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They haven’t got a clue….

OBambi’s *gun control by executive order* is nothing more than re-arranging the living room furniture.
Back in the 1990’s then POTUS Clinton spouted the tripe about *too many kitchen-counter gun dealers* being the problem with guns getting into the hands of criminals. In 1994 there were just shy of 250,000 licensed gun dealers in the country. By 2007, there were only 50,000 +/- and the gun-control whacko’s were all preening and puffing about how this was a *great step forward in gun-control*.
Now OBumble just REVERSED the Clinton Executive Order with his own EO stating that if you even sell as little as two guns privately, you need to get a license to do so…which is what folks were happily doing before the Clinton EO.
The ATF is already tooting that train whistle loudly. When I got my FFL four years ago, they made sure I had a *real business* (ie: business license and sales tax certificate). The ATF guidance TODAY is that it doesn’t matter if you have a business or not, it doesn’t matter if you have a storefront or not, it doesn’t matter if you sell one gun or one thousand guns a year….you gotta get your FFL.
Smoke and mirrors, folks. Bread and Circuses. Back in the 1990’s the gun control nutjobs stated that DECREASING the nuber of License holders would *make us safer*.
Now they are saying that INCREASING the number of license holders will *make us safer*.
This just proves that the gun-control freaks and the scared-of-inanimate-object-panty-pissers have no damned clue what they want or what they are talking about.

So President OBumbles just pissed himself and backed down…

I just read the site on the executive actions.

The EO’s were written by someone who hasn’t got a clue what the laws actually ARE, as its stating things that are already THE LAW as things that are being put into place by EO.

So basically its a whole bunch of executive orders and presidential memorandums that do nothing but pander to the low-information types like Brady Bunch, Moms Demanding Something, et al, to be able to say *Look! I signed a whole bunch of papers to make you feel safer!*

Even the HIPAA-centric EO does nothing, because for use in line with the 1968 GCA, those adjudicated as mentally defective, or unable to manage their own affairs, etc., ARE ALREADY BEING PUT INTO THE NICS AS PROHIBITED PERSONS. But I guess that this is like the Animal House *Double-Secret Probation* in that these folks are going to be put ito NICS twice, so that everyone knows that the Administration REALLY MEANS it this time.

Smoke and mirrors. Bread and Circuses. Dog and Pony. Call it what you will, the only thing these EO’s do as ask congress to approve more budget money to hire another 250 FBI personnel to be able to process the NICS checks faster, and to approve funding for another 200 ATF agents to surf the Interwebz looking for *illegal online sellers*.

Which means that all the *secret FB groups* where folks sell/trade guns are going to go buh-bye, because if you sell a gun on the internet, and FB is part of the Internet Experience, the ATF will come for you. And I’m sure that FB is going to be leaned on real hard to shut down gun trading/selling groups.

There you have it in a nutshell. $500 million dollars requested to hire ATF investigators to hang out all day and troll FB.

Also, I just realized that the one thing which EVERY Democrat was demanding only a few short weeks ago, and that the Moms Demand Something folks along with the Brady Bunchers were gnashing their teeth over was glaringly absent….

The EO’s didn’t mention a damned thing about blending the No-Fly and Terrorist Watch Lists into the NICS system.

I guess Obambi was told in no uncertain terms that if he put Mr. Winky into that particular hole in the wall, on the other side there was a meat grinder just waiting to eat…


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