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Gun Buybacks?

What the hell is it with Congressleeches talking about gun *buybacks* by the FedGov?

*Buyback*, by its very definition, infers someone giving you the money YOU originally gave THEM to purchase a product. Last I checked, the FedGov isn’t selling guns to the citizenry, so they can’t, by definition, *buy back* something that they never produced/sold in the first place.

They could, if they were so inclined, make *offers to purchase* privately owned guns, and the populace could tell the Congressleeches to shove their money up their collective asses.

This is the problem with the un-educated generations we’ve been pushing through the progressive-infiltrated schools….they’ve been taught that their Rights are *granted* by a benevolent Goobermint, and that said benevolent Goobermint can do things like *buy back* private property.

We fought a war against that very mindset over 230 years ago…we don’t live in a monarchy where its assumed that everything belongs to a king, and only by his good graces do you own anything.

The cow-towed generations we’ve produced are going to have a rude awakening when the Tree of Liberty gets watered again. And I fear that time will come sooner rather than later.

Hey Readers….

OK….here’s the scoop. I need to spread the word about the holster business and the online distributors portal.

I don’t have an advertising budget. I can’t afford to buy e-mail lists (and to be honest, I hate that sort of marketing anyways…).

I really DO believe, though, that I am competitive with the online bargain-basement sellers, once you take into consideration the stuff that they tack onto the order, where I include it all for free (ie: Free Shipping, no 3% upcharge for using a credit card, and fully insured shipping)

So I’m pulling out al the stops. In a previous post I let folks know of the referral rewards program I’m offering. And now, I’m upping the ante. When folk order from the Dragons Hoard (the online distributors portal for firearms and accessories) each order will earn two and a half percent in Dragons Bux. Those credits can slowly build up over time, then can be cashed in against any of the hand-crafted leatherwork I do (no, the Dragons Bux can’t be used in the distributors portal, they can only be EARNED through the portal…)

So if someone uses a Capital One Cash Back Rewards Card and earns 2% cash back, they also earn 2.5% in Dragons Bux towards custom leather holsters.

Pass the word around!

Pass the popcorn….

OK….about ten days ago, I posted here and someone told me that I was rude and condescending.

I beg to differ. THIS is what rude is.
Seems a fellow who owns a gun store in Connecticut is all for Gov. Malloy’s attempt to deny gun ownership when the 4473 NICS check indicates that a person is on the terror watch list.

A list, mind you, that you have NO WAY of knowing that you are on, you have no way of knowing how to be taken off, you have no idea how you got on the list, were denied your 4th and 14th Amendment guarantees to Due Process, you haven’t been CONVICTED of anything, and so on.

This gun shop owner was interviewed and is ON RECORD as saying that “if someone is on a government list, I’m sure they are there for a good reason, and I won’t sell them a gun”.

Got that? A gun shop owner in CT is happy to deny anyone their rights if  the gov’t puts them “on a list”, because if the gov’t didn’t have a damned good reason to put them “on a list” in the first place, they wouldn’t be there.

So much for Due Process.

Fuckin’ A …..

Kurt Russell….the fucker nailed it.

Listen here.

Spot on….

A post on one of my daily blog reads about how using the No-Fly or Terrorist watch list as a means to deny a gun sale at an FFL, would HELP those folks avoid capture. Click the link….

No Lawyers

So the POTUS Oval Office Speech…

…was more of the same old tired rhetoric, and he didn’t even try to dress it up. I mean, why bother trying to keep putting lipstick on a pig if the pig simply smells so bad that it won’t fool anyone, right?

Here’s what POTUS doesn’t understand….people in this country aren’t *living in fear*.

They are PISSED OFF at a President who is a spineless, gutless coward, who refuses to call the recent attcks on our soil by what they are…Terrorism.

He still thinks that if we lay down arms and roll over, that islam will simply change and welcome us with open arms to live side-by-side in peace and harmony, singing Kumbaya and rolling in fields of periwinkle.

The man needs serious mental treatment. Really….he needs to be committed for his own safety, and kept away from sharp objects.

What is wrong with people?

What is it with the sudden push for an Article 5 Convention of States? Calls for this are coming not only from the left, but from the Right as well. Are they crazy?

Do the folks calling for such really want to entrust a complete trashing of he existing Constitution in favor of the current crop of politicians sitting down and drafting a completely new governing document?

You want the likes of Schumer, McCain, McConnell, Manchin, Toomey, Fienstien, Boxer….to draft a document that will place you under the thumb of government?

Calling for an Article 5 Convention is calling for open Civil War. No way on Gods Green Earth should we go down a path that will ignite the already unstable powderkeg of sheer political loathing the two sides have of one another.

I agree that we cannot continue as we’re going. There should be an amicable split, where some states go Left, some go Right, and still others go Libertarian, all keeping the original Constitution intact, and once the split is done, they amend for themselves as they see fit.

But a wholesale trashing, which would leave us with NO operable Constitution in the interim? So much the wrong path.

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And the YamBag-in-Chief bloviates again…

So the current idiot in the White House now is whining about how “its insane that someone on the No-Fly terror watchlist can walk into a store and buy a gun. If they are too dangerous to be allowed to fly, why can they get a gun?”

Read the article here.

Hey, you damned moron…its called “Due Process”. You’re supposed to be some high-falutin Constitutional scholar, and you don’t know jack-shit about how Due Process works? The folks on the no-fly list have not been before a judge, they have not had their day in court, they have been placed on an arbitrary list which it is almost impossible to get REMOVED from, and you want that completely bogus bullshit list to be the basis for denying a Constitutionally Protected Right?

Sorry…that ain’t the way it works.

So…I’m gonna ask folks to pass the word around

OK…I’m wanting to push the sales of my distributor portal. Yeah, I’m a leatherworker, but I also need to show my distributor (the gun and accessories side of my business) that I can actually move product. What I’m up against is competing against the likes of Buds Guns, CDNN, Cheaper than Dirt, and a host of others.

Just two days ago, I managed an online sale of a Ruger .22/45 Lite. The fellow who was considering it was comparing my price ($427) to Buds ($408). For an online purchase, a $19 dollar gap can make the difference, but what they didn’t seem to catch (although it was in bold red print) is that I charge no credit card fee (usually a 3% upcharge)  I ship for free, and the shipment includes free insurance.

All of a sudden, I’m the better deal. And, the sale was made.

Here’s the rub…I don’t advertise, nor do I have the budget to advertise. I depend on word-of-mouth. So I want to start offering referral points. Here’s how I want to work it (its a bit esoteric, as I really can’t afford to have my webmaster build more features into the website to track it online…)

1) Anyone interested in building referral points, send me an e-mail to, with the subject line Please Issue Referral ID. Or, simply click this link o bring up your default mail client with the subject line already filled out.

2) I’ll enter you in my order processing database, and send you your unique Referral ID number.

3) When you refer anyone to the Dragons Hoard, tell them to place your reference ID number in Address Line 2

4) When the order comes in, we’ll make sure that your Reference ID gets credited for referring the sale, and you earn two and a half percent in points. So, lets say they buy a Springfield XD-9 two tone that I sell at $474. You earn $11.85 towards one of my holsters.

5) I’ll send you an email every time someone sends in your referral number, and let you know what you earned, with your running total towards a custom holster of your choice, or a gun belt, guitar strap, or any of my hand-crafted leather products.. (Yeah, sorry….the points can only be used towards the custom leather work).

So there you have it. When said referral types in his name and address, it will look like this:

John Doe
1313 Mockingbird Lane
RefID: ABC999
Snickers Ditch, Idaho 99999

If they actually NEED to use Address Line 2, (usually its for a PO Box or apartment number) it will look like this:

John Doe
1313 Mockingbird Lane
Apt #2D – RefID: ABC999
Snickers Ditch, Idaho 99999

This is going to be temporary, until I can see if it catches on. More folks use it, I’ll pay the webmaster to add a Reference ID field to the cart system, and make it easier. I just need to see if its worth it, and the only way to do that is to see how many folks actually start doing it as outlined above. If your potential referrals need guidance, tell them to drop an email to and ask for instructions, and I’ll send out a boilerplate form that walks them through it. Or, you can point them to this post, and they can see the above example.

Or you can copy/paste the above example and e-mail them, so they can see how its done.

There you go folks…pass this around to people you know who would like to pimp the gun and accessories side of my site so they can earn points towards getting a custom holster (points are like virtual bucks). Once you want to cash out, I’ll send you a Gift Card reference number with the amount in your referral account, and you can use that towards the custom leather products.

Oh, yeah….this weekend (Saturday evening 5 DEC 2015) I’m rolling out a gift card system, where gift codes can be redeemed for anything on the website. (they are, after all, fully paid in cash). The earned referral points are, as stated, for my handcrafted leather gear. Its an easy way to get one of the top-of-the-line Valkyrie Paddle rigs. 🙂

Let me know in the comments section if you’re interested, and I’ll watch for your incoming email.


UPDATE: I received this in an e-mail, and figured it would be easier to post stuff here than to answer it individually…

“Hello, I was reading your blog w Here you mentioned selling firearms. I had to go to another blog to get a link to your site. You need to make it easy together you your site by including links in the post and putting up a banner. Secondly I went to your site from my iPad and it isn’t real easy to use, pictures would be nice, I saw empty boxes next to the descriptions. I searched for “Savage 300 Win” there were 100 plus items. The descriptions are not intuitive and I really am not looking for anything other than firearms. I am not sure if there Is a cheap way to modify the search, maybe a firearms only checkbox. ”

OK…first, it was roughly 2AM when I drafted and posted the above, so yeah, I neglected to include a link to my sales website. Mea Culpa.

Putting up a banner: Its there, right on the website. Right sidebar, top section, the box says “Advertisement”. Click the picture of my logo and business name, and it’ll take you to the sales site.

iPad: Well, that was a business decision. I could make the site Android-friendly, or Apple-friendly, or a combination of both. So I told my webmaster (yeah, I don’t do website coding, this was all done by someone way smarter than me)  that since Google is the new Evil Overlord of the Internet, make it Android-friendly. As for pictures, all of my distributors product content COMES FROM my main distributor. Some items do not have pictures provided, in which case I don’t present pictures. It would take a development team and thousands of dollars a day in salaries to do manual tweaking and updating of the website. My site is a no-maintenance site with regards to content….my system talks to my distributors system, grabs all the data, re-formats it, and presents it to the end user. Its the only way a one-man operation can have a site with over 30,000 items, descriptions, pictures, a shopping cart, etc., and still allow me to get leather work done, and get something that resembles sleep every once in a while.

Searching! OK…the site uses SoLR, which is the current Gold Standard for fast-index drill-down so that you DO NOT HAVE TO search. In three simple clicks, I narrowed it down to 13 items, not 100. Here’s how to work the website.

1) On the right-hand sidebar, there’s a section labelled *Narrow your Search*.  First box is called “Type”. In that box, click “Long Gun”. You have now filtered to only long guns.

2) Next, scroll down in the Manufacturer box, and click on the manufacturer (which in the case of the person who sent the email that I quoted, would be “Savage”.) You have now filtered all of the Long Guns made by Savage.

3) In the Caliber box, scroll down to the caliber, which in this example the person wanted 300 Win (which I assume means 300 Winchester Magnum) and Voila! You have now filtered down to thirteen Savage Long Guns chambered in 300 Win Mag.

And you got there inside of 10 seconds if your processor speed can actually render the website fast enough to keep up with the search.

The *Search* box is really just for pasting a UPC code into it from another website, so you can do a quick price comparison. For instance, lets say you’re on Buds Guns, and you are looking at the Ruger .22/45 Lite (found here). They show a UPC code for the gun. (A UPC code is how you compare the product exactly, because as manufacturers add options, they assign a different UPC code to the gun.)

All you do is copy the UPC code that is on the screen (if you can’t do a simple text copy, the Internet really isn’t for you….) and go to my site, paste the UPC code in the search box, and click the button that is labelled *Search*.

Bingo! It takes you right to the item.

But wait!! It didn’t find it!?!? Well, did you click the little “X” next to the search button to clear any of the drill-down search terms you selected, or maybe click the text just below that which says *Start Over*? Yeah, the computer won’t know what you MEAN, it’ll only do what you tell it, so you gotta remember to clear your drill-down searches before trying to search a UPC code in the provided text box.

OK….hope this help folks. Now go and play around on the site and have fun looking up stuff. 🙂


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