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So a mom of a criminal wants *justice*….

So we have an 18 year old criminal who was:

1) In possession of a 9mm handgun. Broke the law in TN with underage possession.

2) Used said handgun to rob a convenience store. Thats another law broken. Count so far: 2.

3) Held clerk behind the counter at gunpoint. Another law broken. Count is now: 3.

4) Said gun was most likely stolen as it had its serial number filed off. Broken Law #4.


Friend of clerk is in the parking lot, sees what is going on. Friend retrieves handgun from glovebox, enters store, fires ONE SHOT, kills robber.


Here’s the rub…the Good Samaritan is a felon, and he was not allowed to be in possession of a handgun. Knoxville authorities are not pressing charges because, under TN Statute, coming to the aid of a person who’s life is being threatened and removing that threat of deadly force with your own deadly force is legal.

And now the mom of the dead criminal is wanting “justice” because, in her mind, someone should have just called 911 so that her angelic choirboy son could be alive and in jail instead of dead and pushing up daisies.

Ummm….no. You threaten someones life with a gun, you should expect to get shot at. This nascent criminal obviously did a poor job of his victim selection process, didn’t consider all the variables, and paid the price for his mistake.

Now…mommy can most assuredly press charges on her own and take it to court. But any attorney worth his salt will tell her to not waste her money, because it just won’t go anywhere and she’ll most likely lose that crapshoot.


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