoid going there, and giving them our dirty gun money, shall we?

NRA Annual Meetings 2015

Well…here and walking the floor. Some very interesting products, not anything new and innovative in mass-produced handguns, save for Taurus showing off the Curve handgun. Gave it a try, not overly impressed enough to actually bother getting it into the store.

Stopped and chatted with a few small hand crafted gun makers, and showed them some samples of our Valkyrie model. They were impressed enough to want to talk further and see if we could meet some smaller production quotas.

Then, we stumbled upon the Charter Arms booth…it was empty.

The freight company (Yellow Freight) lost the ENTIRE TRUCK. All their guns just disappeared. The only thing at the Charter Arms booth was a hand-written sign…



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