OK…a little bit about me…

I’m a veteran. 6 years of service in the Navy, from 1978 thru 1984.

I used to work for a major defense contractor. But they decided that they didn’t need my services anymore. Fuck ’em.

I’m married, divorced, re-married. Seems I got it right on the second try.

4 kids…1 girl, 3 boys.

I’m musically inclined…guitar, bass guitar, and of all things, tuba…although its been over 37 years since I played tuba. I’ll still count it, though.

I’m a motorcyclist. Love the things. The sense of freedom is simply exhilarating. I’ve been lucky enough to get in with a great MC, but had to lay down the cuts in favor of growing the business. I’m out on good terms, so if I ever decide to return, I’m sure that I’ll be welcome back with open arms.

I’m very much conservative. Not Republican. Conservative. BIG difference. I’m a strict Constitutionalist…the document penned by our Founding Fathers is NOT a living, breathing, change-with-the-times document. Its a blueprint for a successful, Citizen-Governed Republic.

Its about time that our politicians stop perverting it.

I am a 2nd Amendment supporter and advocate. I have a CCW License. For those who don’t know what a CCW is, its a Concealed Carry Weapon license…thats right, boys and girls! I am licensed to carry a firearm on my person in a concealed manner. I also own/operate a gun store. Ayup….I’m licensed to sell firearms. And I love it….you meet all sorts of folk from all walks of life.

Now, for those who cringe at the thought of yet another *gun nut* carrying a concealed firearm, stop and think about this…first…

I’m not a *gun nut*
…I am an honorably discharged military veteran. I happen to enjoy firearms, for hunting, target shooting, and yes,

even for carrying on my person as a last line of defense
in the event that the worst thing would ever happen, and I’m faced with having to defend my life against some gangbanger who needs to rob someone so as to fund his nightly fix.

Is it unlikely? Yeah, probably so, as long as I don’t go into the seedier parts of the local city that is all boarded up and crawling with crack addicts, wino’s, and hookers. But, unlikely

translate into *100% safety and security and the promise that it WILL NOT HAPPEN EVER AT ALL*.

No one can promise that. Hell, even Circuit Courts have decided (and as such placed into precedent) that the Police, both on the State level, and local/municipal level, are under no obligation to protect you from harm.

All that they are required to do is investigate the crime that was committed, and apprehend the perp. That, according to our illustrious Liberal Courts, are all that the police are *required* to do.

Thats right…all that is expected of them is to pick up the pieces of the crime, and figure out who did it, with what, and the motive…then bring the matter to a courtroom to be judged by a jury of their peers to see if he’s gonna get 3 hots and a cot for the next 50 years or so.

Well…not for me. Thats why I am a legally armed citizen, exercising my 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If the unthinkable happens and I need to defend myself against the scum that crawl our society, and least the playing field is now level.

OK…so we covered that I’m not a gun nut. Along with that, stop and think about this…

As a legally armed citizen, when I walk into your establishment carrying my firearm tucked safely inside my waistband and covered so that NO ONE CAN SEE IT (because that, according to the laws of the state I live in, is how I am REQUIRED to carry my weapon…hidden from sight so as to not scare the daylights out of the people that share the state with me…) you can breathe easily knowing that:

  1. I have submitted 4 sets of fingerprints in support of the investigation into my background. One set for the local sheriff, one for the county, one for the state, and one for the FBI background check.
  3. I HAVE NOT been dishonorably discharged from the service of the US Military.
  4. I HAVE NOT been accused, charged, nor convicted of any domestic violence statutes in this nor any other state.
  5. I HAVE NOT been committed to mental care, nor have I been deemed in any fashion, mentally incompetent, mentally unstable, etc…nor have I been diagnosed with or currently being treated for any of a myriad of psychological disorders such as clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc.

In short, I am a completely stable individual, without a criminal history, who is not being treated with any mind-altering pharmaceuticals, who’s fingerprints are now on record with every law enforcement agency from the local cops all the way up to the Feds.

Which begs the question…who would *you* rather have walk into *your* home, or *your* store

…me, or the kid with the pants where the crotch is down around his knees, his butt is hanging out covered by only his pink-hearted boxers, who’s sneakers are untied, the ball cap on his head is turned 2/5 of the way around, and who can’t speak a coherent sentence in anything that resembles English, because that would just ruin his *street cred*?

Heh…don’t even bother answering, because you’ll probably give the politically correct answer, but we all know that deep down, if you could do it and get away with it, you would tell the sorry excuse for a disillusioned teen to get the hell out of your store/restaurant/etc., and not to come back until he cleans up his act and starts acting *NORMAL*.


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