The *Let’s occupy something and pout about unfairness* movement….

…is making the news!

For what, you may ask?

Let’s see….at Occupy Dallas, a 14 year old girl was sexually assaulted…did the Tea Partiers sexually assault a minor at one of their rallies?

No, they did not.

At Occupy Wall Street, both homicides and shootings are up 154% over the same one-month time period of last year…did the homicide rate go up by the same rate year over year at Tea Party events?

No, they did not.

The *occupiers* at these events are pissing and shitting in public, having sex in public (sorry, but being in a sleeping bag in public is *not* concealing the fact that yer humping like weasels who got into a stash of Monster Energy drinks…), stealing from each other, not bathing, etc., etc., etc…

The Tea Party gatherings were nothing even remotely akin to what’s happened in these hippie revival events…

I say we just bring out the fire trucks, turn on the hoses, and wait for them to peaceably disperse…

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