Support the Second Amendment!

We have a rogue Congress that has forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.

If you think that they are gonna leave your guns alone, you’ve got another thing coming. Trust me…they’re trying to figure out how to disarm us. But what is stopping them is the Second Amendment. Our Founding Fathers had the foresight to guarantee the right in plain English, and even reiterate that most sacred right against infringement in the Bill of Rights…against the arguments, at the time, of an Amendment being unnecessary because, it was argued, the Federal Government would NEVER tyrannize its citizens!

There’s a reason its called the Bill of RIGHTS.

Because its a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE.

Go exercise your right. Buy a gun. Own that gun. Get your CCW License. Carry that gun on your person every day, and do so LEGALLY!

Now…here is why the Second Amendment has worked for us for over 200 years, and why it continues to work as designed…

There are, right now, more guns (rifles/shotguns/handguns combined) in the United States, IN PRIVATE HANDS, than there are of all the worlds armies combined.

Stop and think about that….the Founders sacrificed with a long, bloody, and costly war. Eight years. At the time of the Revolution, there were just over 2 million people living in the Colonies. And well over 75% of them were sympathetic to Great Britain! And now, we the Citizens of the United States hold, privately, enough firepower to easily outgun the combined standing armies of the world.

The same Great Britain which we defeated in the American Revolution is the same one that no longer lives up to the name *Great* Britain. And 75% of the colonial population at the time were satisfied to live under the tyranny of a despotic King.

Are we going to allow that to take place here? No…I think that our Congressfolk are well aware that if they tried to do that here, there would be an armed revolt, and they will have finally awakened the sleeping giant that are the True American Patriots, and the resulting carnage would be devastating.

Not to mention that probably all of Congress would be hunted down like animals in the resulting anarchy…politicians are a cowardly lot, and their own survival , both politically and physically is what compels them to not do something as insanely stupid as to try to disarm the populace.

So go out, and buy a gun. IT IS YOUR RIGHT.

Go. Make our Founding Fathers proud. Arm yourselves in the fashion in which they envisioned when they fought, died, and spilled their blood so that you and future generations could be free men.


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