I am NOT Harry Houdini….

OK people…lets get it right out on the table….

Pocket Holsters are NOT Fast-Draw holsters…they take finesse and practice to use correctly, and they require situational awareness so that you don’t get caught in a situation where drawing your weapon is an afterthought. Anyone tries to tell you different is full of BS. I don’t care how many episodes of Top Shot they’ve tried out for, or been an alternate for in each season. Reality TV is not based on…reality.

Pocket Holsters are also NOT able to hide the gun and make it magically disappear in your pocket. It WILL print…especially if you insist on wearing pants as tight as David Bowie’s during his younger days, or like David Lee Roth, or any other tight-pants hair-metal frontman.

No, I can’t make a pocket holster that will be so thin as to disappear in your pocket…that would require making the holster thinner than your pocket gun, utilizing quantum physics where you would stick your 3/4″ wide pocket heater in a 1/8″ wide holster, and the gun would enter a parallel dimension where it would be flat until you pulled it out of the holster. Can’t be done. I don’t care that George Jetson was able to fold up HIS car into a briefcase when HE got to work.

Carrying a pocket self-defense pistol requires thought and planning. Your clothing choices must adapt to the the carry lifestyle…in other words, Spandex is OUT, very loose cargo pants are IN.

Thank you, rant over.

One Response to “I am NOT Harry Houdini….”

  • Jennifer says:

    Something tells me this rant may have been inspired by something.
    Not that I ever hear anything like that around here. /sarcasm
    And if you can conceal a gun in David Bowie Labyrinth pants, I don’t want to know where you put it.


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