This is probably not going to sit well with some folks…

I’ve fucking had it with the armchair gun-nutz.

We all know the type…the person who goes into a gun store, proceeds to blather and bluster about “knockdown power”, and knows what gun/caliber everyone should carry based on their  sex (male or female).

If its a guy, it has to be a .45

If its a gal, a nice petite revolver chambered in .357

These fucking morons also know exactly what the best holster is to carry the sidearm in. It must be Level 3 retention (believe me, if there was such a thing as a level 300, they would insist THAT is what is needed) because ZOMG! if you get into a scuffle a perp mightmaybecouldalmostsortakinda grab your gun and turn it against you.

Oh, and the holster had better be soft and pliable because IWB and concealment.

It also has to be stiff and rigid, because one-handed holstering.

Additionally, it needs to be a magical fucking holster that will swallow up an extended-slide 6″ 1911 in an appendix IWB configuration, and magically shrink the gun down to the size of a Beretta Jetfire 25 Auto when holstered.

Then to make it the PERFECT HOLSTER, it has to be a leather / Kydex hybrid.

And once you’ve engineered this magical fucking Unicorn-skin one-size-fits-everything holster, you gotta bring it in at a price point that these fucking keyboard commando’s have determined is the acceptable price point…$29.95, the same as an Uncle Mikes nylon piece of shit.

I swear, I’m fucking done with trying to bring an American-Made product, hand-crafted, to these stupid fuckers. I’ve had it. I’m seriously considering packing it in. Those fuckers don’t deserve a quality product made IN THE FUCKING USA. These same idiots complain about “American jobs going to China” yet they refuse to PAY AN AMERICAN FOR TRUE AMERICAN-MADE QUALITY.

Allright….rant done. For now.

6 Responses to “This is probably not going to sit well with some folks…”

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m just going to email a link and let my dear husband respond on this one. Bravo, sir.

    • admin says:

      Oh, I’m certain that he has his own horror / war stories about having to listen to the insane and totally batshit request, then when he figured a price and told the numb-nut exactly how much it would cost said numb-nut would argue and want to haggle a price on a COMPLETELY CUSTOM REQUEST.

      So, you have them out there too, huh?

  • Steady Steve says:

    Don’t you dare quit! I’ve got a Nighthawk Highpower coming in January and I need a decent holster for it.
    I’ve got one of yours already for daily carry and wouldn’t think about arguing over the price. I’ve paid much
    more for comparable quality elsewhere without custom features.

    • admin says:

      Steve, I’m just being honest with folks here. When you’ve been trying to bring a damned good product to market for over eight years now, and the armchair gun-experts are berating the work and extolling the “affordable price of Uncle Mikes” on or Buds Guns, it kinda takes the wind outta the sails.

      I’m tired of being broke. I’m tired of struggling. I’m tired of having to explain what makes my work worth the price. I’m tired of folks thinking that my prices are what they are because I’m “expecting” someone to haggle, and my real price is lower and therefore open to negotiation.

      Thats bullshit. I charge a fair price for the quality of my work. I’m tired of having to justify that just to eek out a bare existence and make, after all the expenses and taxes get paid, far less than the Federal Minimum wage.

      I’m not quitting yet, but I’m really close to where my heart isn’t in it anymore.

  • Dan says:

    Truth….the sad and honest truth.
    It’s the microwave everything’s free let the government do it mentality
    of society. Everyone wants and expects something for nothing.


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