On the whole Secession thing….

I’ve seen the recent spate of *Secession Petitions* being submitted to whitehouse.gov….will reserve comment, except to say you don’t *ask* for secession…you simply do it after stocking up on food, water, and ammunition.

What has been more interesting is reading the reactions from the more liberal/progressive folks I know, which is just as knee-jerk a reaction as is the whole secession
petition thing…to wit, that without the Blue States footing the bill with tax dollars, the Red States would wither way because the Red states get *more* in Fed money pumped back compared to how much those states pay out (regarding Federal taxes). And the overarching theme of these rants is basically *You wanna leave? FINE! See how you like it when we keep all our money!!!*

Uh-huh. Let’s look at why the Red States are getting those subsidies, shall we?

1) Red is the Heartland. eg: its America’s Bread Basket. Those subsidies keep the cost of food artificially LOW for you Blue Staters, because you’ve done gone and paved over your useable land, so instead of having the ability to feed yourselves, the Red States have to grow the food for you. Do you really want to pay the true and actual cost at retail of bringing that food to market? No, of course you don’t.

2) Red is the Black Gold: oil is plentiful in the Red States, as is shale oil and natural gas. Keeping that price artificially low so you can *afford* the things made from petrochem is part of the whole subsidy scheme.

3) Red is Beef: admit it…your noses wouldn’t be able to stand the smell of the cattle farm or pig farm in close proximity to your cities.

4) Red is Wood: without trees for lumber and pulp, you have no houses and paper. Cost of brining *that* to market? Subsidized, baby!

The list goes on, but that’s just the tip. Taking a *let them eat cake* attitude about the Heartland is cutting your nose off to spite your face. Sure, the Blue States would have all the money, but you can’t eat the money, you can’t heat the home with the money (well, you could burn it, but that’s very inefficient) you can’t stuff it under the hood of your car and expect it to fuel the engine, etc.

So for all the blog postings where people think they are being clever by pointing out that the Red States receive subsidies, stop and think of exactly how artificially low your prices are for the goods that those subsidies pay for.

Then ask yourself if you *really want* to pay the true and actual cost of what those goods could command in a truly free and unregulated open market.

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