Win a Dragon Leatherworks Viper

All it takes is a donation of $5.56 (5.56 being the NATO round for the M16) towards a bloggers impending medical bills.

Whats a Viper? This is a Viper:


This is FOR THE HOLSTER ONLY! I ain’t parting with the gun, folks. 🙂

I’m not going to assume that I have the readership that even comes close to JayG, Weer’d, Brigid, Linoge, Uncle, Bayou Renaissance Man and all the rest.

So I’ve enlisted their help to get the word out of my giveaway.

A blogger by the name of Tam, who writes the uber-popular and *Man do I wish I had her kind of website traffic* blog called View From the Porch is facing some impending medical bills.

In this season where the weather turns cold, bills get a bit higher, and money gets a bit tighter, it would be nice to help out a fellow human being that could use a little bit of a leg up.

So click here and go on over to her site, hit up her tipjar for $5.56. When you make the donation, you’ll get an e-mail confirmation. Forward that e-mail confirmation of payment over to with “DONATION TO TAM” in the subject line, and I’ll I’ll put your name in a hat and draw it on Sunday, Dec. 02, 2012.

If you are the lucky name picked, I’ll make you the holster to be delivered by X-Mas. A list of guns that I can fit the Viper for is on the right sidebar on this webpage.

The donation MUST BE FOR A TOTAL OF $5.56 IN ONE PAYMENT, not two or three that add up to $5.56. I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT UNLESS IT IS DONE AS ONE PAYMENT.

You can donate in multiples of $5.56, and I’ll put you in as many times as the multiple calls for. You want your name twice in the hat? Donate $11.12. Three times? $16.68. And so on.

Lets help out. Tis the Season.

Thank you, and God Bless.


Don’t want a Viper Holster? Click here and donate for a set of custom grips!

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